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Great Deal: Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Device For Rs.8, In India - MSPoweruser

Nota Ki Cost-effective. Brand Nokia Smartphones by Nokia. Release date July , 5 years ago State Not available. Size Diagonal 4. Note from users 14 opinions.

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Is it a drop-resistant and scratch-resistant smartphone? GPU Qualcomm Adreno Score Fingerprint No.

Nokia Lumia 625 Review

Does it have good sound? Resolution 0. Quality of daytime photos. Network compatibility. Standards Version Bluetooth 4. Charging Yes Mass Storage Yes. Does it have good coverage for calls? How long does the battery last? Less than half day.

Design & Materials

Operating System Windows Phone 8. Did it come with preinstalled applications?

  1. Great Deal: Nokia Lumia Windows Phone Device For Rs.8, In India - MSPoweruser.
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It comes with a clean operating system. Compare Add to compare Nokia Lumia Still don't know Kiss my Ki? Report an Error. From -- View prices.

Nokia Lumia 625 review

Error or Enhancement Where did you find it? Have we screwed? That said we're starting to see RAM creep upwards with newer budget Windows Phone devices, such as the Microsoft Lumia and Nokia Lumia , both of which have 1GB to play with, not to mention quad-core processors. With regards to the Lumia 's looks it, well, looks like a Lumia - albeit a chunkier one than we're used to.

Big screen, low price, but is it any good?

The dimensions of At g it's a heavy beast, outweighing even the Nokia Lumia The Lumia isn't exactly going to weigh you down but it is noticeably heavy for its size and that can be a little off-putting. However, weight aside it feels reasonable to hold, with comfortable, slightly rounded edges. Though the screen is large enough that those with particularly small hands may need to stretch a bit to operate it one-handed. Available in black, white, yellow, red or green, the Nokia Lumia is just as colourful as we've come to expect from the Lumia range.

It's also just as plastic, with a removable polycarbonate shell. A premium body would be nice, but at this price it's not expected and most users will likely hide the phone in a case anyway. The front of the Lumia primarily contains the 4. That's not a whole lot of pixels, as while the size has been bumped up dramatically from the 3.

Nokia Lumia 625 Review

That was presumably one of the cost-cutting measures required to actually make this handset possible at a low price, but the result is a screen that really is a little bit worse than we'd like and which has since been beaten by the likes of the similarly cheap Nokia Lumia Other than the screen the front of the Nokia Lumia has black bars along the top and bottom which hold various buttons and sensors. The bottom bar has the three soft touch buttons you'll find on every Windows Phone 8 handset - back, start and search - while the top bar holds the earpiece, the 0.

The back of the phone is incredibly plain as it's dominated by the almost featureless polycarbonate cover. However the flat expanse of colour is broken up by a few things. There's another small Nokia logo across the middle, while near the bottom there's a speaker and towards the top there's the main 5MP camera lens and LED flash.

The bottom of the handset just has a micro USB port for plugging in a charger or connecting it to a computer. The right hand edge has a camera button near the bottom, a power button in the middle and a volume rocker near the top, which like most things on this handset is standard Lumia design.

The left edge has no buttons, ports or other features, and the top of the Lumia merely has a 3. In other words it's a fairly plain handset through and through but that's not necessarily a bad thing, as at least it avoids looking ugly, and if you've ever used a Lumia handset before you'll be right at home here.