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Professional Affiliates. Franchisee Membership. Franchise Industry Research. Educational Seminars Webinars Franchise Awards. European Franchise Federation. World Franchise Council. Franchise Trust. Gyms don't exactly have the best reputation as welcoming, inclusive spaces. Shakira once said, "Hips don't lie," and she kind of has a point. When you feel like your hips are tight, it's almost impossible to ignore the pain and.

After being sequestered to our apartments all winter,. The beauty and curse of shopping on Amazon is that you can fill your cart with all kinds of highly specific items that you think you might need or want in. Last week, members of the U. Women's National Soccer Team received criticism because they celebrated after scoring against Thailand in a blowout game. When most of us think about arm workouts, our minds go to hardcore weight machines, dumbbells, or resistance bands.

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I was their member for over 1 year at Aldershot branch. After one year of membership with this Anytime Fitness Aldershot branch, I can say that I don't like them anymore. Too many members and very small space, not enough space even if you want to exercise somewhere in the corner on the mat and it just puts me off from going there. No quite space for meditation or yoga. When I joined them they gave me a key fob in exchange of 30 pounds deposit, which after one year I found out was non-returnable. So on top of your monthly membership which costed 36 pounds I paid an extra 30 pounds.

Do not sign up for this gym, they sat with my daughter telling her everything she wanted to hear to get her to sign up including that there was no contract and she could cancel at a months notice.

Anytime Fitness - Flemingate Shopping Centre

She has lost her job and cancelled her membership the way a member of staff told her to and was then charged the following month, after talking to different members of staff they then decided they needed to see proof. She has no job and no money coming in so all they are achieving is putting her in debt. She is no longer worker due to depression and anxiety and the costumer service at this place has done absolutely nothing but add to her health problems.

My advice is stay clear of them. Really like this place, good equipment, friendly staff, nice atmosphere, good parking and helpful staff. Zero appreciation for or understanding of personal circumstances. Excellent gym, very friendly and helpful staff. You can use a wide variety of equipment, tidy and clean at all times. Also the best part open at all times, so brilliant for different shifts. Anytime Edgbaston: Great little gym - friendly and not over-subscribed so good access to equipment.

Before I signed up I was told my chosen location for a gym was a great idea. After I had paid my initial franchise fee I was told my choice was "unrealistic" at my first meeting. The franchise was mis-sold from day 1. I spent 15 months looking for sites. I found over and informed the Anytime Fitness property team each time.

Sometimes there was no reply for up to two weeks and twice I had to complain about this to the head of property services just to get a response.

Start an Anytime Fitness Franchise Business

In that same period, the Anytime Fitness property team came up with one single site. It was in the middle of nowhere and totally unsuitable with another gym only 50 metres away. At no time did anybody from Anytime Fitness come with me to view a site as they said they would in the contract.

Obviously, it was hopeless so I had no choice but to give up. I was offered the deed of termination in September in the expectation of my initial franchise fee being refunded as stated in the initial franchise agreement. As soon as I signed I was told that my franchise fee was non-refundable! I immediately contacted my Franchise solicitor, who had reviewed the Franchise agreement before I signed it. I was told going to court would be costly and I was advised to contact the British Franchise association to settle the dispute.

We tried the informal conciliation which led to nothing, because the British franchise association does not comment on disputes. Therefore, as a last resort I had to apply for their Arbitration service.

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  7. Unfortunately, this service is voluntary and Anytime Fitness simply declined to participate. The BFA was of no help whatsoever and simply suggested I go back to my solicitor for more advice. This is a big conflict of interest that unfortunately many prospective franchisees are unaware of. I had done my due diligence before signing the agreement, and I have done everything possible to recover my hard earned money. Chuck Runyon who instead of replying simply got his lawyers to write a threatening email to me.

    Obviously I've been ripped off and swindled and I hope others do not fall into the same trap. Buyer beware. Addendum, as I was asked to comment on customer service. As mentioned I paid a huge sum of money and I did not receive any service of any value. The key to succeed in this business is to find a property which is hard work.

    Having done this work on a daily basis, most of the time I did not even receive a reply and when I did it was so delayed that it was too late as good properties get snapped up. The level of customer service is the worst by far I have ever experienced. Anytime Fitness Swindon is my second home. The staff are incredibly welcoming and are always at hand.