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Newspaper Deals offers you Orange County Register newspaper subscription deals with the lowest. Register your digital access. Find subscriber exclusive deals, events, manage your account and more. Discover the benefits of being a subscriber with special deals, access. When my daughter got off work at 4 am she went to some different places and bought an aditional 8 papers and was given one by a friend who manages a restaurant where they get a free one for having 2 paper boxes.

I do have a very small stockpile, but it consists of things my family will use in 2 months or so and not years from now. I had a larger one, but when all of the tornadoes came through our area this spring, I gave everything I could for that. I would rather order my coupons online than buy the paper like this and pay them to keep all of the coupons. I agree that this was horrible! I have only watched tht show a couple of time bc the hubby was watching and it appalled me that people had things piled up to the ceiling!

I do good to half way fill my cabinets with groceries and that is using coupons when I can get my hands on them. This is getting absolutely ridiculousness!!! Honestly I think it is ridiculous to buy newspapers just for the coupons anyway. So even you buying 3 for yourself makes no sense to me. I get there are deals to be had and I have watched extreme couponing BUT is it really worth it after you calculate the time you have spent waiting to the buy the paper, the time you spent driving, the fuel and wear and tear to your vehicle for extra unnecessary miles?

You can buy a paper for whatever reason you want to buy a paper. Wow you are way off with couponing and assuming way too much. Well if you are buy A paper then yes — but when you are buying 20 papers then that is ridiculous in my opinion. I am not sure what exactly I am assuming — Obviously people buy other things while they are there because that is why the Dollar Tree store sells them — because of the business the papers bring in.

I am guessing that no one needs 25 boxes of toothpaste. Maybe the Duggars. Between the 1 newspaper i buy for 2. About the vending machines — Yes, please do pay for each copy you take. It is stealing if you take more than what you paid for. Even before the current coupon craze began, I told people to stay away from vending machines if they were in search of coupons. About the multiple newspapers — Please do contact your newspaper to find out what the home delivery plans are. It may be possible to get multiple newspapers delivered to your house either on a double deal as another poster mentioned; or on some other arrangement.

That will save you time and hassle. I buy 10 papers.. But a few weeks ago I went in to Walmart about 7am and all of their copies were gone, bought by one person. Today I missed going in the morning and went in the afternoon, not expecting to find any papers. They were still there, I guess they ordered more and they also told the guy who bought the to come at the end of the day or talk to the newspaper directly. I agree — it should be limited to 3 papers per household. And I agree that by not limiting it more, that store IS losing business — Lots of business.

All those who were turned away will remember her always being out and immediately go to another store rather than waste time stopping at hers. I too hate when I see this happen, and sadly it is all too many times. During the Krispy Kreme Fathers Day promotion when they were giving a free dozen glazed doughnuts for bringing in an ugly tie, I saw families with 6 kids each bringing in a tie and each getting a free box! How were they going to finish all those doughnuts!

It is just sad about the papers as well. You do not need 25 of each coupon! I get 4 papers for me and my husband each week and it is plenty! We save money and get great deals and 4 of each coupon is more than enough! You know it is people like that that clear shelves at stores so no one else can get anything! So sad! I flat out gave up on trying to buy the Sunday paper in the stores. They are so afraid of being left with copies that they never get enough and I like to sleep late on Sunday. This is so sad!! I did also start couponing since the show, but I have morals about it.

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I always make sure to only get what I need for myself or my family. I think this kind of problem is happening all over. Not just about coupons but about many things. It seems people have lost common courtesy somewhere along the line. I seem people constantly trying to get away with things that end up hurting those around them in one way or another.

It is so sad to me. I am sorry that is happening in your area. I hope things will calm down with the coupons soon so that everyone can enjoy them in a good way. I wish I could get home delivery,but I live in a apt and they leave my paper on the community mailbox, it was stolen every time. I usually take the baby for a walk on Sun morning to the conveinence store and check before I pay since people have taken inserts.

When people try to twist the rules it just looks greedy in my opinion. I love couponing, but I will not fight for a paper or dumpster dive. I think there are enough deals out there to get reasonable amounts of products without going overboard. I went in to my local south sacramento doller store today also and i was suprized as well.

I feel that as long as ur buying the paper and not stealing them and being courtious of other shopers that are in line for papers too then it is fine but come on now having ur kids SMALL ONES get the limit on papers is crazy. I started couponing and did not know anything about the show I just wanted to save money and then i seen that one of my friends was buying more then one paper and i was like wow why have i not thought about that. I work at a newspaper. Our circulation department saves a few of each paper so people can buy extra copies — you know, if a family member is mentioned or something.

Why are people so upset? Just go to the grocery store and pay full price for as many papers as you want. And I think that 3 is a decent limit. Hopefully, with the business they are getting they will up their newspaper count real soon! My local CVS now keeps their Sunday papers behind the counter on the account that people were just taking the coupons out…how sad!!

The problem I ran into is that I have to wait in line to get a paper or two and a friend of the cashier gets her to hold her three papers every week for her. I was going to report it, but decided to get my chicago trib delivered for. That show has ruined everything.

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I now have to drive 10 minutes farther than usual to get 2 Sunday papers. Reason being, some crazy person is stealing EVERY single paper out of the box after the box is filled up. I guess I could get up at 4am next Sunday and try to catch them doing it, but what would I do…call the police? What I am finding is that either the carrier or someone else is taking the inserts from the newspapers. I have reported this and was told I could get a subscription. We live in a small rural area with no local paper so depend on the Little Rock paper. My husband has been at the truck stop early to buy just one paper we are not trying to be greedy!

Why would I subscribe when if it is the carrier the one delivered to my house would not have them either! Well I agree with you that they should not let each person in the family get 3 papers. We do buy 20 papers for our family, but that works for us. We are just trying to save money and make it in this hard economy. At least we are not in dumpsters or grabbing papers out of someones driveway.

We get into our car and go to the local walmart and purchase 20 papers. I am not bashing you in anyway budget savy diva, I love to read your articles, I have just heard one to many people bashing people who buy large amounts of papers. Thanks for your time. People were complaining like crazy and a girl standing in line said that our Tacoma News Tribune only guarantees the inserts if you have it delivered to your house!

I only once went to Dollar tree for extra paper because the coupons were so great.

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I got in on a great deal delivered to my door at. That beats dollar store by a mile. That a mother would stoop so low to use her own children to fulfill her greed is just disgusting. On the other hand, the manager controls how many papers get delivered to the store. A simple phone call, or word to the delivery person, will result in a larger delivery. They interviewed two ladies who stockpile big time. Our local chain, Weis Markets, limits the amount of coupons you can use for one product so one could not use 10 coupons for 10 bottles of b b q sauce, they say they need to make sure there is enough for everyone who wants to buy a sale item.

Horray for them, as surely there are tons of inconsiderate people out there who only care for themselves. Myself, I am happy with a great deal here or there. Perhaps you can talk to the store manager about your observations and she will change her policy to 3 per adult, or as one reader suggested 3 with an additional purchase.

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  7. Although there will always be someone who will look for ways to get around the limit it may allow more people to purchase the paper that want or need it. As the mother of seven and a couponer for years…….. I use my children to buy limited quanities all the time. I buy mass amounts of products and I use coupons. I do order by the case at most places and I do not clear their shelves.

    If a retailer will not allow me to order by the case, then I will clear the shelves………. Seems to me that your upset that the store is not getting the benefit of selling the newspapers……………yet, the store can have as many papers delivered as they wish. It is the store managers fault for only ordering As a business owner, I ordered 20 papers during the week and for the Sunday addition, because I knew what my customer base called for and needed.

    Seems as thought your local store needs to rethink their newspaper order numbers. Please understand that I buy massive amounts of products for my family and for those in need. Presently we are feeding homeless people in our area. It is made possible because of coupons. I would have been one of those people at your store buying three papers as would have all of my children……. I am shocked.

    I am not an extreme anything. But I do like my good deals too. I say if someone wants to buy all papers why not let them? Rule bending people will always find a way to do so. It is illegal to sell coupons, so if I understand correctly, the only legal means of acquiring newspaper inserts is to purchase the newspaper yourself.

    That might be a start to slowing down some of the shelf clearing, but as I said some people will always find a way to get around whatever policies or restrictions are placed on coupons. I find it very frustrating that I cannot even buy one paper sometimes and we live far out of town and do not have the delivery option. I find it sad that those people waste all the precious resources and probably just dump a mountain of trees in the dumpster.

    Yeah I try to be careful when buying the sunday paper because I rarely even use 1 coupon per week. I wonder how many coupons do those dollar tree fanatics really use. Imagine they buy 20 papers per family and use no coupons. I think your right they should limit the papers to three per family and stick to it. I had no idea that Dollar tree sold newspapers.

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    I learned from the SoutherSavers workshop that coupons have no bearing on how much a merchant makes. It can help their business if it brings folks in but they manufacturer has agreed to pay the store the full price of the discounted item. That Manager is not losing anything… except maybe respect for bad behavior. Everyone wins, the buyer, the store and the manufacturer learns what sells the best or has the best turnover on the shelfs. I work at a Dollar Tree and we do not limit the amount we sell.

    We start out with papers 9 am and depending on how many inserts there are…are gone by We have a couple of groups that rotate sundays and buy for 3 homes. We had 1 that bought They were a coupon group that was using the coupons to purchase supplies for the tornado hit areas last April. So far we have not had any major problems. Knock on wood…lol. Ours actually had a limit then they stopped.

    I just read your Dollar Tree article!

    Extreme Pick-Up Rate Roils Orange County Register

    I totally agree with you!! I have seen this first hand! I have also learned to check my papers before leaving the store. Hence, someone stole them and left the paper shell of news! I hope these people get scissor cramps! Today, I went twice to the Dollar Tree only to find they had none! The clerks were so busy, I decided to try another store.

    Four inserts!! I agree. The couponers rule the store. Either dollar Tree needs to get more papers or I will just stop going there to get a paper. I can have it delivered for the gas and time it takes to go to my nearest Dollar Tree. Less aggravation and disapointment. I work at a dollar tree as a cashier, and was googling the name of the paper we carry to mention a headline to a friend. But then I read your article?

    And guess what? You grilled the manager? Honey its company policy. The manager does not control our stock. You were an asshole. Bother corporate, not the people who serve people like you, with a smile. I have more important things to worry about. If someone wants to buy 20 papers, oh well. I doubt the Dollar Tree is going out of business because of them. I cannot stand sticklers and find people who lose sleep over something like this so annoying. I was limited to selling 3 doorbusters to any one customer when I worked retail, and I did not get paid enough to hassle people.

    In my opinion, the store has to limit the number of papers or someone would buy up the whole stack! I do not like extreme couponing, I think these hoarders are ruining couponing for others with their greed.