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In honor of the brave men and women who serve this country, Disney Cruise Line is proud to offer special military rates on select Disney cruises. Special military rates are limited to a maximum of one stateroom per military member, per sailing. Cast off on an unforgettable adventure for the entire family! During your cruise, you and your loved ones can enjoy:.

Best of all, you'll enjoy the legendary hospitality and commitment to excellence that Disney is known for—each and every day of your vacation.

Disney Cruise Military Rates

From the moment you step on board to your last wave goodbye, a Disney cruise includes almost everything you could hope for—larger-than-life entertainment, outstanding dining, spacious accommodations, dazzling destinations and more—with most experiences included in the price of your cruise. Set your sights on a one-of-a-kind vacation that boasts something special for every member of the family. Whether it's relaxing "me time" for adults, fun activities for teens and tweens, imaginative play for kids, or thrilling entertainment for all, a Disney cruise provides something for everyone.

Special Military rates are available to all retired and active U. Military personnel or spouse , including U. Air Force, U. Army, U. Marines, U. The military discount for Disney cruises is also available to a spouse of a qualifying person.

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This means that a spouse can travel without the military person. You can only book one Disney cruise stateroom at the military discounted rates. If you need more than one stateroom you can book one with the military discount, but any additional staterooms have to be at the usual rate. Photo By. Usually the military discounts become available around 30 to 60 days before the Disney cruise sails. Disney cruise line offers military discounts to fill up space on cruises which are not sold out.

This does mean that if you want a military discount on cruises you will most likely have to be flexible when you travel. It used to be that you could book a Disney cruise at full rate and then convert it to a military discount if it was offered closer to the sail date. Unfortunately you cannot do this any more.

If you book a cruise at full rate and have paid the balance you would have to see what the penalties for cancellation are and if this would still save you money if you rebooked with the military rate.

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Therefore the cancellation penalty will usually exceed the benefit of the discount military cruise rate. Their services are free and they will help you get the best military discount. When a military discount is available on a Disney Cruise it is limited to 50 staterooms per sailing. To learn more, visit the Small World Vacations website , where you can see full details about the onboard credit offer and request a quote on your cruise vacation.

This offer can be combined with the Onboard Booking offer below. However, if you do book a specific cruise, you can change the booking to a different cruise date, ship, sailing, stateroom category, etc. Any unused portions of onboard credit are non-refundable and non-transferable. Not valid in combination with other offers except in certain cases the Small World Vacations onboard credit offer; see below for more details. Make sure to contact your Small World Vacations agent after your cruise to let them know you booked onboard. Contact Small World Vacations at guestrelations smallworldvacations.

They will review your Disney Cruise travel details and let you know if your booking is eligible for transfer and how much onboard credit they can offer. Disney will assign you a stateroom of at least the level guaranteed or a higher level, possibly as late as the embarkation day. The categories are:. These staterooms often sell out fast, so if you see one you like, snag it quickly. If you are going on a Disney cruise and think there is any chance you or a friend or relative may want to go on another Disney cruise in the next 24 months, be sure to book a future cruise while you are still onboard the ship.

When you book a future cruise while still onboard the ship you get all of the following benefits:. A placeholder lets you make a booking without picking a specific cruise. It can be associated with a specific cruise later, after you get home and decide. Keep in mind, there is an advantage to booking a specific cruise as early as possible: you lock in the rate. You can change almost every aspect of your booking as many times as you need to and still keep the benefits. The name of one adult in each stateroom must stay the same, but you can change the names of any of the other guests, or increase or reduce the number of guests.

You can change the stateroom category. You can change the ship or the sailing as long as the sail date is within 24 months of the initial booking date. You get the full discount for up to two future staterooms or placeholders per household i.

When Are Disney Cruise Military Discounts Available?

You still get onboard credit for additional rooms after the first two, or staterooms on other cruises. This only applies to actual staterooms on a specific cruise, not to placeholders. So for example, you could book a whole family reunion on board and get 5 rooms.

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The 3rd, 4th and 5th rooms would just get the onboard credit. You could also book staterooms for friends and family, on any cruises you like, and get FREE onboard credit for them. This is an unadvertised bonus that could go away any time, but if you do want to book more than two rooms be sure to ask if the onboard credit is still available for the extra rooms. You can get the full discount for friends or relatives who are not sailing on your cruise. For example, say you wanted to book a cruise for your friends, the Smith family.

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You could book one room for your own family, then book the second room on the same cruise for the Smith family. However, you basically have to make a new booking and cancel the old one, and the price might have gone up since you booked originally, potentially wiping out your discount. Be sure to compare the bottom-line price for both bookings. Either way, when the booking is done ask for a printed confirmation of your final reservation. Before you leave the ship, confirm that everything is correct. You should have a printed confirmation.

The confirmation should show that your deposit is paid if not, the booking will be canceled. If you are working with a travel agent, verbally confirm that they are listed on the reservation before you leave the ship. If you are using a travel agent , email them to let them know you booked onboard.

Disney Cruise Military Discount

All sailings are from Port Canaveral unless noted otherwise. Note that sometimes these will disappear from the public Disney Cruise website, but Disney phone agents or a specialty travel agent may be able to look them up and book them using the travel agency website. Other stateroom categories may be available at other rates. Rates are per adult, based on double occupancy. Occupancy restrictions may apply. Taxes, fees, port expenses and excursions are not included.