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I usually go to this station when I change my oil every miles but I might rethink my choice next time. Emily R. Team of guys worked well. Alacia R. The Technicians were very knowledgeable talked to me about everything, even recommending things to enhance my vehicle. The reass The reassurance of all the checks that they did and talked me through put me at ease! The speed and accuracy are very comforting. Everyone working is involved and motivated!

I am a completely satisfied customer! Courteous service and prompt. However, they did not reset my "Maintenance Required" light. I Googled it and did it myself but if I Googled it and did it myself but if one is not computer literate, they would have had to make a return trip. Kate G. Amazing service! I pulled in and they changed my oil within 12 minutes while I was in the car! I will definitely recommend this I will definitely recommend this valvoline! Billie F. I've always used Valvoline in my truck and was disappointed when many of the service centers switched to another company.

The s The service I receive in this location has always been good. People are courteous, concerned, and comply with my requests. As long as they're open, I'll be returning. Quick service. Effective and efficient. Carlos M. Friendly and knowledgeable! Yvonne A. I was greeted immediately by staff and they extended great customer service. Very knowledgeable and kept me abreast of what was Very knowledgeable and kept me abreast of what was performed. The new process forces me to sit in the vehicle.

Billy m. They check everything quick fast in and out. And I used a coupon. Very satisfied with service. Oil changes are more expensive than other places. Staff was friendly and attentive. Only issue, they put the wrong sticker on Only issue, they put the wrong sticker on our windshield. It belonged to someone else's vehicle. Dwight W. Service was fast and they weren't pushy. They also let me use a discount coupon that came in the mail for my other car. Eleanor P. I feel that there is always room for improvement mainly the cost of oil change.

I noticed an improvement of staff in this fac I noticed an improvement of staff in this facility over previous visits Glad to see that customer service is being considered. Maryann D. Customer Service was great. Individual were very nice to get in done with the time I expected. Great job. My car was in the bay to get in the oil change within a couple of minutes of my arrival. They had just finished another customer They had just finished another customer's car.

Melissa M. Very Knowledgeable and professional. Recommend services that l needed with no pressure to have them done at that time. Also prov Also provided me with an available coupon on services that l did have done. Katherine P. I have been to this location many times and am always impressed by how courteous and professional the staff is. It also seems th It also seems that they are trustworthy in terms of services they recommend, and as indicated in the survey, I never feel pressured. Employees were very friendly and communicated everything they were about to do. Quick friendly and professional service.

The guys didnt speak at me like Im dumb. This was my second visit and love that all my This was my second visit and love that all my fluids are topped off and that a quick look over air filters and undercariage is done. The employees were quick and very detailed about what they were going to do as my oil change was being performed. I was extremel I was extremely impressed with the process. The price for a simple synthetic oil change was outrageous. I have used this location for three plus years and have never paid But the service and staff we excellent. I will miss them not the price.

Thank you. I just needed my car inspected. The service was quick, easy and efficient. Jennifer F. Everyone was very friendly and notified me of optional services, but didn't pressure me at all. I like that they called out thi Mary A. Quick and very customer friendly. I drove up and the gentleman guided me into the garage. I told him what I wanted and also used a coupon. The oil change was comp The oil change was completed quickly, and I was shown the oil stick to see the clean oil and level. They also added windshield wiper fluid, and did a quick and complete job for the inspection.

For the time I was there, the staff was professional and courteous. Suzy W. The staff at location on Bandera Road was extremely courteous and polite as well as helpful. The location was clean and appeare The location was clean and appeared to be run in a very professional manner. I believe the staff member I first interacted with who was especially helpful was a manager or assistant manager. The tech Gabriel was outstanding explaining the service. Shanna B. Very polite. I am handicapped and i was allowed to remain in my car to wait for service We were in a hurry they were busy and they still got us out fast.

And very friendly. Shavonne N. They've always done a decent job. Omar l. I love this location! They are always really nice and give me great service! Dave M. Quick service knowledgeable staff. Reuben K. Assistant Manager was very thorough and explained everything in detail. I was very impressed. I've been coming to this shop for years. I continue to be happy with the service. I received the excellent service I've come to expect from Valvoline!

Marcy D. Requested state inspection on two different occasions, system was down. Requested to change directional bulbs. Attendant stated Attendant stated I needed 3. Each at a cost of 11dlls to change. I went next door to automotive shop where they actually changed not 3 but 6 light bulbs and did car state inspection all for 24dlls! Also to change air filter-price quoted by attendant was I had it changed for 10dlls! Prices are extremely high!!!! Went for inspection.. Janie G. Angel was very efficient I. Getting me out fast. Marc E. Fast and friendly service; skillful staff; no unnecessary pressure to purchase other items.

Good value and prompt service. Fred M. Even though your prices are a bit excessive, the service was excellent and quick. Personnel seemed knowledgeable about my car an Personnel seemed knowledgeable about my car and what it needed. The overall experience was far better than last time and all services were performed correctly.

Jeff C. Nice techs - very helpful. Bill O. This false inf This false information is taking advantage of a female customer. Costs even less for you. Such a gross overcharge. Will never visit that station again. Guys got me in and out quickly. Don h. Never had a problem with them. Jen P. Everyone was amazing! Great customer service. Everyone was communicating with each other to ensure they were all on the same pag Everyone was communicating with each other to ensure they were all on the same page.

I am definitely coming back. I went to Walmart and had a really bad customer experience, Valvoline is now my go to for vehicle needs. Denise M. The staff were very friendly and helpful with my oil change and inspection. Diane G. I was very impressed with the courtesy and service I received from staff, especially Cas. I will recommend family and friends. In and out in no time. Got what I wanted done and was happy with the service.

I was told that the oil change would take 15 minutes but it actually took over 30 minutes. The techs were trying to work on thre The techs were trying to work on three cars at a time. We were not allowed to go in the waiting room but we were told to stay in the vehicle. When I asked if we could wait in the waiting room, I would told we had to stay in the car and keep the window down so the tech could communicate with me. I sat in the car with my 10 year old niece for over 30 minutes in the service bay.

Extremely stressful and uncomfortable. Eddie R. Very professional. Good communication among staff. Was out in about 15 minutes. Great store and staff! Just wished there were more Groupon deals for this location. All of the options that I was looking at we All of the options that I was looking at were bought. Great service and friendly. Service Been going there for over ten years. The convenience and the price. They rotate my tires for a very good price and no wait, no hassle. I do want to say, however, t I do want to say, however, they recommended to replace my windshield wipers due to the miles on the car, however, my husband had JUST replaced them, so if I hadn't of known any better, I might have paid for them to be replaced.

I would suggest that the employees actually check that the services hadn't just been completed before recommending them based on the miles on the car. Hector P. Very friendly and professional staff. Joe N. Employees were very polite, efficient and friendly. It just happened to be busy that day. Courteous and knowledgeable people! The fast, friendly, No hassle, professional service. Janie T. Drove up, we discussed I needed they listened and I was able to stay in my car. So efficient and professional.

This is my 4th time here. Thank you for today. Nothing like having a good day and this just made my day better in my way home from the long commute Fort Sam Houston Base Outstanding staff. The tech which i believe is the manager was really nice and super helpful. This is my second visit and same tech actually helpe This is my second visit and same tech actually helped work on my vehicle on my first visit. This is my second visit and I'll return from here on out just on the customer service and efficiency of the staff.

I like that i can wait in my truck while its being serviced. Emily D. Personnel were friendly and professional and the service was complete in a reasonable amount of time. Rene H. This was just a regular oil change. I did I did not like the idea that I had to let the technician check my lights my brakes and blinkers as if I was getting an inspection. It was a waste of my time and it was very annoying. Laurie K. Very prompt and friendly staff.

Professional service. Clean grounds and service station. Peter M. Price with coupon and proximity to my home. Customer service was great. Mrs O. The staff was very friendly and polite. Jenny S. I've been coming to this location for many years, and I've never had a bad time. I do prefer when they'll drive my car into the I do prefer when they'll drive my car into the garage for me, I'm always terrified of messing up and falling into the pit.

So, more of that, please! Everything else is great and always has been! Service was excellent but no ac in waiting room. Service was quick and staff was professional. Art C. I like that my info is in tour system. Makes it faster that I do not need to say what I need. Quick, clean, good price and good work. Meri H. I use the Valvolene Service Center because the technicians are always helpful and attentive.

If I have questions about my servi If I have questions about my service they usually answer and reassure me of what my car needs and are never forceful trying to sell me something that I don't need. In these times of government deceipt it is reassuring to have honest services performed by knowledgeable people. The service was very friendly as expected. Kearra D. Everything was done at a good pace. William F. Staff was friendly, efficient, and professional.

Jason Ambrose. The overall cost is very expensive for an oil change I know the oil I I know the oil I got was a better kind but have received oil changes for other companies and paid less The overall grade is reduced due to the cost of the service. Quick and easy to complete an oil change. Lance E. Efficient service. Did not have to leave my vehicle, did not have to wait when I arrived for service. The necessary work was performed in a professional manner and fairly quickly.

They did their job properly above and checked my engine filter which another location didnt do. MARY B. Tru and Angel were spectacular! From greeting me upon arrival and throughout the process. Both possess a positive and kind appr Both possess a positive and kind approach to customers— always smiling. Keep up the good work gentlemen!! Felipe T. I have always had good luck over there. The staff is great. Magda M. The technicians will give you a listing of recommended services for your vehicle. I was told that the serpentine belt was recomm I was told that the serpentine belt was recommended to be changed.

I asked the technician if it looked worn and he said no. I don't mind buying the added services but I want to know if it is really necessary. Gary S. The tech was very polite and informative. He did not try to sell me any additional items I did not need, but gave me a printout He did not try to sell me any additional items I did not need, but gave me a printout of things the truck might need in the future.

Technicians made sure I was next in line and service was quick. Natalie C. Quick service I was in and out on a Friday afternoon. Went in for my inspection sticker the gentleman that helped me was poliet Went in for my inspection sticker the gentleman that helped me was poliet and professional. I frequent this location and will be going back in the future. Joe p. The service was fast and the people were super courteous and professional… In my opinion the best service ever. Service Manager was very friendly and welcoming. Fast, efficient. The technicians were courteous and communicated the whole process.

They gave recommendations and were not pus They gave recommendations and were not pushy. Cynthia M. All were professional. I would like the staff to please make sure the lid from the air filter is properly closed. I remember th I remember the noise it makes when it's not correctly closed from other locations. Anyway I had to close it but other than that, all was good. TONY A. I was greeted promptly. Every one was friendly. Some attitudes werent that welcoming. It was a very quick visit. In and out. Prices were better at other places and they were down due to their machines not working.

Could have gotten a better oil change f Could have gotten a better oil change for a cheaper price. I was not greeted outside and had to wait at least 20 minutes to get inside. It seems like your prices have gone up. Very good service PoliteEfficient. Honestly and professionism. Bekah S. I enjoy the coming here because these guys are good. Brought my dogs to get their checkups at the vet nextdoor and when I returned, my truck was waiting.

They did an inspection and They did an inspection and oil change in less than 30 minutes. Very friendly and well organized. Sandra A. I always go there very fast! Amanda R. I was able to get right in. Stayed in the car for convenience. Was asked before anything was completed. Able to pull up history Able to pull up history and take care my needs based on that. Knowledgeable and professional staff. Jose Z. Good friendly professional service by the guys working here. I would return in the future. That team did a lot of work in a very efficient manner.

Pat W. Service was prompt. Good service, fast, knowledgeable staff. Felipe T,. I like the thoroughnes of the people. I have always had good service there. Dave McG. I was the second in-line in my bay. Another vehicle that was ahead of me got moved to another bay. I had to go inside because i I had to go inside because it was F outside.

The vehicle in front of me was over 30 minutes due to tire rotation. It was over an hour before I got in and out just for an oil change. I have never had to wait that long at this location which I have been using since it opened. Never had a complaint before.

Gabriel was fantastic! Very professional yet friendly and helpful. Ran the bays well. I have been to this location many times. It seemed a little disorganized this time around. We arrived and a tech sent us to anot We arrived and a tech sent us to another lane, cause we were there for an inspection and it would be quicker there.

A truck needing an oil change was taken into the lane we were originally in, and was done before we were. One tech was going between three lanes and seemed to be starting three different jobs at once. By the time we were done, another car had come in, got an inspection and left about the same time we did. Not sure why it seemed disorganized. Adria B. The mechanics were knowledgeable, professional, and kind. We have NEVER had our oil changed somewhere where we were given so much information and transparency of the state of our vehicle.

We don't live in San Antonio, but we've decided to schedule our oil changes when we come into town to visit family so we can return to this location! Staff was helpful and friendly. Service manager was very courteous and friendly. Great customer service very friendly. It just took a little longer than I wanted, also at checkout the computers had to be rebooted which added to my waiting time. Very courteous, polite, knowledgable and informative.

Fast too. Oscar C. Great to see my fellow veterans working in the community. While the prices were higher than the competitor across the street, t While the prices were higher than the competitor across the street, the staff were willing to match their price. Very happy with the service. Will use again. Very professional and great customer service. I like this location everyone is friendly.

They service my wife's car and mine. And have good customer service skills. Norma M. Fred J. I did a state inspection there and the manager and staff are very professional. I was highly impressed with this shops speed, cleanliness, and their overall customer service. I have always used Valvoline for I have always used Valvoline for my oil changes but this shop as by far the best one I have ever visited. The service was excellent.

The employees were friendly and they explained Their service in great detail. I believe it was the m I believe it was the manager that Took care of me a young man in his 30s. I wish I would have gotten his name. At the end of the oil change he brought me over to the car and showed me that the oil was exactly where it was supposed to. Showing me the dipstick, was would put it over the top in a very positive way.

I will be back. Frank V. Provided service needed and requested without any problems. FastProfesional serviceAttention. Gerry R. Clear communication, no up-sale, recommended affordable maintainence. MiMi Deutsch. Staff was friendly, courteous, and respectful. Convenient, service was efficient, and staff very professional. My only dissatisfaction was because of the price of the service. I was asked when i arrived if i have a coupon, but i was thinking of the one i receive through the mail that i forgot to bring with me, but could have used the code from previous receipt.

Now i know for my next visit. Thank you for great service! The senior person based on the color of his shirt seemed to not want to be there. Nothing bad. Got what I needed done. Richard V. It's just an oil change. Staff is great. Always cheerful and helpful. They do their work quickly; I appreciate that. Answer any questions I might have. They explain things throughly. Amiee B. I've had my oil changed at this Valvoline location several times and the guys there are just fantastic. Friendly and efficient, Friendly and efficient, I rarely have had to wait for extended periods of time.

The cost of the services, while a little pricey, is reasonable, and even though it's way cheaper for me to change my own oil and filters, there is a great deal of security in knowing that the service was performed by professional technicians. I've never had a bad experience at this location and expect I never will. Shout out to Brandon who was professional and thorough. The guys got me in and out of there in 10 minutes! Very fast service.

No high pressure sales. Lisa C. Quick and the staff was friendly. Yet, Valvoline only had enough personal to service at 2 bays. Need to employ more people. Two exceptional employees named Gabriel and Tru went above and beyond to make my experience extremely positive. Very efficient and polite, they were extremely busy at my arrival, yet still made me feel welcome. Janie Rosario. Tech knew exactly what needed to be completed and did not pressure me to purchase other services.

Mel W. Gabriel was very thourough in his explanation of the sevrvices that were done. He is excellent at customer service. I will be ba Terri G.

Asked about changing the cabin air filter but was not done, and really thought they would check the tire air pressure and water Asked about changing the cabin air filter but was not done, and really thought they would check the tire air pressure and water with the heat that's been going on lately. The workers were very nice and helpful very experienced and do speedy work with great quality.

I really admire the fact that they are well qualified personnel. Every mechanic in the shop knows their stuff. Doug H. I would have been "highly satisfied" if the staff had not left oily residue on my cars bodywork. I had to clean the hood and dri I had to clean the hood and drivers side fender. Tru was friendly and courteous, my oil change was quick and without issue. Maria R.

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They were prompt, friendly and lots of communication between all the employees while they were working. Gary D. Took care of what I was there for and did not pressure me to do more than that. I've been going to this location for a while, always been satisfied. I went in to make sure my fluids were topped off and tires had enough air before going on a road trip. Your employees were very Your employees were very courteous and very helpful.

The work was done quickly. Gabriel was awesome I left happy and peace of mind Allison O. Recommended that I change my wipers even though they had just been replaced. It made me feel like they were recommending all ad It made me feel like they were recommending all additional services and not just what my specific vehicle might need. Staff was also doing service work in the parking lot which I though was unusual. I typically go to a different Valvoline location and will probably not go to this one again. The staff at the other location seems to be friendlier and seems to care more about their service.

The service they provide is good and they are quick in getting the job done. Really like this place but when you just want an oil change dont really want to hear all the other stuff. Terry B. I was there about 10 minutes before they opened and therefor didn't have to wait. The service was good as always. I had to get m I had to get my battery replaced, which I purchased from there about 28 months before. They prorated it and I thought the price was good. I was pleased all the way around. Richard S. Paul G. Great all-around services. Very clean and thorough. Great job!

Vernon M. Excellent service.

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Reasonable price. Quick, efficient service. Ray n. All of the employees were very friendly and knowledgeable. I own a car lot very close to this site. The guys there Cas always treat me The guys there Cas always treat me great, are fast and friendly!!!! There are numerous places I could go but you are the best! Sherry Cogburn Car Boss. The professionalism of the employees is always impressive. A lot of places do oil changes, but not many have nailed customer ser A lot of places do oil changes, but not many have nailed customer service like these guys have.

Great customer service is worth more than value priced oil changes. The price for an oil change is high compared to other places. I could pay less than half of the price somewhere else. Manager keep his team motivated. The tech was very professional! I was given prompt attention advised of what was done and made sure I understood everything that was done. Based on one of the s Based on one of the services was asked to return to make sure everything was going fine.

Very friendly staff, explained everything and I was able to stay in my car most of the time and see what they were doing. Every time I go there, the staff is very aretentive and very friendly. Quick, in and out service. I just got an Annual inspecti Servicemen were very professional and courteous. I asked if they could ad washe I asked if they could ad washer fluid and they assured me that was included in service given with oil change.

The servicemen wiped their handprints off hood when finished. My car was as clean when they finished as when I drove in. Highly recommend. I went home with peace in mind knowing that my car is in good hands of professional people like you, that you know how to do your job. This was one of the best experiences that I had at any dealerships.

He was great. He went above and beyond and hooked it up. I was open with them about my expectations and what we needed. He not only met those expectations, but exceeded them. Came in knowing what I wanted and salesman David Gonzalez made it happen. Very professional and attentive. David Gonzolas made the whole process go fast and smooth. I recommend Towbin Dodge in Henderson for all your car purchases.

They are professional, fun, and go the extra mile to help you get the vechicle you want and need. Especially David Gonzales. Had my truck finished in an hour. Isaiah was fantastic. The customer follow up was outstanding and because of that, I would definitely buy my vehicle from Towbin again. My family and I feel very appreciated With Towbin Dodge thank you very much keep up the great work. Colder water would be nice though. They were very helpful in helping me return my rental car. He guided and supported my needs to find the perfect truck for me.

He was full of energy and knowledge. He is a sales person who made me feel special. The service was fast, friendly and on point. Thank you Andrae, you're professionalism is why I will come back for future services. Ask for him, you'll be glad that you did. They never try to over sell me and service is always quick. Good selection of vehicles but don't give in to pressure from the many people who talk to you about buying. Stand your ground??. We bought a Dodge Dart and the experience was very easy and everything went smooth. I highly recommend buying a car from him and Towbin Dodge!

We appreciated the great customer service from Clario Evaristo. We drove several cars while making our selection, and appreciate the product knowledge and patience during the process. From the minute I met David all the way to the time we drove our van off the lot David was with us, answering every question, walking us through every step, since we never bought a brand new car. Thank you David Gonzales for looking out for us! Have had many other problems with car too: rattling sunroof, brakes that make the car shake, rusty underside, rusty wheels, glitchy infotainment system, etc.

Towbin Dodge service department has been incompetent, lazy and indifferent. He let me test drive a ram Laramie. Ulices and Brandon was awesome!! They helped me get what I want and made sure I got to drive off in it. Treat you like a leper and very judgmental and bottom line is they are predatory I know my credit score and they try to embarass you to say your credit is "not perfect" so you feel lucky to even qualify and its all on there terms.

I Always get fast and efficient help everytime I've been to the service center!! Will continue to be a dodge owner!! Thanks for all your hard work!! One night they kept me till 1 am signing papers and still didn't leave with the car. When I finally was able to leave with the car they said the monthly price we negotiated was to low and they were unable to keep the deal. I was completely fine with this and said I no longer want this car. From the time I entered the Dealership I was attended to immediately My questions and concerns were answered.

I Found that customer service worked with me in a way that was comfortable and convenient for me with no hassle.. Our sales representative Josh, was very helpful and attentive to our specifications, in what we were looking for. I would highly recommend Towbin Dodge, and I will definitely be back, when I decide to trade in my vehicle. Great and friendly staff. I got my vehicle serviced, answered my questions, took care of programming my second key fob for me and was finished quickly!

Thank you! Lots of I don't know and promise callback that never happen No issues with either. I have had shops not tighten the cap in the past and i thought my car was leaking oil. Clean facilities. Yes I am not a Robot. Would not recommend to anyone. Taking this car back as soon as possible. He got me in quickly, got me in a new Challenger for the day, and had my car ready to go by the next day. I received top notch service from Danny and his team.

I had a very good experience working with Andrae. He was very polite and courteous, thank you andrae for all your help. If it wasn't for her stepping in and seeing to it that the items on my truck were taken care of, I would have not had a great review for Towbin Dodge. She took care of getting the bedliner scheduled and installed. He was honest to get mew the best deal possible. We have brought 3 cars here over the years! Which was amazing to me! Danny is great thank you for all you did for me. We were and are very specific about what options we wanted on our Grand Caravan although, essentially, we wanted it fully loaded.

The salesman was very attentive to our request, and looked up what vehicles he had on the lot that would work for our wants. I told Cesar my financial expectations He met them Camili,was a pleasant sales rep She even brought the final contract for signing ,all the way to my house?????? NOTE:They wouldn't budge on price of truck I've ONLY put 1k. He was well experienced and did everything in his power to make us happy and make the deal go through.

Ask for Josh if you ever decide you need a car or truck! Was very helpful and did everything in his power to get me the price I wanted and the deal I wanted. If you ever stop by Towbin Dodge hit Josh up. Melissa was great, had all the answers and never pushed. They wanted my two perfect cars as trade in at a low offer. Been almost two months now and I still get emails and calls welcoming me to towbin dodge!. Hey they dont know how to delete me from their system. So irritating. My family has dealth with the same servicemen for years and he's always exceptional, professional, and very knowledgeable at his duties.

Will not ever and have never had my truck serviced anywhere else. Thank you. I'm sort of particular about knowing details of the service or repair being completed on my vehicle. Chris in service does an excellent job of providing timely update on progress of a repair with a caring attitude! Andrae, my service advisor, helped me out tremendously. I came in with so many fears but these guys took care of everything at Towbin.

I live out in Pennsylvania and I have family that lives in Las Vegas so I decided with better weather conditions and no salt use I would look on the west cost for a used vehicle. If I knew what I was in for I would have not started the process. Great job and done within a day. Very friendly staff. Josh was wonderful to work with.

Had a little misunderstanding on our deductible, but was resolved to our satisfaction quickly. Thank you for a good experience! The atmosphere here is great its not pushy very relaxed. If you know what you want you can be in and out. Well as much as possible for a dealership I had a few hiccups and my journey is not yet complete with this company so we will see! New review coming soon?? I met up with a salesman Clerio Evaristo who was excellent. He knew his product, when he didn't know an answer he found one, he did not just make up something.

Not once did I feel pressured and was helpful through all the signing. I got a truck that I really wanted - if you are in the market for a dodge - go there. Their ethics and practices are appalling to say the least. It was sold and he lied to get me to the dealership. They helped me get the best car at the best price.. I felt important and like I mattered. It is actually a pleasure to take my Ram in for service. Towbin Dodge is fair on their pricing, honest in their dealings, and treats me like royalty when I show up.

We saw the commercial about the incentives and trading in your old vehicle if your upside down on it. They stayed true to their word and worked with us until we were happy. Our salesman Aaron Carroll was amazing and easy to work with. She got my spouse into the vehicle he wanted and was very accommodating to my whole family.

I really appreciate the patience it took for her to work with someone who was adamant about what he wanted, she knew what we wanted, found it and made it happen. We Thank you for not quitting! He helped make the car buying experience a pleasant one by providing options for the truck and car we purchased.

I will always come back to Towbin as long as Lloyd is there to help. Thanks LLoyd. I have bought three cars from there. And I have been satisfied everytime. The service station is excellent as well. They take very good care of my vehicle's and resolve any issues that maybe wrong.

And they go by your service contract. I've been very happy with them. Very rude! Didn't want to help me at all. I did all my paperwork online because its "Faster" they didnt give me an anwser till 4 days later. Sales manager ceasar was no help.. Worst car sales experience in my life. Purchased our 6th vehicle from Towbin - Charger. Camilly was the best! Answered every question we had and even got back to me after the purchase about an option on the car we weren't sure about.

She went above and beyond.

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Would definitely recommend. Freddy in finance was also very helpful. Done is a timely manner. Service writer Branden was right on top of things and kept me informed the entire time. Always fast and helpful to get i3s on and out, Mary and crew are tops! Over the phone they will tell you anything to get you to the dealer and waste your time. No communication between the managers and dealers. I would recommend everyone to come here for your car buying needs. The ONLY complaint we have is that they could keep us informed of progress being made either by phone or e-mail!

I've been there and they are so unorganized t h. My trade in experience was very easy and he was always available to answer questions even after buying the car. I wasn't there for hours, and he did exactly what he said he was going to do over the phone prior to going to the dealership. Frotz Very friendly.. Even fixed my brake light that was out. However, the car that I wanted was only held by them and one other place farther away. He made the process as painless as possible. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for the level of unprofessionalism you have shown. Wont buy from here again if u need a maintance on brand new vehicles.

I always get fair and upfront pricing. The staff is always upbeat and attentive. He went out of his way to find me the right vehicle to fit my long list of needs. He made sure that my need were met and there was no pressure. Thank You Towbin Dodge. I wouldn't go anywhere else to buy or for service They are simply awesome. I traded in a ram pickup for a big horn. After discussing down payment options I was told I would be able to take the truck home 0 down, but should expect a phone call that Monday to be told all is well truck was purchased on a Saturday.

They do not honor warranty or lemon laws. Unfortunately, you have to go to court and pay an attorney to get any kind of results in the case of warranty work or a lemon. In which case, they HAVE to pay you back for all legal fees. I don't suggest you walk away from this place I suggest you run while you can!!

Cool, calm, collected and honest. No games, straight answers to questions and exceptional customer service. I plan on sending my daughter to him to purchase her car. Since family is the most important thing in my life, you can see the high regards I have for Xavier. The Parts Department had also assisted in finding "older" items as well. I appreciate his help.

Took the car in for some small problems and a recall item. Friendly, clean place. I suspected this dealer would be problematic when the salesman started filling out a four square after I asked to look at a single advertised vehicle. The four square is a document used by car dealers wanting to maximize their profit. He not only did the standard things like walking me through the paperwork and taking me for a test drive, he went above and beyond by picking me up at my house rather than having me take the bus to the dealership. He provided great service and a positive attitude the entire way.

He takes pride in his work and id highly recommend him. They dont take care or value their customers. Paul bought FOUR cars from them and the 4th one was a lemon and didnt fix the issue or take back the car and had to get sued and they were salty about it. You could at least make it right, not try to sue him for telling the truth. I work at a dealership myself and I could not even begin to fathom what I would do if my service team was to act in such way.

Stay away from this crapshoot and their fake 5 star reviews. You people mistreated the Challenger Hellcat guy. Sold him a defective product. Why did you not own up to it and replace it? You just have to pay attention! Notice that the wording on all of the the recent 5 star reviews is exactly the same. Apparently can;t even do an oil change correctly. During our experience, the salesman was knowledgeable, polite, no pressure.

The same for the finance officer, who also shopped around for a better loan contract and found us one, saving us a lot of money. Ask for Sal, hes professional, polite and honest. He worked with us from beginning to end to find us the right car and right deal. Sal and his team made us official Dodge owners for life.

Dont buy a thing here, unless you want to hire an attorney. Just saw the video. What a shame. Towbin dodge lacks morals. Save yourself and visit a different dealership. Dont co. They do not honor lemon laws. Refused to buy back to the point of having to hire lawyer to resolve via legal system. Dodge Hell Cat. Do not purchase a vehicle from this dealership unless you want to lose a LOT of money in the long run. They do not stand behind their work and are extremely dishonest. It truly was a seamless process! They worked with me to get the price adjusted and fixed the issue.

I feel they are a total ripoff dealership. They do not honor warranty or lemon laws, however once you go to court and pay a attorney, they pay you back. They sold a defective car and refused to make it right without being forced. Watch a video on youtube, they sold this guy a lemon. Long story short the offered him hush money and threaten him with legal actions but he turned them down.

Their 5 star reviews are also fake. Buyer beware. Good job Towbin hope you go under. Even with an appointment my oil change took more than an hour and a half It's a disgrace! Towbin Dodge you guys are served me well. Elijah Greg in the service department was awesome. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction and all my issues were resolved. All the staff that I interacted with were friendly and kind.

Great customer service. Great price and offers and happy to walk away with our Brand New Charger????????. Salesmen are friendly and approachable. No one there talks to you like it's just their job. Everyone seems to have a motivation about them. That alone separates them from other dealerships.

I really appreciate the service here! They were going to give him a sweet deal on a red eye ONLY if he pulled the video. L Wow 3. Such a bad dealership if you spend more time and money taking people down instead of working on your sub par service. Total crooks. Shady service department, sales the whole deal.

Ford of Boerne in Boerne, TX

I brought my car in for service and they returned it with the problem still in effect!!!! They still charged me too!!! Also have a friend who special orders a new challenger that is messed up and they will not admit there are problems with the car. Then I google and see the hellcat video scam on a YouTube including the updated one where they try to buy his silence and have the videos taken down. Once the paperwork is done you better hope you dont have any problems Josh is the best, he was thorough and patient while explaining and making recommendations to assure I get best performance and extended life from my vehicle.

Thank you Josh! Towbin has the exact car I'm looking, as far as I can tell, although its always suspicious when a dealership uses a fake background or stock photo for the pics of the cars. Then I pull some reviews for this place online When the guy rang us up he lowered the price to match the cost of a different dealership. Good experience. They performed the work on time, washed my truck and had it ready for me on time. Everyone was very friendly. They will sell you a defective car and laugh behind your back while you drive home. As soon as you are out the door with your new car you are on your own.

The do not hold true to Nevada lemon law. Also, love the popcorn in the customer waiting lounge. I fully recommend Towbin. Go somewhere else. Manager is no better. Stay away. It was done fast and Carlos my service writer keep me informed thru the process. You get what you get. If you buy anything from Abraham and this dealership you absolutely will regret it. They provided me the best deal. Gave it a nice washing too. Wish it went a little faster though. I was there on time, I have an hour and 30 minute drive, and they said it would be ready in an hour.

Do not buy from them. This place is awsome great costomer service and thanks to clerio evaristo and all the staff member yall the best!! They say one thing and do something else. They take your money then turn their back on customers. Look them up on youtube! There are some times that customer service is so good it's hard to fathom how easy the experience really was. Amel in the service department picks up the phone at Towbin Dodge when I was in a panic.

My diesel Ram just had a turbo failure when leaving Vegas to drive back to Phoenix. Great used car sales manager. They found us the perfect car in our price range and made a great deal happen. Highly recommend! Marie was great and not pushy. In the past year, we have purchased 2 cars from Towbin Dodge Henderson in particular from our favorite sales rep Maria.

She is great, kind, and friendly and after dealing so many different dealerships she always gives the best price. Will go back when I need a new car and tell all my friends. We agreed to a deal shook hands smooth and easy the price agreed upon was the price paid. Highly recommend these guys. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle. The fact that everyone treats you like they know you is incredible. Clean and friendly environment!!! Once you purchase they have a gong you can ring and my inner child was thrilled!!!

Listens to any issues that you are having and does what he can to fix your needs. Definitely goes the extra mile for his customers!! I was told that it would take around 5 hours to diagnose and fix the issue. Work is done promptly and efficiently. I prefer to deal with the same Service Rep. Joshua, he is great to work with.

He and I got to know each other and Joshua knows the car. It just makes scheduling maintenance easier. They are good and take good care of you. When I go try truck back, it was washed. Towbin Dodge Henderson has definitely improved their service department through the years. Won't honor manufacture warranty or defects. These cause our deal to not go through as we were not willing to pay for unwanted extras.

I let him know what I could afford monthly and how much I could put down for a down payment and he got me an awesome vehicle for exactly what I could afford! If you need a new vehicle and don't have the best credit, go see Benny! You will not be disappointed. When a recent issue had me coming back a few times, it was quickly handled. Amel has great customer service. Car was clean. Service was fast.

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I had a simple left signal bulb replacement. I learned the bulb was changed for no charge! Hello FORD! Thanks Maika Have my new Cat ready when this lease is up! Every time I go in I am not really sure where I am supposed to check in. It would be nice if there was a clear area designated for checking in. The services performed are usually pretty quick and they do a decent job.

Not going to trade my vehicle here any longer. When you drop off your car around 2 or 3 pm they told me it will be checking it in the morning but nobody ever do that until I called them. I came in and got my dream car thanks to Sal G. Recommended some family and frienda to him. Ill continue to send friends and family to him. Very personable and no pressure.

I was very particular with what I wanted and Brenda listened and showed me exactly the options I wanted. Even when I was contemplating between two different trucks Brenda had all the patience in the world. This is my 4th vehicle purchases at Towbin. Next time I will definitely go thru Lloyd. My son and niece also brought vechicles from them.