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Help with Prescription Assistance Applications. Drug Search. Back Scroll down to use the alphabet bar to find coupons, rebates and more for your medicines. I like what another commenter said about picking different items per week or month to stock up on. If you have 5 tubes of toothpaste then move on to something else. Realize that even in the small steps you will be saving your family in the long run.

Also Walmart will price match so maybe focus on that store to do all your shopping. As the two posters above me mentioned, it is cheaper to cook from scratch then to worry about couponing for groceries. I do most of my couponing at Rite Aid and Walgreens to get free toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, ect. I do not bother with their rebates as too many restrictions. I love Staples rebates and watch for their sale ads.

Staples will often run two day sales with free copy paper, photo paper, pens and pencils with easy rebates. I watch for the back to school sales that start in July and get a lot of free or almost free notebooks, lined paper, markers and colored pencils from Walgreens and Staples. Saving on the little stuff will free up some money for other things.

I tried a coupon train for a few weeks, but with 5 kids at that time, it was just too much. I have simplified my meal plans to a 3-week rotating menu, so my grocery list is on the computer to print out. I have minimized my coupon printing and cutting to what I know we will use. Simplifying has really helped! I personally love coupon trains. Not just that I get many different coupons that I do not get here.

I love receiving non insert coupons so it makes it so much better. Personally, I use the clipless method. On Sunday morning, I get my newspapers and stick them in a sheet protector in my binder with a sheet of paper on the front that has the date in the upper left hand corner and what inserts and how many I have of them in the middle of the page. If I need to find a certain coupon, I look through the coupon database, flip to that month of my binder, grab out the insert and clip what I need.

On Saturday evening, I spend about an 30 minutes planning out my shopping trip for Sunday morning. I clip the coupons I already have and will only spend about five minutes Sunday morning clipping the coupons out of the Sunday newspaper. I try to get to Walgreens at and be out of CVS by no later than Sometimes on Saturdays or even on Wednesdays, I make my grocery list based on the sales that week. I clip all of my coupons and stick them in my accordion folder to be used on Thursday when I shop.

I only have two grocery stores in my town, Publix and Winn Dixie. Most of the time I only shop at Publix so this can be done in under an hour. I really try not to spend that long on planning my shopping trips because I just really do not have the time. I would say I probably spend about three to four hours a week planning and shopping with coupons. Congrats on being so organized with couponing and menu planning as a college student!

I wish I would have started sooner with it — most college students blow a lot of money at the grocery store and end up in student loan debt. I totally agree with your last statement. You have to pick the deals that are best for you and not worry about trying to chase them all. I went through this, too, when I had my twins and a 2 year old! My mother passed away when mine were little, and some days the grief mixed with the pressures of taking care of little ones and homeschooling an older child, it was all I could do to get out of bed.

Meals were simple, and often contained one semi-homemade option. This also made my grocery list the same week after week, so I just made up a master copy and printed it out each week. I always hit the stores when my husband was home to care for the little ones. As for coupons with a set week to week list, I knew exactly what ones to cut and file and what to toss. We no longer eat the same 14 meals, but I have never once heard my children complain about that time period, so I guess it worked.

I stick to shopping at one grocery store, for the most part. My pharmacy and gas station are right there at the grocery store, too! I concentrate my coupon list on that one grocery store. Filled all my gas cans that week for the full 30 gallon limit. As for organizing the coupons themselves, I do not clip. I clip in the store as needed. I carry a list of current coupons found at Pinching Your Pennies for deals I come across in-store.

My MIL clips some for me, so I do also carry a coupon wallet for those multiples. Since our diets have gotten much healthier we are eating around the perimeter of the grocery store and very rarely go to the inside isles. No need for coupons when your diet is mostly fruits, whole grains,organic veggies and organic dairy. I have a food budget,but it varies for what our needs are. How to do it: 1. Put the date on the top of the insert when you receive it. Find an accordion folder OR use a binder with full size sheet protectors.

Make your grocery list with notes on where to find your coupons. Clip what you need. ADVIL 7. Once you fill your binder or folder, take the oldest inserts out and chuck them. Most of the time everything is expired in them anyways. What to do with the random coupons you get not in an insert? I shove them in their own protector. If I remember I have them great… if not, oh well.

I never clip my coupons until I am ready to go to the store. This is the easiest way to coupon. The next easiest thing, would be to follow a local blogger for your local stores—local bloggers will help you save the most when you are looking for deals at your local grocery store. Crystal has just about everystore listed from every state, just click on your store and then click on the bloggers address the one doing the matchups and you are all set to start saving lots of money.

If there are any Publix, BiLo, or Ingles shoppers on here, I do these on a weekly basis and would love to help you out. I send my BiLo and Ingles deals each week, here, to moneysavingmom.! Whole process takes a few minutes each non-shopping week and maybe hours on a shopping week. I try to shop every third week, with mini-trips in between for things like milk and bread. Does anyone have any good ways to know when to throw away old coupon folders—other than just to look through them?

When I get my new coupon insert for the week, I write the date on it and also quickly glance through them looking at the expiration dates of all the coupons. I can then easily toss expired coupon inserts when I see the expiration date has passed. I totally hear you on this! Blessings on you and your growing family! I spend a few hours a week.

I think the 1 tip in the blog above is the same as my 1 tip. You have to find a balance that works for you. I usually just go to a match up site Like MSM of course! Kiersten here. Thank you to Crystal for posting and answering my question and to all of you for your excellent advice, tips, and congratulations. And let me encourage you right back, sisters, that superwoman is a myth. I have gained some really great tips here, ladies. I love it. For those that mentioned this, what does this look like practically for you? Do you look at only certain stores and just wait for a good deal there or do you make a special trip when you find a great deal anywhere?

I have also, in the past, been in the Aldi club and not used coupons at all. I may have to pick that up again.

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I would love to know if there are certain items that are significantly cheaper. Thanks again, ladies. I am definitely uplifted by the new ideas and encouraged that there is a happy medium out there.

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Never miss a deal again! Sign up for our brand new Facebook community! Join Here. March 20, Crystal Paine. Add to my favorites. Here are some of my thoughts: 1. Give Yourself Grace There are seasons of life when I can focus more seriously on couponing. What advice do the rest of you have for Kiersten? Looking for more?


March 20, at pm. March 21, at am. Wendy says:. Ann says:. Nikki says:.

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Emily says:. Sporksoma says:. March 21, at pm. Roxanne M Jones says:. After my last child was a few months old I quit couponing almost entirely. No advice. But at least you are in good company! Alex says:.

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Patrice says:. Sarah says:. Andrea says:. Jodi says:. MamaG says:. Jennifer W says:. Maria T. Abby says:. Tina says:. Tip 1: Shop at only 2 stores I have 4 kids too. Tip 2: Use Facebook for updates To save time, I have all the blogs on facebook. Stephanie says:. Help with Prescription Assistance Applications. Drug Search. Back Scroll down to use the alphabet bar to find coupons, rebates and more for your medicines.

Scroll down to find all drugs and dosages that can offer savings or information by clicking on the drug name then click on the icon: Patient Assistance Programs PAPs Programs created by pharmaceutical companies to provide free or discounted medicines to people who are unable to afford them. Each program has its own qualifying criteria. Learn more Pharmacy retailers' prescription programs which offer generic medications for a discounted price.

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