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Lories are small parrots found mainly in Australia and Indonesia. Our birds, by nature friendly and inquisitive, were bred in this country and hand- raised to be especially sweet and gentle. They have their own unique, quirkly personalities and tend to look upon human beings as great big bird toys put on earth for their entertainment. Claws 'N' Paws was the first zoo on the east coast to open a lory feeding area. Many visitors return again and again just to go in with these delightful birds. Don't miss it! Hand feed him carrots for a small fee. Get your cameras ready, it's the perfect opportunity to get great pictures!!!

I made some purchases at Walgreens today and had my 2 kids with me who had me distracted. I went yesterday and purchased 4 of the Sundown vitamins which were B1G1 and I had four coupons. I think the clerk neglected to scan one of the coupons, so I only got 3 taken off. I noticed it right away and was sent to the manager who very rudely told me that actually, I was supposed to only be able to use 2 coupons max.

I went to my car and got my printed policy to show him the policy for B1G1 and he still disagreed with me.

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There was absolutely no convincing him. Am I missing something here? Do the managers have the authority to override corporate policy? I was told on Tuesday by my local walgreens that they are under new district managment and we are going to be no longer allowed to use filler items such as the 10 cent laffy taffy. I asked what we will be able to use and how can they tell us what we can and cant buy and i got told they dont know.

Doesnt make any sense to me. I had a problem using fillers at Walgreens today. So, he grabbed another Nestle and it went through fine. I was planning on testing my theory with some Laffy Taffy tonight, but it sounds like I may just be out of luck. Annie — The Nestle coupon is attaching to both items. You need another filler in there to use the RR. Just one more thing to keep in mind when shopping at Wags! I finally figured out why it wouldnt work, Thanks to your help for Annie up above. I had the same problem as her, the coupon attaches to the 2 and 3 cereals leaving me without enough items to coupons ratio.

Question, can you redeem several of the same rewards to purchase another item. Example, I have multiple reach rewards from multiple purchases can I redeem them in one transactions together? Yes, however you do need as many items as you have Register Rewards. I have also been told at one of the 5 store I frequent that there is a new coupon policy. This has become very frustrating! What is the real story? OK, well I do know that some stores here are limiting to one deal of the same type per person per day, but THAT they have posted at all registers And if they do have their own rules, how do we find out?

Cuz different cashiers at the same store do things differently, and how do we even know who is right? Anyone know what would happen? Or where I could find out in the future for other deals? The Exec Asst? I even showed him the policy! I understand he was just tryi g to be ethical. I think now he will talk to his mgr and raise the question though.

He sounds like, once he thought about it, it would plague him, lol!

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I just went to a different store. Will that RR print? I always give the cashier the in store coupons first, then the MQs and last the the RR, but yesterday I went shopping at the Wags I always shop at and the regular cashier made me use the RR first then the MQs and last the in store coupon. If something is just on sale, say normally 5. The store-specific manufacturer coupon like the ones in the Infant Care Booklet…what are those?

Manufacturer or store? I had an issue today at using RR. Please look and see if you can help me understand what i am doing wrong. Nobody there could tell me why they wouldnt work. I purchased the following: Zyrtex 5. I know i have enough items, and my total that i did have to pay was Ive racked my brain trying to figure this out and I am at a loss.

Any suggestions? Thanks for all your help! My store insists that I give them first. Should I tell them no? Most of my stores do not care about the order you give the coupons to us.

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It is simply easier for the cashier to ring the walgreens coupons first because they can be rung at anytime during the transaction without hitting extra buttons also they may have coupon codes memorized and can key them in without the need to scan the coupon. Manufacturer coupons, however, require them to hit subtotal before ringing the coupon and again before continuing to ring other items or walgreens coupons. This is usually when you here the register start beeping alot because the cashier was too quick for the register to keep up and then they will need to clear error messages 3 or 4 times before they can continue.

Thus you should count those 2 items together as 1 item. The register will not let you enter a second coupon for those 2 items. The above says not to hand in Wags Qs first, why is that? Can you explain in more detail?

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Christie gave me corporate phone number and I called them almost three weeks and had to call back two more times, each time I was told they were working on the question I had and that someone would call me. I finally received a call from the local store manager who said yes that corporate had changed the monthly booklet to manufacturer coupons if they start with and that only those starting with were a Wags q. I then asked him about their current ad for cottonelle that said you could stack the in store coupon which is in the august booklet with a q from the newspaper.

He said it was a misprint but that he would honor it since it was in the ad. I want to thank you very much for this advice and I will try this next week at Walgreens. Have a great day. I have a question about RR from the same manufacture. Crest, Head and Shoulders, Pantene etc…do these items need to be purchased in seperate transactions to get all of the register rewards to print? Can you use coupons if ordering from Walgreens online? Just wondering. Latoya, that is not true.

You can do multiple transactions, right in a row, if you want. You can buy multiples of the same items and split them between your transactions. A lot of Wags shoppers will intentionally check out at the beauty counter for this reason. Sorry to hear you were misinformed! I know this question has probably been answered a thousand times, but say you want to buy 10 of the same item that earns RR in one transaction, will you get 10 RR or only one per transaction? If that is the case, I would need to have 10 transactions to get 10 RR for that one item?

Angie, that just happened to me! But on the other hand in the end its still up to a manager if they do it. Hi Christie, I had a bad experience at walgreens yesterday and I told myself, I always have a problem with this store. Please help me understand this situation, they are not being reasonable. I told the manager and the cashier, we based register rewards on the total amount of the products before coupons because from my point of view, the coupons were being payed by the manufacturers for us to get encouraged to buy their products and try it.

May I know from your point of view how this works and if this is how your Walgreens coupon policy works? I would appreciate any clarifications or any words of wisdom that anyone could share, thanks and more power. A few months ago. I saw on another site that someone was rolling depends and witchhazel. So I am wondering if the depends rr is still available this week also?

Thank you, Susan. Hi,is there anything I can do with my expired RR? I was on vacation and totaly lost track of it. How many manufacturer coupons can be used for multiple items? I understand that the total number of manufacturer coupons and register rewards cannot exceed the total number of items being purchased and for this reason one should add filler items to what is being purchased. In other words, is the purpose of the filler to use multiple register rewards RR or is it to use multiple multiple manufacturer coupons, or both. OR 2 Manufacturer coupons and 3 Register Rewards? It seems like the fillers are only to be able to use a Register Rewards with a coupon or to use multiple Register Rewards.

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Is this correct? Or, another way of asking the question, excluding Register Rewards RR , is it only one manufacturer coupon that can be used per item, regardless of the quantities purchased, and regardless of the number of filler items? RR counts as 1 MQ. Most of the managers,assts. In addition upper mgt. Their customer service is lousy nowadays and getting worse. I love my coupon customers but please be considerate of the other customers who just want to buy a soda. Take your order to the cosmetic counter where we can spend time with you to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Please also read the coupon terms.

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Some are now saying how many you can use in one shopping trip. Thanks for your help. We really do want to serve you better. If the register rewards coupon has an expiration date of …. It should be good until pm on the day of the expiration. Yes it should be good until the end of the day printed on the Register Reward — so you are right!

I live in north east WI. Any tips for 2 new couponers would be great as well. My sister and I absolutely love wildforwags!!!! Hopefully, it will be available to you too! I usually write my grocery list on an envelope and I place the coupons I need inside. This technique helps when I am in line. Print the IVC instant value coupons from the Walgreens.

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Does anyone have trouble using the free photo items as items for use of RRs? Anyone know if this is policy, or just this store? Do you mean that you were getting photos items at no charge because of a promotion in the ad? If your photo items were free, why are you using RRs on them? It depends on the type of monthly coupon it is. Both of the Walgreens coupons and a manufacturer coupon if one for that item exists.

Since you are starting newly, it can get very confusing. I have been there done that! You might want to find a time that is not so busy in your store and that is when you start trying out with small purchases until you get the mastery of your coupon planning. Couponing takes a lot of planning and mental alertness and note taking will help you. The savings are all worth the trouble though. Good luck. I loaded up on vitamins earlier in I think January or February, during a buy one get one free Nature Made vitamin sale at Walgreens.

Is this just a once a year thing? Is this true? I have not called corporate, but would love to know the truth here. If this IS true, then lots and lots of retailers are screwing themselves out of money by accepting manufacturer coupons regardless of the retailer designee. I was able to use 2 sets 4 coupons at two different Walgreens. The first set was used one week ago and the other set yesterday. Neither cashier questioned anything. Silly me. Per my conversation with Walgreens customer service… treat your gift card as cash but it is considered store credit when you make a purchase.

With the Balance Rewards program, if I do the same deal more than once, will it get credited the second time? I purchased enough to get the points. I have the same question about Balance Rewards. If I use the same deal twice, do I get the points twice or do they have a maximum points distribution? How can I get them? Ask a cashier next time you visit. I know you printed this 3 months ago and may never see this comment. For those of you who do, what Amy did is considered coupon fraud.

I learned this the hard way. A week later, a guy came in from loss prevention and fired me. I hope not. Today the cashier told me I can only use a max of 4 total not 4 like coupons in 1 transaction, is this true? I just transferred a load of prescriptions from Rite Aid to Walgreens to take advantage of their Balance Reward Program. How do I get a Walgreens coupon book? Love the website, very informative!! Or how would I do that? Any advice is appreciated!! One the same item…Can you use a mobile coupon and a coupon from the monthly coupon book together both are for same value?

Usually when you run into that they are the same code. You can try but 9 times out of 10 they are the same. If they happen not to be, you can stack them. Have you ever thought of posting the deals people get with their reward points to get the most of them. I want to make sure to make the most of my I understant that with a RR you can only buy one item at a time to earn one RR, but with the poins system can you buy more than one.

IE buy 2 potato chips and get 1, points. If I buy 4 bags at one time do I get 2, points? Thank you. I rarelly go to walgreens but once there i got the balance card my problem now is that i forgot the zip code I gave the cashier and i can not make my cash valid at the store.

Can i find out what the zip code was? Hope that helps someone! I was wondering if you purchase items that are buy one get one half off and have a bogo coupon for that item how it the discount calculated? The same thing happened to me today. Simple Face products were buy one get one half off. I had 4 man coupons for Buy a face wash or lotion and get free Makeup remover wipes. I purchased an expensive lotion and 3 face washes, and 4 make up remover wipes that would be free with the coupons. The cashier adjusted my coupons to the half price amount. Was that correct?

Someone please explain. How do I get RR Reward coupons. It is at Laurel and Ventura in Studio City, SW corner, and I understand that a legal decision resulted in this one store accepting expired coupons and rewards. Know of anything like that for Walgreens? Question about when the new ad starts…. Thanks for the help! Thanks in advance for the help!

I have a RR from colgate co. Can I use the same walgreens coupon in the same transaction if I have more then one? They said that someone came in yesterday and bought it all. Apparently, since the sale flyers comes out on a Saturday, they are now putting the new stuff on sale and available on Saturday around 1 p. Also, regarding their register rewards, if you get a raincheck you forfeit the rewards because they cannot give you the rewards after the sale week.

Thanks, sorry to vent but I was so surprised when I heard about the Saturday early start on the weekly sale. Can you use the wags coupons more than once per transactions — the candy this week for instance. I have multiples of the MQ. Size A inch B inch C inch S. About the designer. Rescued is my favorite breed.

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