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Buy inverters online that are packed with amazing features like display warnings, auto change, spike free, excess protection and much more. Inverters at our portal are available in varying capacities ranging from VA to above VA for you to select as per your power back up needs. Paytm Mall has an enormous range of inverters from popular and trusted brands that will provide you continuous electricity supply at any time of the day. Determine The Power Requirement Before you look for inverter options, the first thing you need to determine is the power usage or requirement.

Calculate the total power consumption by summing up the power ratings of the appliances which you will want to run on the inverter in case of power cuts. A laptop consumes 30 Watts, a fan uses 80 Watts, a television requires 80 W.

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Further you must count the number of fans you will be using during a power cut and similarly other appliances like tube light, lamps and so on. Figure out the total load you want to run on inverter and the total number of hours for which back up is required. Accordingly, choose your inverter and enjoy seamless power back up anytime of the day.

The efficiency is also knowns as power factor of an inverter. The common power factor mostly ranges from 0.

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Generally, for homes VA are considered to be the ideal choice. At the online store of Paytm Mall, you will come across inverter for homes with different VA ratings. Pick one that matches your power requirements and say to goodbye to your power woes at home. Check the Battery Quality of the Inverter Battery of an inverter is the most crucial thing. The performance and life of an inverter majorly depends on the battery of the inverter.

For the proper functioning of the battery, the battery needs to be topped up with distilled water on a regular basis. Your choice of buying the type of inverter battery will depend on what type of appliances you want to run. If you want back up for electronic appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, microwave ovens, computers, etc.

Shop for Portable Inverters or Standalone Inverters at the Best Prices Online at Paytm Mall We have inverters at our portal that are compact in size and can be easily placed at house or office without taking much space. An inverter can support various appliances in your home when electricity is not available and save your expensive gadgets like computer, LCD television, etc.

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Paytm Mall has a wide range of portable inverters at an incredible price range. These are light in weight, can be transported from one location to another and are simple to set up. While purchasing batteries, you must go for a brand that is offering a maximum warranty.

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You can watch TV, work on laptop and run several appliances through inverter without any hassle. An inverter lets you work efficiently without any fluctuations and the best part is your kids can study in peace any time of the day without any electricity supply disruption. Choose an inverter from our exhaustive selection on the basis of several factors like brand, type, capacity and wave form.

All the inverters at our portal are built with very high quality components and offer high reliability and longevity.