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Every year they announce the line-up, and my mind is consistently blown with the amount of talent they bring to this small town in England.

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This is not your traditional big headliner festival with 70 DJs or more, it is a much more intimate gathering amongst strangers that quickly feel like friends as they all appreciate longer set times and more live acts that complement the organic element of being at the beach. Our top priority is to promote this full experience through our unparalleled Egyptian climate kiting, diving, snorkeling, or bumming it out by the sea , our line-up of local and international artists, and of course our guests who make Sandbox what it is.

This annual three day party is held inside the Vauban Citadel in the southwest of Arras, France. It boasts a large and diverse line-up covering almost every genre, and will certainly be a highlight of your summer travels in Europe. This two-day massive rave is complete with an amazing line-up, camping, and top-notch production. Art at its most accessible. About laughter, camaraderie and unashamed nonsense. The line-up, the location, and the crowd are all incredible. Watching the sunsets and sunrises every day were magical, and I.

Honorary mention should be given to Sziget Festival as well, but I loved my 5-day party experience at Balaton Sound! Tickets sell out months in fast though, so make sure you plan ahead and act fast! Take a swim in the blue lagoon, visit your favorite Game of Thrones Film Locations, and party through the night in the city that never sleeps. Around 25 Love Mobiles, brightly decorated trucks packed with giant music systems, DJs and party people, drive at walking pace through the crowd of people around Lake Zurich.

Italy might not have the largest selection of music festivals to choose from, but for techno fans Kappa Futur Festival is one of the highlights of the year! Embrace the positive shift within your soul and watch the world begin to smile. Tday Culture Fest invites you to become part of a global movement, a catalyst for change to lighten our hearts and remedy our planet. Embark on a six day journey of consciousness, conviction and growth through wellness, music, dance, art, nature and natural therapies. This 3-day camping festival is set at a beautiful ski resort, and will be a musical experience unlike any other.

While they took a small break in , I know Lake of Stars is going to come back bigger and better than ever in ! Lake of Stars also hosts various events around the world from New York to London to Johannesburg, organised by teams of dedicated volunteers. This two-day event looks like an absolute blast! Situated on a beautiful Montengrin white, turquoise and green shoreline surrounded by picturesque mountains — it makes an ideal festival destination for an array of world-class performers. A must experience for music fans and travelers in Southeast Asia.

The Netherlands during the summer is festival heaven!

Enjoy to the Fullest, Everywhere.

It is the first festival in the world to welcome in the first sunrise of the new year. It looks like such an amazing experience, and will certainly be unlike any other festival on this list.

Over international music acts on three stages. Say no more. It prides itself in setting the stage where both anticipated international indie bands and homegrown indie acts perform to cater to a diaspora of music tastes. Wanderland has curated a loyal following in the form of the WanderlandCommunity, making it the premier music and arts festival in the country.

Tickets are hard to get, and it only happens every two years so plan in advance and get ready for a transformational party experience! Held each year at the 18th Century colossal Petrovaradin Fortress in the city of Novi Sad in Serbia, EXIT started as a student movement whose massive protests brought down the oppressive regime in Serbia.

EXIT became the first mass event to gather all the people in Balkans after a long decade of divisions. It reflects the diverse musical offerings available in South Africa. Just watch the aftermovie below if you need more convincing! Barcelona is hands down my favorite city in the world — and planning a visit during SONAR Festival is one of the best travel decisions you can make.

The entire city comes alive — and there are countless events all over town! Free events, workshops, and parties to keep you busy all day! The official festival at night is also an insane experience, and Spanish people are tons of fun to party with! So, thank you! This music festival was more of an entire Envision experience, taking place in a beautiful location in a beachside jungle in Uvita, Costa Rica.

Although I knew before that Envision is so much more than a music festival, the weekend made that more clear than ever. Read on to hear all about that is by far the best festival in Costa Rica. Why not Pin it to your Pinterest boards to save it for later too? People did come to Envision festival to party and enjoy the amazing music lineup, sure, but people more came with the actual intent to transform themselves through awakening new potentials, learning from influential people and ideas, and connecting to a buzzing conscious energy that emanated from each and every person.

People here really knew what this gathering was about, and it showed. It was more than a party. There was work to be done on each person there, and everyone was quick to get to it. The Pacific is nice and warm in Central America, and lots of people enjoy surfing the gentle waves during the day.

Rancho La Merced is a beautiful jungle area just inland from the sea. The Village is a lovely shaded gathering place at Envision Festival with a stage, food stalls, lots of amazing markets, and tons of space to set up slack lines, form drum circles, or lay out a tapestry and have a nap. The Village is where all the food stalls at Envision festival were lined up as well.

There were plenty of great options, of which I will go into more detail below. The market stalls here were also very diverse, with lots of festie-fashion, jewelry, oils, and other fun stuff. The beach is an absolutely amazing aspect of Envision Festival, and people gather there each night to watch a spectacular sunset over the ocean.

At sunset time thousands of people gather on the beach, hooping, swimming, doing acro yoga, and even fire spinning. I liked to wake up in the morning and head straight to the beach for a morning swim, snack, and maybe a cacao wake-up boost. This stage runs Friday-Sunday and could be considered the main stage for live performances. Envision does have a big focus on bass music glitch, trap, etc and the Luna stage really brought this focus to life.

The Luna stage was DECKED out — with live and displayed art literally all over the place, insane lighting and speakers, and one of the coolest fire setups I have seen in my festival time. At certain intervals heavy bass drops of course the entire area would erupt in a burst of warm fire, from about pillars set up all around the area. At the back of the Luna stage was an amazing art gallery with an array of interesting and psychedelic art pieces to wander around and look at.

Lapa is where I spent most of my time! No Envision Festival review is complete without mentioning all the awesome yoga and workshops! Both areas had much more than yoga, however, and had a schedule each day for different workshops, varieties of yoga, and meditations. The Yoga Templo Auspicio had a wider variety of spiritual practices, and the Templo de la Union focused more on different aspects of yoga.

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Through different breathing techniques and proper coaching, dozens of people were able to access and unearth deeper parts of their subconscious. It was full of emotion, letting things go, bringing dark things to light, and more. This was another lovely chill area with bean bags, mattresses, and a schedule of speakers each day. I saw some talks on decentralization, managing stress and anxiety, and a fascinating plant mediation where scientists attached lie detector energy measuring electrodes to a plant and we could hear its energy.

The Red Tent was a lovely gathering space at Envision Festival focused on women and feminine energy. It had many empowering talks, song sessions, and ceremonies. I attended an incredible song celebration simply because I heard it from my tent as I was getting ready for the night. The song that drew me in was a call and return song between women and men. I honor you and empower you to be who you are. I am a strong woman; I am a wise woman. I am a healer and my soul will never die.

I am a peacemaker; my soul will never die. During the last few chants everyone stood up and danced and clapped, and I thought that more exchanges of ideas like this between women and men in society would help a great deal! I stayed for the entire song ceremony for what must have been a few hours; it was such beautiful and empowering energy for both men and women. This was a shoes-off area between both yoga tents what was strictly for chilling!

There were couches, pillows, and more, and it was perfect for an afternoon nap of which I had a few! The Herbal Clinic was there for anyone with any type of ailment to give advice of natural and herbal healing processes and first aid. The crowd at Envision was quite international, but definitely had large concentrations of Californians, Canadians, Germans, and Costa Ricans of course! A lot of people flew in for this specifically as a destination festival, but many also ended up there on a leg of some longer travels.

People here really embodied the lifestyle that they portrayed, and were welcoming, conscious, kind, inclusive, and happy. Spanish was spoken quite often in conversation but the workshops and yoga etc were all in English. Envision was a very high vibrational festival with, as I would say, at least the majority of people there to focus on bettering themselves. Everyone was very kind, intentional, and supportive of one another at different points in their journey, and went about getting what they needed out of the festival without imposing upon anyone else with different intentions. They did this all the while having one hell of a party at night as well!

It was already situated amidst amazing jungle trees and palms, and this feeling of being in the middle of nature was intensified by the decorations and atmosphere around the grounds.

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There was a lot of art and installations all over the place, and the feeling was quite psychedelic in the stage design, colors, and setups. The main stages are made of intricately carved, layered, and patterned wood in the shapes of serpents and dragons, upon which colorful and twisting light is shone. Envision has a variety of music that is heavily focused on bass music.

The Luna stage is very obviously and clearly the most decked out of all the stages, and this is the stage with glitch, bass, and trap artists. The other two stages, although not as fancy, also have fantastic artists playing. As a camping festival, your ticket to Envision festival comes with access to camping. I would say that most people camp, although some do stay in hotels and hostels nearby see below.

Envision has a few designated camping areas and spaces, in which you can set up wherever you want. Some people with early arrival passes arrive on the Wednesday and clear out a lot of the best read: most shaded camping spots, but you can always squeeze yourself in somewhere shaded. If I could give you one camping tip for Envision Festival it would be to camp in the shade if you want to get any sleep at all! The camping is pretty much a free-for-all and some spots are closer or farther away from the stages.

I camped just behind the Village which was perfect for me and very close to go out and get food or listen to a talk at the Village Stage. However, I have not heard good things about these! From what I have hard, the tents are locked up for the whole year and only used for the festival, leaving them slightly damp and gross. I heard a few people saying their zippers or wind flies were broken, and that the tents were water resistant and not totally waterproof.

Just a word of warning! I brought my own camping stuff down from garage sales and Walmart and had a splendid experience although it was definitely heavy! This camp is farther away from the rest of the festival and directly next to the yoga tents, for any dedicated yogis out there! It was dorm style and seemed to have nicer amenities, private bathrooms, and a nice sense of yoga community. The volunteers there are a lot of them if you are interested in working! There are loads of different options for Envision VIP.

There is a designated camping area for VIP attendees that a pleb like me could not even go into. But as you can see on the website it seems that this area is nice and luxurious and worth a bit of extra money. VIP also has its own fancy bar area directly between the three stages.

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The VIP area apparently has happy hour each night, and its own cabanas for rent all over the venue. There are multiple different types of VIP Cabanas, bungalows, and treehouses available for Envision Festival, all of which look incredibly luxurious and awesome. Many have viewing platforms of different stages, living areas, and more. One day!

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As I said before, the Envision festival location is very small you can walk end to end in less than 10 minutes I would say and all the camping amenities are also the festival amenities. Your Envision ticket comes with access to camping, and the bathrooms, water taps, and amenities that are available to everyone. As a leading transformational festival in Central America , there is SO much at Envision festival to do besides music! I would say that music is only a small part of what this festival is about. There were performers left and right at Envision festival.

They had world class fire spinners, aerialists, and acrobats, and they performed at the Luna stage and also in the Village and around the grounds.

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These people were seriously incredible and it was jaw-dropping to see some of the shows. It was especially cool to see people flying through the air at the Luna stage during a DJ set. This was super unique and something I really loved about Envision!