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IEEE, One of Price-Jones most popular products was the Euklisia Rug , [13] the forerunner of the modern sleeping bag, which Pryce-Jones exported around the world, at one point landing a contract with the Russian Army for 60, rugs. In the 19th century, the American retailer, Aaron Montgomery Ward , believed that using the technique of selling products directly to the customer at appealing prices could, if executed effectively and efficiently, revolutionize the market industry and therefore be used as a model for marketing products and creating customer loyalty.

In , Ward produced the first mail-order catalog for his Montgomery Ward mail order business. By buying goods and then reselling them directly to customers, Ward was consequently removing the middlemen at the general store and, to the benefit of the customer, drastically lowering the prices. In , Lester Wunderman identified, named, and defined the term "direct marketing".

Wunderman—considered to be the father of contemporary direct marketing [19] [20] —is behind the creation of the toll-free number [16] and numerous loyalty marketing programs including the Columbia Record Club, the magazine subscription card, and the American Express Customer Rewards program.

Direct marketing is attractive to many marketers because its results, positive or otherwise, can be measured directly. This metric is known as the ' response rate ', and it is one of many clearly quantifiable success metrics employed by direct marketers.

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In contrast, general advertising uses indirect measurements, such as awareness or engagement, since there is no direct response from a consumer. Measurement of results is a fundamental element in successful direct marketing.

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One of the other significant benefits of direct marketing is that it enables promoting products or services that might not be known to consumers. Products or service with a sound value proposition, matched with an attractive offer, supported with effective communication, delivered through a suitable direct marketing channel and targeting the relevant customer segment can result in a very effective cost of acquisition. Relative to other channels of distribution say retailing direct marketing as a practice principally relies on the proposition, offer, communication, choice of channel and the target customer and so less dependent on the brand strength.

Despite the proven ability of direct marketing to generate measurable results, most companies continue to use general or branding advertising to market their products or services. The Internet has made it easier for marketing managers to measure the results of a campaign. This is often achieved by using a specific website landing page directly relating to the promotional material. A call to action will ask the customer to visit the landing page, and the effectiveness of the campaign can be measured by taking the number of promotional messages distributed and dividing it into the number of responses.

Another way to measure the results is to compare the projected sales or generated leads for a given term with the actual sales or leads after a direct advertising campaign. Some companies use conversion rate as a key metric while others use revenue as the key metric. Copywriters write the words that motivate the reader, listener, or viewer to take the action the marketer wants them to take.

Copywriters in direct marketing are called direct response copywriters. These copywriters have a specific skill-set based on proven direct marketing techniques. The goal is to motivate prospects to take a specific action. Copywriters in general and branding advertising focus on making current and potential customers feel a certain way about the product or service.

Graphic designers, web developers, and other creatives also play a crucial role in successful direct marketing. List brokers provide names and contact information, [22] but their services need to be contrasted to expected " return on investment. Some direct marketers use of individual "opt-out" lists, variable printing, and better-targeted list practices to improve success percentages. Additionally, in order to avoid unwanted mailings, members of the marketing industry have established preference services that give customers more control over the marketing communications they receive in the mail.

The term "junk mail", referring to unsolicited commercial ads delivered via post office or directly deposited in consumers' mail boxes, can be traced back to Can-Spam gives recipients the ability to stop unwanted emails, and set out tough penalties for violations. These filters can interfere with the delivery of email marketing campaigns, even if the person has subscribed to receive them, [26] as legitimate email marketing can possess the same hallmarks as spam.

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There are a range of email service providers that provide services for legitimate opt-in emailers to avoid being classified as spam. Consumers have expressed concerns about the privacy and environmental implications of direct marketing. In response to consumer demand and increasing business pressure to increase the effectiveness of reaching the right customer with direct marketing, companies specialize in targeted direct advertising to great effect, reducing advertising budget waste and increasing the effectiveness of delivering a marketing message with better geo-demography information, delivering the advertising message to only the customers interested in the product, service, or event on offer.

Additionally, members of the advertising industry have been working to adopt stricter codes regarding online targeted advertising. Channels available include a variety of media: cell phone text messaging , email , websites , [28] online adverts , database marketing , fliers , catalog distribution , promotional letters. Use of Television advertisements , newspapers , magazine advertisements , and outdoor advertising are not direct , although they may have a direct response aspect, such as an number.

Sending marketing messages through email or email marketing is one of the most widely used direct-marketing methods. It also allows marketers to deliver messages around the clock, and to accurately measure responses. With the expansion of digital technology and tools, direct marketing is increasingly taking place through online channels. Most online advertising is delivered to a focused group of customers and has a trackable response. Through mobile marketing, marketers engage with prospective customers and donors in an interactive manner through a mobile device or network, such as a cellphone, smartphone, or tablet.

Types of mobile marketing messages include: SMS short message service —marketing communications are sent in the form of text messages, also known as texting. MMS multi-media message service —marketing communications are sent in the form of media messages. In October , the Federal Telephone Consumers Protection Act made it illegal to contact an individual via cell phone without prior express written consent for all telephone calls using an automatic telephone dialing system or a prerecorded voice to deliver a telemarketing message known as Robocall to wireless numbers and residential lines.

An existing business relationship does not provide an exception to this requirement.

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  4. Mobile Applications: Smartphone-based mobile apps contain several types of messages. Push Notifications are direct messages sent to a user either automatically or as part of a campaign. They include transactional, marketing, geo-based, and more. Mobile apps also contain Interactive ads that appear inside the mobile application or app; Location-Based Marketing: marketing messages delivered directly to a mobile device based on the user's location; QR Codes quick-response barcodes : This is a type of 2D barcode with an encoded link that can be accessed from a smartphone.

    This technology is increasingly being used for everything from special offers to product information. Mobile Banner Ads: Like standard banner ads for desktop Web pages but smaller to fit on mobile screens and run on the mobile content network. Another common form of direct marketing is telemarketing , in which marketers contact customers by phone. The primary benefit to businesses is increased lead generation, which helps businesses increase sales volume and customer base. The most successful telemarketing service providers focus on generating more "qualified" leads that have a higher probability of getting converted into actual sales.

    In the United States, the National Do Not Call Registry was created in to offer consumers a choice whether to receive telemarketing calls at home. Further, a consumer who does not wish to receive further prerecorded telemarketing calls can "opt out" of receiving such calls by dialing a telephone number required to be provided in the prerecorded message to register his or her do-not-call request.

    The provisions do not cover calls from political organizations or charities. Voicemail marketing emerged from the market prevalence of personal voice mailboxes, and business voicemail systems. One particular form is known as Ringless voicemail. Broadcast faxing , in which faxes are sent to multiple recipients, is now less common than in the past. In , President Bush signed into law S. These requirements include providing an opt-out notice on the first page of faxes and establishing a system to accept opt-outs at any time of the day.

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