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Eliminating extreme neck bending minimizes typical belay discomfort, allowing belayers to keep a constant eye on their partners and provide a better, more responsive belay. Reduced Time with Head Bent Back: Since Belay Specs bend the incoming light, the belayer doesn't have to bend their neck to keep an eye on the climber. Anyone who has belayed for a time knows how quickly the looking up position becomes uncomfortable. More Attentive Belaying: Not have to bend your neck to see up means the belayer can comfortably keep a close eye on their partner.

The belayer will be more likely to see a foot behind the rope, notice a back clip, realize their climber is looking shakey or remember the sequence through a cruxy bit. Rock Fall and Debris: A more attentive belayer is also more likely to see things that can hurt them, namely falling rock, and be able to avoid them. An unexpected benefit of belay glasses is that you're less likely to get sand or debris in your eye because you're eyes aren't facing up.

Better Belaying Position: Since looking up is comfortable, the belayer isn't tempted to step back from the wall risking a longer leader fall and having the belayer getting sucked into the wall. Furthermore, we source nearly all our components domestically to support American businesses and the US economy. Making every pair in house allows us to ensure high quality and the flexibility to work with customers to customize their Specs. The frames are built from stainless steel. A single plate cradles the prisms and curves into straight, hinge-less arms.

A small forked protrusion forms the nosepiece.

Belaying with belay glasses [rock climbing]

Like the other metal-framed glasses, the upside is adjustability. The nosepiece and arms can be bent to accomodate your face, although the arms only bend in the plane of the glasses not up or down.

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The Belay Specs were reasonably comfortable but more noticeable on the face, especially on long belays. The thin metal means that switching fields of vision is very easy. This is a plus, but it felt like the field of vision through the prisms was narrower than other glasses. One tester also complained of more reflections through the prisms in the Belay Specs.

Our biggest beef with the Specs is the thin hard-plastic case. The closure is deceptive — it clicks twice but only stays shut on the second. The case has a plastic loop but lacks any dedicated clipping mechanism, which means that you have to sacrifice a carabiner if you want to clip it to anything.

Those are decent savings, but the flaws were too great for us to wholeheartedly recommend the Specs. They function well enough, but they were the least comfortable glasses in our test. Belaggles claims that this is to protect the prisms and enhance durability, but in practice it just made us dislike wearing the glasses. They feel heavy on the head, and multiple testers complained that the frames felt tight.

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  • How to Choose the Best Belay Glasses for Your Needs.

The nosepiece is rigid plastic but felt much less comfortable than that of the Plasfun. The case is a basic zippered unit, with an attachment clip like the one on the case for the Plasfun Basic. On such an expensive pair of belay glasses, we would appreciate a better solution. Also included are a keeper cord and a microfiber cloth. The Belaggles were the most expensive product in our test, more than four times the price of the Plasfun Basic.

For the same price, I could buy a set of top quickdraws or a brand-new 4 Camalot. We recommend looking elsewhere. The fit of the glasses was the number one attribute dictating how much our testers liked them at the end of the test. If a pair fits well, they become a seamless part of the belay system. All the included cases were protective enough for general use. First, we took these glasses out to the Gunks and used them for the most torturous of belays: aid climbing. Minky fabric has a slightly bumpy surface that is part of the overall thick velvet feel.

It is a synthetic material though and is more likely to create heat sinks than the cotton blended choice. Although this was a favorite pillow in our trials, it was not the best match for warmer autumn nights, and we felt the fabric was better served for the winter months. It was smooth and comfortable, and it would have been nice to have one cover of each to trade out when needed. The cover is also easily removable and has a hidden zipper that runs up the length of the outside of the long side of the pillow.

This is awesome in a sense that there is no real seam that you can feel, and no way to snag your sheets, pajamas, or anything else upon it. Sometimes these types of zipper seams can catch easily on the inside and jam up, but I experienced no problems at all when using the zipper. It unzipped smoothly and easily each time and closed back up with just as much ease. As mentioned, the cover is easily machine washable and dryable. The minky cover, in particular, is nice and thick and also wipes clean if a spill occurs.

I suggest washing both types of covers on a gentle cycle and drying on low heat to ensure you keep the soft feel of both in order to last the life of the pillow. Although this is a fairly new product, and one that is only available through the Pregnancypillow. It is popular due to its unique shape that provides excellent support for a growing belly.

Women's Merrell® Belay Pants

Plus, some commenters love how it replaces the multiple pillows they had been using to get comfortable each night. The minky cover is absolutely loved, especially against bare skin. And although our comments were echoed concerning heat retention, many new mothers were very happy with its use due to how soft it is against the babies skin as well, especially when it is used as a nursing aide. You may return your pillow within 30 days of receipt if there is a defect in the product. This is also true if you received the wrong item, color, or cover choice and need to exchange.

You must contact the company within 30 days and provide a picture of the issue so they can confirm it is the same product sent out to you. The pillow must be returned as it was, and it must be in the original packaging.

How to Choose the Best Belay Glasses for Your Needs

For our various trials, we used a detailed survey to gauge the needs of our sleepers, as well as comfort level. The stages of each pregnancy, as well as specific problems and wants, were addressed within each survey. Struggling to find a comfortable position at night, our first trial sleeper was 8 months pregnant and dealing with long ligament and hip pain.

The Least Expensive (Cheapest) way to get Belay Glasses for Rock Climbing! -

This was keeping her awake, and interrupting her sleep, and she had been looking for relief when approached to try our pillow choices. Normally she has some issues with the wrap around sides of full body pillow because they do not fit her long torso well, but she felt that this pillow was a perfect answer for taller people. It allowed for a comforting neck and head support through the night.

She also liked using it while working on the computer, when sitting on the couch, and leaning against it with the curved side used to more comfortably prop up her belly. At 16 weeks pregnant, our second trial sleeper has been getting frustrated at being unable to sleep on her stomach, as she was used to doing. By using multiple pillows, she had been creating some more supportive situations that allowed her to be more comfortable, but she was looking for a full body pillow that would stay in place when she shifted. Her husband was also frustrated with the pillow barrier that was taking up the majority of the bed.

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  5. The J-shape of this pillow was a nice change from the more wrap around styles she had been checking out, and she really loved how well she could kind of drape herself over it and have her stomach well supported. This also allowed her head and neck to be positioned in a comfortable place. She thought the pillow was a bit firm at first, but after settling into it she mentioned that by laying her shoulder up on the pillow it gave her head and neck great contouring and allowed her to rest in a semi-side, semi-stomach position.

    She did find it very comfortable to lounge back against after placing a pillow under the hooked end to raise it slightly for her to sit in. She also bent the long side of the pillow up under her legs to be able to lay back and be somewhat cradled by the pillow as a seat. As a body pillow, this truly is an excellent choice as you can almost lay upon it; resting your head, neck, shoulder, hip, and leg along its length helps create proper spinal alignment and relieves stress along your back. I just fell in love with the pillow due to the minky cover from the start.

    It is incredibly soft to touch, and combined with the plush filling, creates an excellent pillow to lounge around.