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Google pushes Nest cam update to prevent former owners spying on new buyers. Former Nest cam owners could have accessed old devices despite cameras being reset to factory settings. New Raspberry Pi add-on: Now you can monitor air pollution indoors and out. Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 10 on Aug. This week's TechRepublic and ZDNet news stories include a look at the companies that hire the most data scientists, four significant impacts of a security breach, and a first-hand What is a 2-in-1 hybrid device?

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Which type and model of hybrid laptop should you buy? We explore the options and list some of the best.

What to avoid when buying a laptop for Black Friday

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You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. A Best Buy salesman gave me the bad news Apple says it has expanded its authorized service network to 1, Best Buy stores. Samsung Galaxy Note Latest rumors, features, and release date It's officially summer, so that means one thing: The next Galaxy Note is nearing release.

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The Top Black Friday Tech Deals at Best Buy

It comes with a more recent 8th generation processor compared to Laptops Direct's Zephyrus offer above. One thing to bear in mind is that with so many Cyber Monday laptop deals going live, there's going to be a huge amount of jargon swirling around, and while some laptops might seem like a steal, they may be old, under-powered, laptops that will end up falling short of your needs. To avoid this, follow our advice below to help you make an informed decision and bag yourself a brilliant laptop deal on Cyber Monday First off, consider the brand name.

Something like the Surface Book from Microsoft itself is a very expensive option and there are many other, cheaper 2-in-1 laptops to be found by shopping around. If you want to dig a little deeper into the individual brands and the models they sell, our extensive library of laptop reviews is a good resource, as is our constantly-updated list of the best laptops. It's also worth researching the websites you're buying from — many websites will have customer reviews, so you can avoid stores that take a long time to send out goods.

Check out all the best Black Friday deals you can get right now

Be careful to avoid any websites you're not too sure about buying from as well — if in doubt, shop elsewhere. The most common sizes are inch, inch, inch and inch laptop? Smaller notebooks tend to not only be more portable but cheaper too. Taking a careful look at the specifications of the laptop before you buy can give you a very good idea of if the deal is any good. If the specifications point to an old or weak laptop, then the deal may not be as good as you first thought, unless it is incredibly cheap!

On the other hand, if the specifications point towards a powerful laptop that comes with features you'll rarely - if ever - use, then you may be better off saving your money and looking elsewhere. As far as performance is concerned, the most important thing to consider is the core components inside the machine. While the Core i5 is a decently powerful model, the Core i7 is the top-end choice.

Very slim laptops are likely to sport a Y model processor as they can run without a fan to cool them. A growing number of laptops are coming with AMD hardware, which gives you more options and can generally be found for slightly less than Intel-toting devices while offering similar levels of performance.

The next thing to consider is system RAM. Ideally, you want 4GB, though 8GB is the preferable option for future-proofing and any kind of gaming. Their strength lies in the fact that they usually have far bigger capacity — you can find storage of up to 1TB even in budget hardware. The latter may be rather sluggish, as a rule of thumb, but once again, bear in mind that as with SSDs, performance will vary across individual drives.

This will be fine for the average laptop user but those who want to play some more heavy-duty games will need a discrete GPU — a graphics solution that sits separate from the processor. As far as screens are concerned: most mid-range laptops will offer a Full HD display as standard, which is a resolution of x This resolution is actually perfectly fine, especially on smaller screened laptops. Indeed, a lower resolution is often a benefit to a laptop with lower specs as it means there are fewer pixels for the CPU and graphics solution to shift, making things more likely to run smoothly.

This is something gamers might want to remember, too. Before Cyber Monday, draw up a list of what you want from your laptop, and any models or brands that have caught your eye. This means your deal-hunting can be narrowed down and more successful.

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This will also help to stop you spending money on impulse buys which you may regret later — especially if a deal for something you actually do want crops up later, and you've already blown your budget. Make sure you keep hold of your receipts in case you're not happy with any of your purchases and want a refund — it's also worth checking the refund policy of websites before buying on Cyber Monday. Some retailers will also offer longer warranties than others, which could be a deciding factor when buying a laptop or MacBook on Cyber Monday.

Having a three or five year warranty on your laptop will give you peace of mind, knowing that if anything goes wrong you'll be covered. We've been covering the best laptop deals on Black Friday for long enough now that we can come up with some decent predictions for Black Friday Big name brands like Dell, Lenovo and HP should all see price cuts to their range of laptops, both budget and high-end.

They are two of the best laptops money can buy, so if you find those two getting discounted on Black Friday, definitely consider buying them. Price cuts to Microsoft's excellent range of Surface devices are also a common sight on Black Friday. Dell - Inspiron 2-in-1 Dell designs their laptops to be versatile and long-lasting, and that holds true with the Inspiron 2-in-1 Touch-Screen Laptop.

Black Friday The best laptop deals from Amazon, Walmart, and Microsoft

The relatively higher price tag is reflective of a powerful 8th-gen Intel Core iU mobile processor and 16GB system memory. ForbesFinds is a shopping service for our readers. Forbes searches premium retailers to find the new products — from clothes to gadgets — and the latest deals. Forbes Finds is a shopping service for our readers.