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To receive the discounted rate, reservations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the reservation date. September 14, am November 30, am. Calendar GoogleCal. November 30, am. Click here for reservations Holiday Inn Express. December 14, am. Tickets for All Other Shows visit:. Get up to the minute details about the latest gun shows, including location info, admission, vendor info, as well as special seminars, classes and expos.

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SGK Virginia Beach Gun Show

Current Month. Event Map. Four sweet babies! Fair - Good. Early composition model white speck on knee with painted blue eyes, painted upper lashes, original mohair wig, crocheted skating outfit with hat and original roller skates. Two attractive girls, compo one hard to find! Ideal composition doll fully marked on head and body, very full original blonde mohair wig in original set with hair ribbon, lashed sleeping eyes one cloudy , organdy dress looks original, but not tagged, original undies, replaced shoes. Shoulder head child completely repaired head with sun rising mark on kid body with replaced arms, nicely redressed.

Schoenau Hoffmeister girl with PB in star mark on very good jointed composition body, newly dressed. The S PB H one is especially nice. The face everyone loves! Very pretty and ready to display! A splendid one! Early unmarked shoulder head with closed dome, feathered eyebrows, blue paperweight eyes with darker iris rims, painted upper and lower lashes, closed mouth with lip shading, rosy cheeks, pierced ears, replaced human hair wig; German kid body with gusseted joints and bisque lower arms; beautifully redressed in cream silk and maroon taffeta with hat and antique shoes, shell handbag.

Petite little lady! Ver Good. Antique leather case, two reproduction travel cases, four metal mess bags, metal egg shell bag, two new hats, tiny antique straw hat, three other handbags, vintage mirror, collar. Very rarely find this model! Nice character-type face, seldom fine this mark. Hard-to-find mold number! Antique brown human hair wig, two new blonde human hair wigs, five new small mohair wigs. Good Excellent. Antique silk fashion dress some deterioration , new plaid fashion dress and hat, maroon and cream silk dress from old fabrics, antique blue cotton striped dress, 4 pieces of antique underclothing.

Fair - Excellent. Three attractive small dolls ready to display! German china shoulder heads with molded hair, painted eyes and closed mouth. Smaller with dark brown hair with brush marks around her face featuring molded and painted gold snood shoulder plate cracked and glued in several places , cloth body with china lower limbs, original red paint dress.

Two early models! Two pairs antique leather shoes some wear , antique straw shoes, two pairs new black boots, three pairs of new leather shoes, new crocheted shoes, two pairs vintage booties, a pair antique stockings. Schutz Mark celluloid head has been painted forehead may have been repaired , inset glass eyes, open mouth, antique bobbed human hair wig on wonderful chubby jointed composition toddler body.

Bisque head JDK light cheek rub , smiling face, sleeping eyes, open mouth with tongue and two upper teeth, original mohair wig, original composition baby body with original finish soil, toe chipped, fingers chipped. Cute size of this JDK baby! Especially nice boy! Both with bisque socket heads, multistroked eyebrows, open mouths with teeth, and antique wigs on jointed composition bodies. Smaller is marked A.

Larger is marked A. Two very pretty girls!

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Clapping doll with German bisque head, glass eyes, original wig, hat and costume, press stomach and doll squeaks and claps his cymbals. Clapping doll is especially nice! Beautifully redressed and ready to display! Both German bisque shoulder heads with molded blonde hair and hair ribbons, blonde tapered eyebrows, red eyelid line, black eyelash line, closed mouth; smaller with pierced ears on a kid body repairs, wear on fingers , pretty cotton fashion dress; larger on a new cloth body with bisque lower arms, antique clothing, new shoes and socks. Two beautiful hairdos! Shoulder head with very deep plate and three sew holes, bald head with painted black spot, tapered black eyebrows, blue painted eyes, red eyelid line, black eyelash line, white dot highlight, closed mouth, rosy cheeks, small ears, replaced human hair wig; antique cloth body with attached leather shoes, leather arms.

Beautiful and large display doll! Lovely one ready to display! All ready to dress! Lovely dress from antique cotton with lace insets, undies, shoes and socks. Seldom find this model in such large size! Parian doll head with blonde molded hair, painted features side and back of head broken and regaled. Parian with short blond hair, painted features, molded blouse and blue striped scarf, replaced cloth body, old lower limbs some repairs and hand broken off , replaced red satin dress.

A popular head, seldom found in this small size. Shaped face with center seam, embroidered eyebrows, eyes and mouth, prominent nose, sequin earrings, black yarn wig; original clothing, cotton dress with red trim, undies, sewn on blue cotton shoes. Interesting lady, probably from the Islands. Spendid large example of this advertising doll! Cute original item! German shoulder head with molded blonde hair and dark glass eyes, cloth body with wooden arms; original organdy dress with lace trim and flower and ribbon trim.

In original wood display box with glass front, wall-papered inside and silk flower decoration. Just a fabulous presentation item in original condition. Seldom does an item like this turn up for sale! German china shoulder heads with molded hair, painted features. Nice beginning collection. German china shoulder heads with molded black hair, painted features. Largest is a curly haired Kling doll with pink tint complexion with old body and limbs one foot glued. Smallest in checked dress has a new body and wear on hair and cheek. Lady with black and white dress has old body and replaced arms, dress is original.

Lady in green has an old body and limbs, but hair wear and a broken foot. Nice beginning collection! Very desirable antique clothing on these two! This figure has a carved bone head, hands, and buckets. The arms, legs, and torso are made of wood. Very nicely done. Probably mid 19th century. Includes original box showing Lauren Green as Ben holding gun. Includes several accessories. Looks unused. Includes original Freundlich tag and celluloid button. No damage to doll or clothing.

Very fine example. Excellent Plus. This W. Fields Marionette was created by renowned puppet maker Sara Goldsmith. There is some age crackling to the boots and some missing hair.

SGK Gun Show - Hampton, VA

Still a very good face with no damage. Military costume has only minor fading. This is a one-of-a-kind creation. Very Good Plus. All have original tags. Original clothing. Very difficult to find set. All are in fairly good condition with minor crazing here and there. Some minor fading to clothing. This composition Eddie Cantor doll is in great condition. Minor overall crazing. Excellent original clothes. Wears Eddie Cantor Magic Club pin on lapel.

Very nice example of this elusive doll. With box. This MacArthur doll includes the original Freundlich tag. Both the doll and the original box are in very nice condition overall. This Alexander Bumstead doll is in fantastic condition with no wear or damage. Manufactured by Columbia Toy Products. Original Columbia Toy magazine advertisement included. Includes two small Lupino Lane dolls and a larger dancing couple pair featuring Lupino Lane. Minor overall wear. There are 7 characters including Sabu, the Princess, her Father, the villain and more.

Sabu and Princess are all composition and the rest are all cloth. Elaborate beautiful costumes, all original and very desirable. The compo dolls looks like they have some crazing but the cloth dolls look very good. Included are original photographs from the actual movie. Good - Very Good. Indian squaw with papoose, composition character faces, all original in the original box. Indian chief with composition character face, label on foot, all original in the original box. Very nice doll.

No paint loss to eyes, lips or nails. No greening to ears. Original red swimsuit, stand shoes and mini catalog are included. This is the earliest bubble cut box with ponytail imagery and date. Box has no wear or damage. Cardboard insert is present. This 2 brunette Barbie is in very nice condition. No paint loss to eye or lips. Very minor loss to nails at a few spots.

Hair is in original ponytail. Original earrings and stand are included. The box has minor to moderate wear but no corner splits or repairs. Very hard to find ensemble. This Fashion Queen Barbie has soiling to arms and legs. Comes with red bathing suit and mis-matched box lid with splits.

VeryGood Plus. This blonde flocked hair Ken is in great condition. Nice full flocking. Includes swimsuit, jacket, sandals, wrist tag, stand and mini catalog. No wear or damage.

Great example. Box has minor wear but no splits or repairs. Still sealed in bad with attached wrist tag. Includes mini catalog. One small tear and wear to end flaps of box. Near Mint. Very nice Brunette Ponytail Barbie. Includes wrist tag, earrings, stand, shoes, catalog and cardboard box inserts. Great face and nail paint. Box is super nice as well. No splits, repairs or damage of any kind. A very nice example of this doll.

This doll is very nice overall. Very slight discoloring to feet from shoe wear. Hair still in original ponytail. Two tiny box rubs to back of calves. Original earrings, sunglasses, shoes, stand and mini catalog are included. The box lid is nice with no repairs. Minor wear and a few small scrapes. Box bottom also has no repairs. Minor wear. Original cardboard insert is present. Very nice example of this doll. This brownette hair Bendable Leg Midge is in great condition. No paint loss to eyes, lips or fingernails. Toenail paint looks rather light but may have been that way originally.

She includes original headband, swimsuit, stand, wrist tag attached, mini catalog and I believe shoes. Her plastic head wrap is present but it has slid down off her head. Box has minor overall wear but no splits or repairs. Nice doll. Great paint overall. Includes original outfit, stand, wrist tag and mini catalog. Box has some minor overall wear but no splits or repairs.

This red-haired Skipper doll is in amazing condition. She includes her original head wrap, wrist tag and cardboard insert. Her shoes, hairbrush, comb and mini catalog are still un-removed from their original bag. Box has extremely minor wear only with no repairs or damage.

Ver nice example. Very clean doll. Original earrings, shoes, stand and mini catalog are included. Foil wrist tag is present but not attached. Box top and bottom are in great condition with only the most minor wear. No paint loss to eyes, lips, or fingernails. Very minor loss to toenails. Original earrings, sunglasses, shoes, mini catalog and instruction sheet are included. Nice original stand in great condition. This doll has only ver slight fading. Consistent light flesh color overall. Beautiful doll. Box lid has no splits or repairs. Moderate fading to front however. Box bottom has two split corners with one being repaired with tape.

Wooden house with lithographed paper outside details, red painted roof, original base and steps, signed door, original curtains and wall paper, two inside rooms. Including a Bliss settee and three matching chairs with upholstered seats. Small hole in cardboard back. Lovely piece with beading and painted decoration, mirror and shelf, 3 drawers with original pulls.

Nice quality item for your larger dolls. Red painted wood body with stenciling, original leather upholstery, metal posts and hood. Some repairs to wheels, rear right wheel loose and only supported by a dowel in the axel. Two GE and one PE. Other elephants are very good, both with missing trunk tips. Needs restringing. Elephants have blanket and howdah, donkey has blanket. General wear. One elephant is missing its tail and has damage to blanket. Both are missing trunk tips.

All original and generally in excellent condition. Some paint loss on wheels. Chip in wood on nose. Nice, deeply carved example. Arabian camel with open mouth, Style II brown bear with one part head and closed mouth and open mouth giraffe. All are Excellent. Bear is missing part of one ear. Giraffe has a repaired break on one leg. Rare animal in near mint condition. Excellent all original condition. Scarcely found with all four foot pads intact.


All original. Clean break almost unnoticeable in one glass eye.

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Style III gorilla with one part molded head. Minor play wear. Style II monkey needs restringing. Scarce items. This is the tent collectors want. Tent and sideshows are all original and bright. Some soiling to the top of the tent. Tent is Very Good. Sideshows are Excellent. Extremely scare original box is Good with some dirt and fraying. Lion tamer is completely original, including collar with bow tie and all felt decorations. Sea lion is missing leather ears but has flippers. Ball has indentation for use with seal.

Includes two elephants, two brown horses and one donkey. One horse is missing its tail and needs restringing. Donkey has a replaced tail. Clowns are excellent with complete costumes. Two clowns are each missing one ear. Lot includes a pedestal, tub and goblet. Clowns need restringing. Includes lion, tiger, leopard, and hippo. Lion has a chip on its nose. All need to be restrung. Includes hippo, brown bear, and rhino. Rhino has repair to horn area. All need restringing.

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Includes rhino, bactrian camel and hippo. Camel and rhino need restringing. Horses are both unusual because they do not have a hole in the top for a platform of a hole in the bottom to pull a wagon. Includes painted lion, zebra, and alligator. Zebra and alligator are near mint. Alligator is good but missing two foot pads one other there but detached.

Lion needs restringing. Very Good - Near Mint. Includes two elephants and a donkey. Elephants are missing tails and one is missing its trunk tip. Rare Style II ringmaster is missing top hat and collar, with chips on nose and goatee. Some felt loss to back of jacket. One part head ringmaster is missing vest, bow tie, and roof of top hat.

One lion is very good with a crack to its eye, the other is fair.

Leopard has considerable wear and a crack to one eye. Leopard needs restringing. Bisque-head ringmaster, lady rider, GE white horse and painted eye brown horse. Ringmaster missing collar and top hat, lady rider has holes in costume. White horse is missing strap, has replaced fringe on platform, and a repair to its neck. Brown horse is missing one stirrup. A need restringing. Lot includes four clowns, ringmaster, elephant, two chairs, two barrels and a ladder. Lot includes two GE elephants and one PE elephant. All with original trunk tips. Includes bisque-head lady rider, dude and clown.

Lady is excellent with some missing felt. Dude is very good but is missing top of hat. Two-part clown is excellent with some soiling of its costume. Includes a goat, poodle, brown horse, and donkey. Goat is missing tails, ears, and part of one horn. Poodle has chip on one foot. Horse is missing stirrups. Glass eye pig and goat, and a painted eye bulldog. Very good condition with minor wear. All original except replaced collar on bulldog. Two painted eye horses and lady rider. Accessories include two platforms and two chairs. One lady and one gent acrobat with bisque heads. Both in excellent condition with minor spots of wear to costume.

Also includes seven accessories, including scarce 50 lb. Include lady rider, ringmaster, and a clown. Accessories include two platforms, two barrels and a ladder. Lady is missing a foot. Tent is Excellent in original box box is good with taped repairs. Set includes 4 performers all Excellent , 4 reduced size accessories, catalog and small Schoenhut Chinese Roly.

Includes original box, showing clowns and animals performing circus acts. Box is complete but does have some tearing and staining. The figures show very little wear. Includes an elephant, a stand for the elephant, a barrel, a clown, two ladders and a chair. Also includes original pan flit which does have some staining.

Slight chip to left rear of elephant, but has original ears. This large Santa figure has detachable feet and a removable head. Very unusual. Sticker on the bottom is dated Minor to moderate wear. Nice item. Probably German. Stenciled base. Topped with early wire and glass ornament.

Nice tree with little wear. Great Veggie Man with carrot arms sitting on pumpkin. This lot includes six shaker noisemakers, an interesting older bell, and a few other items. The clicker is not working. This great Veggie Man is carrying a jack-o-lantern in each hand. Paper insert eyes and mouth. One jack-o-lantern has detached but could be repaired very easily.

Wonderful item. This lot includes a large boy and a large girl German diecut black cats. Several German embossed diecut witches, two diecut moons with witches, and numerous other items. Minor to moderate wear, but a fairly nice group overall. This lot includes three assorted clown toys, a devil noisemaker, and a witch noisemaker. It appears that his arm once held something. This lot inlcudes a small jack-o-lantern with paper insert eyes and mouth, assorted noisemakers, and other small items. Some items in disrepair. This lot includes a papier mache jack-o-lantern noisemaker on a stock repaired , a corn husk witch candy container, and a clown head acrobat toy.

When wound, the toy rocks from side to side. Original clothes and broom. Great expressive face. This pumpkin head wind-up toy is dressed in Mexican attire with poncho and sombrero. Very cute. All original clothes. When wound he rocks from side to side. The larger jack-o-lantern has a few splits and areas of loss.

Insert is torn. The smaller jack-o-lantern has a split side and worn insert. This lot includes three jack-o-lanterns with paper inserts and one without. The smaller one has a cracked chin. Minor to moderate wear otherwise. This lot includes two jack-o-lanterns. One is missing paper insert. Also includes a orange cat on fence and an orange devil with torn insert. This lot includes an orange papier mache cat on the fence lantern with a torn insert, two smaller papier mache jack-o-lanterns with inserts, and a cardboard black car which is missing the paper insert on one side.

Unusual double noisemaker with witch and cat figures. Papier mache heads. Great toy with cardboard pumpkin head. When string is pulled, pumpkin man does handstand. Appears to be German but is unmarked. This lot includes three wooden Halloween noisemakers. Two black cats and one pumpkin head witch. All three work well. Also included in this lot is a T. Weygandt witch chocolate mold in super condition. Includes original box with beautiful graphics. Shows the Devil, a sphinx, and a child reading his magic book. Comes with magic book and different objects to do magic tricks with.

Some edge wear and paper loss to box. Very Good Excellent. Includes spinner, four circular game pieces and a board. Some edge wear to box. Looks complete. Nice picture of Bruce Jenner on the front in his U. Decathlon shirt. Some creasing to corners of box. Includes original box with nice color graphics. Includes game board, spinner, and four wooden game pieces. Very little wear. Includes original box with nice color graphics of family playing game and airplane on lid. Flying field boards and a bag full of small metal planes, and also some wooden pieces holding magnets.

In original box with beautiful graphics of clown on front. Comes with ten different colored rings. Excellent - Near Mint. Includes colorful original box with great space graphics. Game has 40 Buck Rogers paper cards and 11 wooden pegs. Some edge wear to box, bottom of box has some splitting. One is a nursery rhyme, Humpty Dumpty. Looks to have Old King Cole on top. Paper litho on wood.

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The second looks to be laser copied. Very early. Gilbert Co. Nice color graphics on original box. Set looks unused with instructions, tubes, and other parts. This lot includes both the blue and yellow Wonder Woman vinyl boxes. The blue box has a black rub mark on top. No tears to vinyl with minor tarnishing. The yellow box has no splits or other damage. Minor tarnishing. Both thermoses are very clean. Both boxes include their original Aladdin string tags. This lot includes a Raggedy Ann and Andy box. This box has no visible wear or damage.

Original Aladdin string tag is attached. Mint thermos has original Aladdin sticker attached to cup. Super example. Also included is a Sesame Street vinyl box with minor overall wear. This box has a price that was either stamped on the box or bled through an attached price tag.

No splits. Cleaning instruction slip is included. Very nice thermos. This lot includes a Jack and Jill box in super condition, a Campbell kids box also in super condition with a mismatched thermos and a Duchess box with thermos. The Duchess box has no visible wear or damage. It includes the thermos instruction sheet and unused ID sticker. Maybe best known example. Near Mint - Near Mint Plus. This lot includes a Battle of the Planets box with just a few tiny scrapes. The original thermos instruction sheet is included. Also a Clash of the Titans box with no visible wear or damage.

This box also includes its original instruction sheet. And finally, this lot includes a Super Friends box. This box has a few very minor rubs and scrapes. This box includes its original string tag. All three thermoses are very nice. Red cup version. No visible damage or wear. A great example. Also included is a Peanuts box. This box has a few minor rubs and scrapes here and there.

The metal thermos is very nice. The plastic thermos has several plastic splits including a rather large one. A few minor scrapes overall, but very clean as a group. One Fraggle Rock box includes the original Sunline brochure. The Hanna-Barbera box has its original sears price sticker as well. All thermoses are clean and damage free. This lot includes the Hardy Boys box and the Nancy Drew box.

The hardy box has a few minor scrapes and a small dent to the corner of the back panel. The Nancy box also has a few very minor scrapes. Both are very nice otherwise. Both thermoses are clean with good decals. This box has minor scuffing here and there. Fairly nice box. This box was issued without a thermos. Also included is a UFO box.

This box has some minor scrapes overall and a few small dents on the edges of the reverse. Thermos has minor wear. The third box in this lot is a Orbiter Enterprise. This box is very clean with only two tiny dents along bottom edge of the reverse. Includes thermos instruction sheet.

Thermos has only a few small scratches to cup. Exccellent Plus. This lot includes a Mark and Mindy. Very minor rubbing to white rim around lid. Nice thermos. Also included is a Jonathan Livingston Seagull. This box has a few tiny dents and nicks around the edges. Fairly clean overall however. Nice thermos with light fading. And finally there is a The Magic of Lassie box. This box has just a few light rubs to the blue edge. Nice thermos with very minor wear.

This lot includes a Yankee Doodles, a The Archies and an earlier box depicting assorted game birds. All three have minor wear only. The thermoses are all fairly nice. This lot includes a Miss America box with thermos. Very nice with only minimum wear. Also a Shari Lewis vinyl box with thermos. This box has pushed in areas and heavily tarnished metal parts. One vinyl split to lid. Fairly nice thermos with remnants of original sticker. Fine - Excellent. Circa marked C. Nice depictions of all Simpsons characters.

Tin litho on box with vinyl heads, original hanging tag and header card. This box has a few small nicks and scratches along the front and back rims. Image areas are clean and bright. Chrome parts and interior are very nice. Matching thermos has some age discoloring, but no damage. Only a few tiny nicks or scratches here and there. The Mickey Mouse club box has the original price sticker. Thermoses are super clean. This lot includes a Scooby - Doo box with an orange border.

This has a few tiny nicks and minor rubbing to bottom. Original sealed coupon pack is present. Original matching thermos has a slit down the front panel and minor scratching to cup. The second box has a yellow border. This box has only a few tiny rubs to the bottom. Original coupon pack is also included. Thermos is in super condition. This lot includes a The Flintstones and Dino box with only minor edge rubs to front and back. Clean chrome and interior. Also included is a Pebbles and Bamm - Bamm box.

This box has only a few minor scrapes here and there. This Gunsmoke box has no noticeable wear or damage. Super clean and bright. Includes unused ID sticker. Thermos has Aladdin cup label and instruction sheet. Unlikely that there is a better example. Near Mint Plus. This lot includes two versions of the box. The first does not picture any stars on the side panels. This box has only a few hairline scratches on bottom. Thermos instruction sheet is included. Thermos is very clean. The second box features characters on both side panels.

This box has no wear or damage. Includes instruction sheet. Very clean thermos. Two very nice examples. This lot includes a box featuring the Bee Gees with Barry Gibb on the reverse. Just a few tiny rubs here and there. Thermos is perfect. The second box is Disco. This box has only one small rub and small dent at upper right corner of the back panel. The thermos looks perfect, but the cup cannot be removed. Very nice examples of both boxes.

This lot features a The Flintstones box. This box has only two small typical rubs on the bottom. No other wear or damage. Unused ID sticker is included. Super nice thermos has only minor tarnishing. The second box is the Hanna - Barbera box. This box has a few small dents and minor rubs. Still fairly clean. A few tiny scrapes on bottom only. Aladdin string tag still attached.