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If a family or caregiver reaches out and emails you, it is free for you to respond to them, as long as they are paying customers. So, it's possible that you could get a job through GreatAuPair without having to pay anything at all. Usually, families seeking care providers will purchase a subscription because it requires a subscription to email candidates, receive and to view photo and video galleries, perform interviews and to receive background checks.

GreatAuPair provides four subscription packages:. Paying subscribers may receive free care provider background checks.

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These background checks include: U. GreatAuPair also provides the following background checks for a fee:. There is a lot of information on their site, which, if it were not organized well, could be a complete mess, as I'm sure we've all ran into websites that were difficult to navigate before.

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Though there is a large amount of information to navigate, I have found the website to be user-friendly and the information you're searching for is easy to find. Wide Reach of Opportunities: If you are an au pair seeking an international experience, you can find a job anywhere in the entire world you might wish you go through GreatAuPair.

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There are all types of families and care providers, of all whom have different needs and requirements, so there is sure to be someone to meet your specific needs e. For families who are seeking care providers, there are tons of qualified candidates to choose from. Free: That is, depending on the service that you choose.

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It's free to post, free to search and free background checks are provided for subscribers. Many care providers can find work through GreatAuPair without paying anything, as it is free to respond to emails that are sent to you by paying subscribers. Childcare Resources: The website is full of useful information, some of which includes; how to find a nanny or babysitter, interview questions, nanny and au pair contracts, immigration services, child care salary calculator and more.

Thorough Background Checks for Families: When searching for someone to help take care of the people you love, it is especially important to check backgrounds and references. GreatAuPair offers a variety of options to ensure you make the best decision for you and your family. They also provide you with articles to help you learn how to identify and avoid scams and identity theft.

Cost: Though sometimes you can find jobs or care givers through GreatAuPair without paying, some people may find subscription cost is too expensive. Personally, I feel that it is worth it to pay for a subscription because you are given all the tools necessary to make a good hiring decision, which is worth it in long run.

Risk: Of course, there is always a risk when dealing with people online. GreatAuPair has some great articles on how to avoid scams and identity theft while searching for care providers or jobs. For this reason, make sure you spend the time to get to know your candidate s and thoroughly check backgrounds and references.

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Nationals Only: You can order international record checks, however they are far more expensive. This may make it more difficult for international au pairs wishing to find jobs, as well as more of a financial burden on families interested in hiring someone from abroad. Auto-Renew: Subscriptions are auto-renewed unless canceled. This is pretty typical of subscription services, but it can be frustrating to pay an extra month or more just because you forgot to cancel on time.

Make a note in your calendar to remind yourself to cancel the subscription before the auto-renewal happens. I personally used GreatAuPair a few years back and found the opportunity to be an au pair in Italy. I had just graduated from high school and it was the perfect time for me to take a little break and explore the world. Being an au pair was something that I had never considered, until my sister, who had used GreatAuPair to find a job in New Zealand, recommended the site to me. When my sister recommended GreatAuPair to me, I decided to sign up just for fun, because it was free and I thought it might be interesting to see where I could go.

Within a few weeks, I had received initial contact from several different families. When I received the email from the family in Italy, I knew in my gut that I should take that opportunity. I worked as a live-in au pair, which means I lived with the family and all of my expenses except personal costs were covered.

Staying with the family gave me a much nicer place to stay than I could have afforded on my own. On top of it all, I was earning money.

Not a lot, but enough to happily explore the Italian countryside during my time off and thoroughly enjoy my time spent there. It was through GreatAuPair that I found this amazing opportunity and I would highly recommend this site to anyone seeking care giving jobs, especially for au pairs seeking to travel abroad. I give GreatAuPair a 5 star rating. I believe the benefits outweigh the negatives discussed above.

In addition, I had a great experience using GreatAuPair, as did my sister. I highly recommend this site for families and care providers alike. I especially recommend this site for anyone interested in traveling and working abroad for a period of time. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I believe that the website, GreatAuPair, is largely a scam.

I believe they have posted people as candidates that are really not that and they are really not looking for jobs. Having been in contact with some of them I would say that it would be so easy to make up these kinds of people and have families pay for subscriptions Hi Karima. You can consider getting a student visa and attending some classes in New York, though I'm unsure of the specific requirements for international students wanting to study in the US. Maybe consider other countries to work in as we'll. There are some amazing countries that are much easier to get visas for.

Good question, Leela. GreatAuPair has some really helpful information on their website about obtaining visas. They have partner agencies around the world that can help with the visa process. I found that usually the families would take care of the visas, although getting a visa for the US is a little more complicated than in other countries.

I would to the website a have a look in the immigration services section for more information regarding visas. Hi, thanks for the post. I was an Au-pair for two years in california. But the families were great. And, the agency paid my trip to the USA and the Visa was all right up set. So, my question is, if you know what happens if yu want to be an au pair in the US? What about the visa? Who is dealing that? Thanks L. Cataloged below are all online GreatAuPair. Click on each link to access the corresponding online coupon. When there is a greataupair.

Then, after doing your shopping in the window that opens, you must enter the coupon code before you finalize your order. Expires on May 1, If you didn't see promotions or deals above that fulfilled what you were looking for, simply browse great au pair to look for extra bargain offers and novel product discounts.

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