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Plus, if you do like Collin suggests and buy the AMC gift cards, you can pay for your renewal using that. Good suggestions! Thank you!!! Lol glad I waited! I also wanted to add that when you see an item for sale that offers a free ticket to a specific movie when you buy X amount of product, you can actually use the ticket to any movie.

Where we live you get free movie tickets for donating blood. If you watch for the right times you can usually get two tickets for donating. I live in Las Vegas and get free movie tickets in a casino whenever I want.

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You can buy tickets to movies at a discounted price — so buyer a Then you have a Especially great for non new releases and matinees. And my favorite thing is their reserved seating. I log on from home, pick my seats and walk right in to my numbered recliner like I was at a concert. This is really helpful for big name movies like Hunger Games and I am nervous about showing up and not getting a seat.

If you leave near a college, you may be able to see some classic films or even recent releases super cheap! They have two theaters there, now, one of which they say does enough business to be in the Top 10 in the company. They usually discount the upfront, around August-Sept.

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We can do without candy, keeping ourselves honest, and eating dinner, beforehand. Thanks for the post.

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People are people. Great tips! Join AMCStubs now for eight dollars, join Bing rewards, set it as your search engine and get to gold status. Concession purchases count toward AMCStubs reward dollars dollar amount to get free ten dollars as well. It helps a lot. I work at the megaplex theaters at Thanksgiving point and while some of our concessions are marked up and it would be easier to buy dollar store concessions we do have a pretty good variety and all right prices.

Tickets can be significantly discounted to begin with, especially if the movie has been out for a few weeks, plus Dealflicks frequently offers discounts on their Dealbucks, making for some really good movie and snack bar deals! They email you a month before it expires and never again so you have to be aware of it. Collin Drive in movies are the most savings for my family. For 3 of us we pay 18 for 2 movies and you can bring in your own food and drinks and since your in your own car you dont have to deal with talkers or cell phone users!

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I love that tip Tara! My favorite tip- have your 13 or 14 yr old spill a little drink or food down the front of their shirt…and say you need one child ticket…lol. If you are ever worried about your integrity just ask the manager of you can bring in outside food and drink. Mom they say yes you are good to go. If they say no then you know where you stand..

This should happen sometime before the end of the year, with all the changes beginning in Showcase cinemas also has a rewards program where you get points for each ticket or concessions item purchase. When you hit a certain level, you start getting free rewards like a movie ticket, popcorn, drink, etc. Wow, this is a great post. Thanks for the behind the scenes reason why the conscession prices are so high. It does makes sense and I agree, why do actors make millions of dollars?

Anyways, these days with free theater membership programs and matinees there are plenty of ways to save money going to the theater. Thanks for all the info everyone! Your email address will not be published. Respond to this post. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Don't Miss Out! Join our large community of insiders - it's totally free! What are ya waiting for?! By Mary Senior Staff Writer. More Entertainment Deals 76 Comments. Getting Toasty! Go on Discount Days or for Early Showings If your movie theater offers a discount for purchasing tickets on a particular day, grab the family and head to the movies!

Scout out the Daily Deal sites A few times a year, Groupon offers discounted vouchers for Fandango movie tickets. Save with MoviePass If you see movies per week, consider signing up for a subscription to MoviePass , a monthly service that provides unlimited access to movie screenings in your area with no blackout dates — and is available for all major movies and all major theaters with over 3, theaters and more than 33, screens!

Purchase Discounted Gift Cards Raise. Redeem credit card perks Call your credit card company to see what promotions are available. Watch for Free Movie Ticket Offers on Products You can often find FREE movie ticket promotions advertised on products all over your local grocery store — on select movies, food products, and more…so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these promotions whenever you shop. Get Free Advance Screening Tickets Gofobo go here for a recent promotion and Universal Screenings go here for a previous example often offer up FREE advanced movie screening passes for select cities — no purchase required.

Enter Various Sweepstakes Feeling lucky? Hiplist Print 76 Comments. Did you see these deals? Reply 4. Reply 5. M November 4, at pm MST. P November 4, at pm MST. User November 4, at pm MST. Victoria November 4, at pm MST. Reply 3. Kathy November 4, at pm MST. Reply 1. R July 14, at pm MST. R November 5, at am MST. Karla November 7, at am MST. Tara November 4, at pm MST. Renee February 11, at am MST. Julie November 4, at pm MST. BTW, thank you for your response to my comment. Courtney November 4, at pm MST. Reply 2. Nell November 4, at pm MST. Gege November 4, at pm MST. Tiffany November 4, at pm MST.

Terri November 4, at pm MST. Collin Mrs. Hip November 4, at pm MST. Catie November 4, at pm MST. How does movie pass work exactly? Is it scanned when you buy tickets?

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Any reviews? Lisa November 4, at pm MST. Kim November 4, at pm MST. Anikka November 4, at pm MST. Great deals on tickets Veronica! Thanks for your feedback! Oh man…I miss chevys after moving back to texas…. Erica November 4, at pm MST. Jessi November 4, at pm MST. Cheryl November 4, at pm MST. Emily November 4, at pm MST. Anita November 4, at pm MST. Tina November 4, at pm MST. Cheyenne November 5, at am MST. Sonya November 5, at am MST.

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Julie November 6, at am MST. Stach November 14, at am MST. Connie December 14, at pm MST. Renee April 14, at am MST. Dee June 29, at am MST. Sjea May 12, at am MST. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Online Bargains. It's not your Grandma's coupon site! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

Be sure to login or register to access this feature. It's FREE! Login with Facebook Login with your email. Submit A Coupon for Fandango here. When you visit the Fandango homepage, a popup will ask if you want to share your location with the site. Select your preferred movie theater from that tab, select the date you want to watch your movie at the top of the next page, and then scroll through the list to find your chosen movie.

Click the orange box representing the time you want to see the movie, and then enter the number of tickets you want to purchase on the next page. The email address you provide is where Fandango will send your receipt. Scroll down to enter your credit card information, and then select the arrow next to "Use Promo Code. Visit the "Offers" section of the Fandango website to learn about sweepstakes, special offers and discount programs. Special promotions run throughout the year, and you can often receive free movie-themed souvenirs when you buy select tickets.

Some promotions even allow you to earn free movie tickets. Promotions may or may not require you to purchase tickets to meet eligibility requirements, and some offers are for parents or other specified groups. Seeing a movie is one of the most popular pastimes for Americans, and Fandango makes it easier to select the perfect movie and purchase tickets to ensure your theater visit is a success. Similar to Tickets.

You can view the theater's pricing policy to determine whether you need to purchase adult, senior or child tickets, and then you can use a credit card, promo code and other rewards to pay for your tickets online, through the Fandango app or by calling FANDANGO. While in the planning stages of a movie outing, you can quickly check which movies are playing at each of your local theaters, compare show times and ticket prices, and then buy your tickets before they sell out.

You can either print out your tickets or show your confirmation at the ticket window to redeem the tickets upon arrival.

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  4. While your fellow moviegoers are lined up to buy tickets, you get to cut the line and head straight to the concession stand. You never have to worry about tickets selling out for your preferred show time because you buy your tickets before most of your fellow viewers have arrived at the box office. When a show time is sold out early, Fandango won't allow you to buy tickets for that time slot. Are you often uncertain which movie you want to see? Fandango allows you to view movie trailers and read background information about each show before purchasing your tickets.

    This is especially helpful if you're visiting the theater with a child and want to make sure you select a movie that is appropriate for their age group. You can check the movie ratings and even read reviews from other viewers to see what other children and parents have experienced at specific theaters and with specified movies. You may also want to allow your children to view the trailers so that they get excited about the movies you select. Fandango doesn't operate brick-and-mortar stores, so you have to use a credit card or PayPal to pay for your tickets electronically.

    You can print out the tickets if you're purchasing them for your children or someone else attending the movie without you present, but some theaters may require you to show your driver's license in order to claim tickets at the box office.