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Since it was one of those crazy weather weekends I figured they were busy and waited. When I contacted them again they said they had replied and asked for more info. I told them I had not received any email from them. They refused to give me the same fare even though they themselves were offering that same fare on that day! A friend suggested it could have gone in my junk mail. There is a 6 hour window with American Airlines to get their fare guarantee. Dealing directly with that airline was worse than dealing with an internet site for customer satisfaction.

Sorry to hear about that experience. Definitely let us know if you need any assistance with your future travels. Hi, I really loved your article! Very informative. We are trying to book our annual trip from DFW — Hawaii over the Christmas holiday, and fares seem more expensive this year than in the past. We are some what flexible — departure Dec 19 or 20th, return Jan 1 — Jan 6th. Currently, the cheapest combination is Dec 19th — Jan 6th on American our airline of choice. Should I monitor for awhile longer, or book?

For flights around and during the holiday season, you should always book earlier than usual. Since the holidays are one of the busiest travel times in the year, the airlines know this and will increase the fares based on the demand. There are so many flights to various cities, all of which are about 75 to miles from the town the wedding is being held in so obviously we will have to rent a car. WE obviously dont want to do more than one connection to not tire her as well.

For your flights, I would recommend booking sooner than later. Since there are a lot of flight options, I think it would be best for you to call us at to speak with a Travel Advisor who can assist you with the flights as well as a rental car. Thanks :. For your flights in July, it would be best to book within the month. When should I be ready to pull the trigger and book?

Do you suggest shopping for airfare beginning of June as a multi-leg? Yes, booking a multi-leg flight would be best in order for your baggage to transfer through. For any flights during or around the peak holiday season, you should book as soon as you can. Since that is an extremely popular time for travel, airlines will try to charge more for these flights so the sooner you can get them the better.

Hi I want to go to barbados from August 1 and return the 8 August when should I book as am seeing flights like Only 1 flight goes out of Des Moines during the day on average. Have to buy 2 tickets so need lower pricing. That is high for me. Southwest is the cheapest airline, I have found so fas. Really hoping the price will drop. Unfortunately you cannot fly into Galveston. You would have to fly into Houston. Any suggestions? We will need to know where you are departing from in order to check flights.

I am planning on traveling from New Zealand to Italy over the Christmas break. Am I doing the right thing? You are correct that Europe during the winter is in low demand. Great article!! We are planning to depart August 13, and come back on September 9, I found another article that suggested 60 days in advance, and more specifically, and on a Tuesday at midnight. We were wondering on when the best time to book might be. We looked at prices a little over a week ago and have already seen them start to go up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Typically airfares start out high, then drop down, and based on how well that route performs the fares will either go up most likely case or stay at the cheaper rate if they cannot sell the flights. Thank you!!!!! I am looking for tickets for my family to travel from Boston to San Juan in Feb spring break here. I would really appreciate your advise. It always turns out to me though, I seem to find the cheapest tickets on the first day I start to search; as I search more and more, the price goes higher and higher, would you please comment on that?

Typically when searching for airfares, depending on when you begin your search will impact how the fares will trend. After December is when the flights are likely to only keep increasing in cost. This is the article I have been looking for, thank you for posting! That seems pretty significant considering how far out it is! Any advice would be helpful, thank you! That can greatly depend on the dates you are searching for. Otherwise, then you still have time to keep monitoring the fares more. Just be sure to buy when they do. I am I just looking way too early.

Please help me. I cancelled the same day because I got approved for a mileage card and wanted to use the card for my purchase. Two days ago, the airline tickets increased by Should I wait and see if it decreases? It was 1K for a short period and prior to that, it was around That would depend on what your dates of travel are. For example, if you are traveling within the next 2 months, then you should buy as soon as possible.

Without knowing when you are traveling, it is difficult for us to advise you whether to buy now or wait. Sorry about that! CheapAir, you always have amazing blog posts which are truly informative and useful. I am really thankful to you for sharing such useful posts. It is always difficult to travel cheap by air and your blogs have always proved useful to me when I have to make decisions regarding tickets.

Great study, thanks for publishing it. I have been aware of this info and the apparently updated 49 day info for some time. I have been watching fares, and they fluctuate a bit, but recently many for DC have gone up quite a bit. Did I miss the window? Is it common for the prices to increase before the decrease? If you were in my shoes, would you wait a week or two, or pull the trigger asap I am not holding you to anything, I realize there are too many factors that can play into each scenario?

Unfortunately since you are traveling during the busy July 4th holiday, you would have wanted to purchase your flights way earlier. How about the Buffalo to LA leg mid-July- would you wait on that until later in May, or pull the trigger now as well? Since you are looking for 6 seats, its possible that you might save some money by splitting your search into smaller groups… like 2 seats or 3 seats. Airfares are sold in blocks based on a class of service with the cheapest being shown when searching. If there are only 4 seats left at the lowest class of service and you are searching for 6, then the next available lowest fare with 6 seats available would show up in the search, not those 4 cheaper seats.

When should i book flights for the best price, either from Manchester or London Gatwick.. What about flights from San Francisco to Sydney in Feb? When would be the best time to book them? However, since that is a peak travel season for Australia, it would be better to book earlier than the days.

The report said it was best to book flights to Asia earlier, did I miss the window? Also, would it be cheaper to book 3 one way tickets or 1 three way tickets? Depending on the routing and your exact dates, separate one-way flights can be cheaper than purchasing a ticket for all flights… but you would have to price them out and compare to see since we do not know your exact dates and routes you are looking for.

Is it too early to book now, would I be better to wait? When is the best time to book a flight thats over Spring Break? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the response back. Am I missing something?

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The dates we will be going are March Please let me know if I can get that price. Thank you for providing your dates, that really helps. Since you are not looking to travel till March , you have plenty of time to monitor the fares more. Since March is Spring Break season, fares will be higher than at other times during the year. Due to this, I would recommend booking your flights by January Thanks for the tips!! My husband alerted me to your advice, however, which says to book for this destination just 70 days out. We are not looking for the cheapest airfare.

Actually, I did book RT Auckland, thinking that I would add on a one-way to Dunedin, then realized that it might be cheaper and more convenient to have it all on one itinerary. I have about 8 hours to cancel that without penalty , then I would book the desired trip. Should I just wait?? Since you are looking for the most convenient flights and Dunedin is not a very popular airport destination, booking earlier than normal is probably the best strategy for you.

In fact due to that reason, there are only a few flights to choose from. With all that said, booking all your flights together on the same airline ticket will ensure your baggage will transfer to your final destination. Most carriers go through Seoul or Hong Kong. Does this route fall under the Asia or South Pacific guidelines?

Is now a good time to buy this route? Any chance you know if the seats are selling well or if I still have some time to wait for further drops. Another website thinks current prices may still drop.

The Philippines is part of the South Pacific, so you can base it from there. If they do, be prepared to buy. So my family and I 4 adults are planning on going to India Hyderabad a bit after 12th of December and it is a long ways away, 7 months. But I was wondering what would be the best time to book our tickets? Oh I forgot to mention I am leaving from Detroit, Michigan. And we are planning to buy 2 roundtrips and 2 one ways. For your flights in December, I would recommend booking at minimum 90 days prior to your departure. While that does mean you should purchase exactly at 90 days prior, I would advise to keep monitoring the fares now onward to get a good sense of the pricing.

We booked a trip to Disney world Nov 9th- Nov 15th We will be leaving from the Philadelphia Airport. This is actually the lowest fare for that route, so I would suggest buying your flights now or as soon as you can. Great article! Two of us are planning a 10 to 14 day undecided trip from Chicago to Hong Kong at the end of this year. I anticipate leaving around December 3rd and returning no later than December 17th, to avoid Christmas holiday. I just started looking at prices last night and given your research, we may do better waiting until sometime in July to purchase?

Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated and thanks so much! You definitely have the right idea avoiding the holidays. It is recommended to periodically check the fares each week usually earlier in the week, like Monday, Tuesday to see if the fares are holding steady, increasing, or decreasing. Great Article! Thanks for sharing! My family of traveling to MCO this November 11th. I have been monitoring and not seeing much change, but feel that the prices are still a little high.

Should I wait for that window to arrive? I am not sure if the popularity of the destination is a factor to make me purchase this early? For your flights in November, you still have a lot of time to keep monitoring the fares more. Otherwise, for flights from PHL or EWR, you can wait it out more since those are larger airports with more flight options.

ABE is the most expensive option. Ideally i was hoping to leave JFK around pm to arrive in japan around 4 and leave japan and arrive back at JFK around pm. Sometime similar to what ibdid last year. Is the availability of seats on a plane any indicator that it might make sense to wait another week or two? A few months prior to flying, that is.

Fare-watcher type places recommend buying now as prices are predicted to go up, yet I can see right in front of me that the flights are still under-sold. That can be a great indication on how well a flight is selling. When would you suggest booking them? Does this then therefore suggest the July prices will drop if I leave purchasing them until a few weeks before flying? Not necessarily. For your flights from London to Seattle in July you should book now or sometime soon. From the end of June till the end of August is the summer season in the United States and airfares are generally more expensive during this season.

If you can be flexible with your dates or travel, then I would recommend waiting it out more. I have been watching the airfares for a while, and they are always around the same price. This morning I checked, and they were cheaper from SLC. I immediately tried to book the flight and by the time I entered all of the info etc. Very frustrating. Was it a fluke that the price was so much less? Or will that possibly happen again? Salt Lake City will definitely be your cheaper option. Fare fluctuations happen all the time.

What are you dates of travel?

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I have been told by many people to wait until about 3 months before the trip to book but I am afraid of not getting the flights we want they only offer one flight each way that is non-stop and not involving a lengthy lay-over. This would be during Spring Break season. I would definitely recommend booking earlier than advised. I have been monitoring the fares daily and watching for the notices that say only so many seats are left. Hopefully the airfare will drop at some point soon. I know that it is cheaper to fly in the middle of the week so we were planning on booking a ticket for August 18th, 19th, or 20th and returning around 3 weeks later.

I was wondering if it would make a huge difference in price if we chose not to fly into Heathrow Airport and chose a smaller one instead or if it would be better to take a straight trip or to take a layover in a different country? How early should we book? With what conditions would we get the best price per ticket?

Thanks for the info! In checking the fares, it looks like departing on August 20th is the cheapest. As for airports, both London and Manchester are coming up similar in costs with most flights connecting in New York City on the outbound and Amsterdam on the return. No, this does not apply to Business or First class fares. We sometimes have business and first class specials that are only available by phone.

You can call for special assistance. Please let us know if you have any questions or need any assistance with finding flights. I have noticed flights already increasing in cost and they were just released by the airlines. Should we wait or book now? Airfares during holidays are always higher than usual and will only continue to get more expensive the closer we get to the holiday.

I was planning for a vacation to India sometime from July second week to August second week. Do you suggest to wait or go ahead and book the tickets now? It is always best to book international flights well in advance, at least 3 months if possible. Planning a trip March 21 — 31, ? For your flight in March , you still have plenty of time to continue to monitor the fares.

Should I just book now or wait until days out? For flights during or around the holidays, you should always book earlier than later. In fact, I would suggest to buy your flights now or sooner than later. Since the holidays are an extremely popular time to travel, fares are always high during this time and will only continue to increase as we get closer to the season. Right now our tentative dates are Nov. We will be paying full fare no travel miles, etc. Based on the info I read in the above article. I was planning to purchase tix on or about September 8th hoping to snag lower fares.

For your flights, it looks like the cheapest first class fares would be from November 7 — How long should I wait? Thank you for your help. When is too early to book? Do I wait until days before? If anything, they will steadily continue to increase due to the popularity for travel during the holidays. When would you recommend that we purchase our tickets?

We plan on getting a room in Detroit to rest up for the long haul. Any thoughts would be appreciated! Based on your trip, I would definitely recommend to purchase your flights sooner than later. Recommendations on where to fly into? Should I purchase sooner than 5 months from departure? As to where to fly into, both Manchester and London are about the same costs. Is there any possibiity that it would go below this or it would be increease.

Fares for your dates are very high right now compared to other dates in January. That can depend on where you are departing from. Being that this is for your honeymoon though, you may want to book a little sooner than normal to ensure you get what you want. Atlanta is a big market, so generally speaking yes. I would however take into consideration the days you are planning to travel on. For example, if you depart on a Friday vs a Thursday, the fares can be more expensive because flying Friday — Sunday is extremely popular versus flying on a Thursday or Tuesday.

If you are able to be a little flexible with the dates and depart during the week day then you can wait it out more. Thanks a lot for this awesome info! From Canada to Jamaica, I know the recommended time is days prior to, but what if we want to fly during Easter weekend? Should we book 21 weeks before instead of only days? Thanks for clarifying that.

Hello , Great info. Unfortunately we are unable to check fares that far out yet. This means that prices will be higher since its the more popular time to travel to the island. With that said, I would recommend booking at least 90 days prior to your departure. My wife, daughter and son-in-law are planning a trip to Ireland leaving July 19, and are trying to determine the best time to book plane tickets.

I appreciate any help you can provide for 4 adult tickets to Dublin returning August 3rd back to Boise. You should book your flights now or as soon as possible. In fact, you probably would have wanted to book the flights a month or more ago for the best savings. Thanks for compiling this research and offering these very useful travel tips.

Not sure if I can expect it to climb steadily or jump around a bit. There seem to be plenty of open seats on about three flight option on our travel date. I would be flying to Mumbai, India from Hamburg, Germany in second week of September and its a 20 days round journey. What would be the best time to book a flight? Thanks already! For your flights from Hamburg to Mumbai in September, I would recommend to purchase sooner than later. What would be the best time to to book a flight?

For your flights in December, it would be best to book sooner than later since flights around the holiday season in December can get expensive and the more you wait the more expensive those flights can be. You should definitely purchase now or as soon as possible. How soon should I book my flight? Hi Sharon! It would probably be a good idea to book sooner than later because of the holiday. Do you have any flexibility in your dates? September 1st is Labor Day so in theory the prices should be lower for the rest of the week.

In reality, there are probably people who will extend their trips based on Labor Day being a bit early this year. Prices have been steadily increasing for the past two weeks. Hope this helps! My departure city is San Francisco and trip duration is about days. PDP sounds interesting. I would definitely recommend to buy now to avoid the fares from increasing any further.

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That was in September of They have not dropped again. I am wondering if I should wait any longer, or if I should just buy now before they go up any further. Also, where is the best place to fly into in France? Do you have any localized data for trips from Seattle to India specifically Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata? It seems like flights to Delhi are cheapest. Does the day rule for Asia still apply? Thanks in advance for your insight and help!

Hi Abhi, Yes, in general, the window is a good guide to follow. We always advise folks that these are general guidelines rather than hard and fast rules — if there is one thing we know, in travel there are always exceptions to the rule. From Seattle, you are correct — it does look like New Delhi has the best fares.

Let us know when you have narrowed down your dates or if you have any additional questions! Ok sorry, last question!

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Normally my experience is that they are cheaper mid week. Should I wait till next Monday or Tuesday to see if they drop, or should I buy them now? Hi James, Sorry for the delay.

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There are a few other dates at that same price, but nothing less. Hi, great post. The price has been rising. Should we wait it out? Last year we waited and getting ish ticket price but this is no guarantee. But it means leaving from alternative airports. I would probably sign up for an airfare watchdog alert www. So I wanted to get your advice. Any advice would be appreciated. Hi Asia, I think for the dates you are looking for you are seeing the best fares. With airfares, the more restricted your details, the more difficult is is going to be to get you a bargain.

That was very helpful. So how does the price drop benefit work? Does the website automatically reimburse me if fares drop, or do I request it if I find lower fares after purchasing? No worries. It is not automatic. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance!

Hi, I and my boyfriend wanna take a vacation to Hawaii from Aug 19 I just wonder should i book the ticket now before 2 months or waiting until next week that means 54 days in advance. Hi Vivian, Thanks for reaching out. The 54 day rule should really be used more as a guideline rather than a rule. Hi, Thanks for the article! Does the 54 day guideline apply? Hi Lakshmi, we would suggest purchasing sooner rather than later.

Your flights are only about 5 weeks away and it is not likely that the rates will come down. This will also affect the cost of your trip — the airlines have a limited number of seats available at any given fare. You can only get the best rates with a small number of seats. Hi Ronald! In theory, you should be able to book just over two months out to get the best rates. However, your travel dates take in the holiday season and for that reason I would advise you to book before the end of summer. If you are planning to wait and see if fares fall, I would focus on the return date of January 6.

Tuesdays are often cheaper dates to fly and when I look at the dates overall, the rates that are coming back seem to suggest this would be the better day to return to get the best rate. If you were able to leave on the 8th of December, the flights look a bit less expensive. In any event, if you see a good rate I would snap it up sooner rather than later. It is a one-way trip and the prices show a minimum of INR as of now.

Am flexible with the dates. Can you help me by telling whether there will be further price drops or I should go ahead with the booking!! Am in a dilemma about this. Thanks in advance.. So your calculations seem right on point. This close to travel, I believe you will see the prices getting higher, not lower. Will there be a possibility of further reduction in price??? Anytime around tomorrow or day after tomorrow??

Will that make a difference be it increase or decrease or will it remain the same? I would just book as soon as you can.

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Certainly within the week if you can afford to do so. It is unlikely that the price will go down much if at all this close to travel. It is much more likely to go up, and sometimes the prices will make quite a jump. Hi Jerome, days is more of a guideline than a rule but yes, you can apply this to multiple city stops. Hi There! Also, we are curious as to what prices to expect? Is this a reasonable expectation if we leave for Dubai on Dec 28 and return to Dallas Jan 3?

Thanks so much for your help! Hi Tamika, Thanks for reaching out to us. And yes- all of your assumptions are correct! In this instance, I would book sooner rather than later, to be honest. Our professional advice is to buy sooner rather than later. The prices will surely go up — likely by quite a bit. Our group 11 of us are traveling from PDX-MBJ May and I would like to know when the best time to book flights would be for the best price and also, how do I book all 11 at the same time so that I can ensure we are on the same flight?

We would like to fly red-eye on the 6th so that we arrive mid morning on the 7th in Montego Bay. Hi Lyn, Wow! Ok here is the thing. I would price out the ticket as a group ticket direct with the airline BUT and this is a big but , you can often get the better price by booking individual tickets. Our CEO just did a story that explains why with Inc.

Also, it is actually pretty early to book to get the best price. Because you need a decent number of tickets however and you want specific flights, I would really start monitoring now. Let us know how it goes! Flight 6. Book cheap flights from Phoenix to Orange County round-trip. Santa Ana. American Airlines. Sat, Nov 2.

Trip: 15 days. Overall null null. Alaska Airlines. Mon, Sep Trip: 9 days. Sun, Jul Sat, Jul Trip: 5 days. Sat, Sep Trip: 3 days. Sun, Sep Fri, Sep 6. Tue, Jul Trip: 8 days. Thu, Sep Trip: 4 days. Tue, Sep Trip: 6 days. The aircraft, registered NAC, was damaged beyond repair and was written off.

All five occupants were killed in the crash. The aircraft, which departed Brackett Field , thirty miles to the north in La Verne , followed a Boeing for landing, became caught in the 's wake turbulence , rolled into a deep descent, and crashed near the intersection of State Route 55 and Edinger Avenue. The crash investigation led to the FAA requirement for an adequate period between heavy aircraft and following light aircraft to allow wake turbulence to diminish.

The actor was cleared to land on runway 20L, but instead landed on the adjacent Taxiway Charlie. No reported injuries, and Ford was allowed to keep his pilot's license with no restrictions. On June 30, , a Cessna twin-engine aircraft crashed short of a runway into a highway median on Interstate The pilot made a mayday call shortly after taking off from John Wayne Airport and attempted to land after being cleared for emergency landing on runway 20R. Two people onboard were injured in the crash. On August 5, , a Cessna scheduled to land at John Wayne Airport crashed into a Staples parking lot a few blocks north of the airport in nearby Santa Ana, killing at least 5 people.

On December 11, , a truck in one of the airport's offsite parking lots exploded, injuring its sole occupant. The incident is currently under investigation, but is believed by authorities to be an attempted suicide. It was decided to be more practical to have two deputies operate the helicopter rather than a deputy and a civilian. These helicopters were faster, quieter, and safer. The first arrived in March and the second in March They finished servicing their community in with the last helicopter platform being three Eurocopter EC "Eagles".

Lyon Air Museum , founded by Major General William Lyon in , is located in a hangar on the west side of the airport. The museum focuses particularly on World War II military aircraft and vehicles. The museum hosts The Collings Foundation, an annual flight experience program, every Spring allowing the public the opportunity to fly in a historic Boeing B Flying Fortress or Consolidated B Liberator. Past features included a collection of the General's Duesenbergs and Packard collections. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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