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The Chorus. Honig Im Kopf. Emil and the Detectives. Read more about DVD formats. Aspect Ratio: - 1. Product Description German drama set in the summer of , as the country struggles to rebuild itself after the Second World War. Customers who bought this item also bought. The Tunnel []. Petit Nicolas. Sophie Scholl - The Final Days []. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? Almanya-Willkommen in Deutschland [Import allemand]. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Read reviews that mention world cup germany won the world feel good really good good film film for football german team country boy subtitles victory father germans national enjoyable films hungary men miracle.

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Stürmen für Deutschland - Aus den Trümmern zum Wunder von Bern [GERMAN DOKU]

Please try again later. Verified Purchase. You may have to watch this through gritted teeth as it concerns our football rivals "the Germans" but once you get over that this is a very good film. The film entwines several topics, young men adjusting to family life after the war, the choice between East and West Germany and it was nice to see a young girl who was also good at football, as we all know the German female ladies team is also pretty awesome.

This movie has a significance for me as it was one of the first German movies i watched, my wife and i who were learning German watched it along with our German tutor and i had no idea how much i was going to love this film! A story that grips you from beginning to end, based on the true story of the world cup winning German team with a little bit of a interwoven story of a young boy, who is Helmut Rahns good luck charm as a kit bag boy who attends his games.

It is brilliantly put together to form a story that touches the heart and makes you feel good! I know that the side story of the young boy is most likely not real but it is put together so well you wish it was! I could say that this is one of the best football films i have ever seen but that is only my opinion but honestly buy the movie and i assure you, you will love it!

If you don't love this as a story then you must have a swinging brick for a heart! All of the above German words don't do this one justice! Give it a chance and it is a movie you will recommend to your family and friends! Gives a good picture of Germany before Format: Blu-ray Verified Purchase.

Excellent film. Gives a good picture of Germany before the "Wirtschaftswunder" in the year with the traumas of WW2 still looming in a country that tries to rebuilt a national identity. Seen through the eyes of a boy we get the story of the first german Soccer World Cup victory mixed with a parallel story that underlines the immense impact it had for the country. Well told and not too sentimental. One person found this helpful. I was a bit disappointed with this film as I'd expected something grittier or at least less sentimental. The main purpose was to preserve energy for the upcoming decider against once more Turkey.

However, by sparing his strongest eleven, Herberger may have obscured the real strength of the German team to its subsequent opponents, including Hungary. Germany won the decider against Turkey 7—2. West Germany went as outsider into both its quarter- and semi-final matches. The team then went on to defeat Austria in the semi-finals, with an unexpectedly lopsided score of 6—1.

During the tournament, the Hungarian team took residence in a hotel in the town center of Solothurn. As Hungary's semi-final against Uruguay was decided only after extra time, the team missed the return bus from Lausanne, and had to organize private cars that arrived only late at night. The evening before the final, a village fair took place in front of the hotel that lasted until the early morning hours and disrupted the players' sleep.

Further, Herberger's assistant Albert Sing checked into the hotel, from where he reported about the Hungarian team preparations.

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By contrast, the German team resided in the tranquil lake town of Spiez , where it was unaffected from such disturbances. The Spirit of Spiez became proverbial in Germany for describing the team's morale and comradeship. The German team had evolved in the course of the tournament, finding its final formation only in the semi-finals. In particular, central defender Liebrich and right winger Helmut Rahn secured places in the starting lineup only after strong performances in the quarter-finals against Yugoslavia.

In the final, Herberger had Hidegkuti marked by a midfielder, Horst Eckel , to prevent Hidegkuti from pulling Liebrich out of the defence when he dropped deep into midfield. The match was played in heavy rain, conditions that the German side had christened "Fritz Walter weather", [23] as Walter was known for playing his best football in the wet.

In addition, the German team was equipped with boots supplied by Adidas that featured hitherto unknown, exchangeable, screw-in studs.

The boots could be adapted to any weather, enabling the German players to wear their regular footwear despite the adverse conditions. Czibor sprinted in between and put the ball into the empty net. West Germany came back quickly. In the 10th minute, Fritz Walter played Rahn free on the left wing, who crossed low and hard into the center. The second corner kick came long and high, finding Rahn, who leveled the score. Hungary took control after the equalizer and came to several good chances.

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Hungary came out attacking in the second half and created plentiful chances. Hidegkuti picked up the loose ball but shot into the side netting. Rahn picked up a short clearance, feinted a pass to center forward Ottmar Walter that wrong-footed the Hungarian defenders, moved into the penalty box, and drove the ball hard and low past Grosics for the third German goal.

A match analysis by the website spielverlagerung. The analysis also suggests that many Hungarian attacks went through the centre, in most cases orchestrated by Bozsik, who played numerous accurate through balls to Hungary's forwards. By contrast, the German team attacked almost exclusively from the wings, with Fritz Walter playing a key role as ball distributor and flexible offensive player generating numerical superiority in select portions of the pitch.

Further, the data point to an excellent defensive performance by Liebrich, who — according to Zimmermann's commentary — blocked six shots, intercepted nine passes, and won all of his 10 one-on-one duels. Several calls by the English referee William Ling came under scrutiny after the final.

These included:. Immediately after the match, rumors emerged that the German team had taken performance-enhancing substances. Several members of the team fell ill with jaundice , presumably from a contaminated needle. Members of the team later claimed they had been injected glucose , [44] and the team physician Franz Loogen said in that the players had only been given Vitamin C before the game.

The Big Feature - The story behind The Mirace of Berne | Football | The Guardian

A co-author of a study conducted by the University of Leipzig hypothesized that the German players, unbeknownst to them, may have been injected with Pervitin methamphetamine — a stimulant given to soldiers in World War II. The study itself, entitled "Doping in Germany", does not cover the World Cup. Both commentaries became legendary for their passionate, emotional reporting styles, and are sometimes credited with contributing to the charged atmosphere in both countries after the final.

Szepesi — who later became the chairman of the Hungarian Football Federation — had been a household name in Hungary since his report of the Golden Team's 6—3 victory over England in There is the lead.

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And now: calmly, boys, just as we played at the 8—3". Doubts started creeping in after Germany shortened the lead — "the clouds are piling up in front of the mountains Szepesi's doubts gave way to desperation with Germany's winning goal — "dear listeners, Rahn's shot is in the goal, in the right corner, six minutes before the end The boys are standing there, distraught. The crowd screams. Six more minutes. The Hungarian team has played brilliantly — I cannot say anything else.

My tears are flowing, but believe me, the boys gave it all. At the final whistle, Szepesi was fighting for composure: "end of the game. West Germany's team is World Champion. Dear listeners, it is hard for me to say anything, believe me Self-esteem grew as the match progressed — "six minutes still to play in Bern in the first half. Score: 2—2. When Turek stopped Hidegkuti's volley from close range, Zimmermann famously called him a "god": "shot — saved by Turek! Turek, you are a dare-devil, Turek, you are a football god! Proverbial in Germany are Zimmermann's description of the winning goal — "Bozsik, time and again Bozsik, the right half-back of the Hungarians, with the ball.

From the deep Rahn ought to shoot — Rahn shoots I believe also football laymen should have a heart" — and his jubilation at the end of the match: "Over! The game is over! Kudos to these boys, who can lose so gracefully, who have demonstrated to be true World Champions: when they once get beaten, they carry the defeat with dignity. The loss came at a shock to Hungarian public. Hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets in the hours after the match. On the pretext of football, they demonstrated against the regime Sebes was severely criticized for the team's selection and tactics, and blamed the negative reaction in part on Szepesi's emotional radio report.

Sebes achieved that Szepesi was temporarily removed from commenting football matches for the Hungarian State Radio. The unexpected win evoked a wave of euphoria throughout Germany, which suffered from a lack of international recognition in the aftermath of World War II, and where expressions of national pride were still tainted with the recent past. In Fest's words:. July 4, is in certain aspects the founding day of the German Republic.

Zimmermann on , 'Das Wunder von Bern'

The World Cup final was also the first time since the Second World War that the German national anthem was played at a global sporting event. Hungary's Golden Team remained largely intact until the failed Hungarian Revolution of , except that coach Sebes was replaced with Bukovi in early Herberger overhauled the national team after the tournament.

Some players had difficulties to cope with fame, and struggled at times with economic problems and alcoholism. In , after the downfall of the Iron Curtain , the German Football Association invited the surviving members of Hungary's team to join celebrations for Fritz Walter's 70th birthday. We met regularly over years and decades, alternately in Hungary and in Germany.

I believe that these friendships were formed not only by the sport, but that high regard for the human beings also played a part. Between us such a relationship developed which, as I would like to stress once more, is unthinkable among national team players. As of August [update] , only one member of Germany's team — Eckel — is still alive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the film, see The Miracle of Bern. The Wankdorf Stadium held the final.

See also: Golden Team. Wankdorf Stadium , Bern. Referee: William Ling England. West Germany [41]. Hungary [41]. Retrieved 10 December Retrieved 7 December Retrieved 15 December World Soccer. Archived from the original on 4 September Retrieved 23 August The Long Ball. Spiegel Online in German.

A look at the new German film, 'Das Wunder Von Bern' aka THE MIRACLE OF BERN!!!

USA Today. Retrieved 21 July Paste Magazine. Retrieved 22 January Patriotism, nationalism and the German national football team, — In: Historical Social Research 40 , 4, pp. Sage Publications. Archived from the original PDF on 6 May