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If you are a young and budding makeup artist, you may think Sephora would be a great place to gain some experience and add to your portfolio before heading to college or school to qualify. While the company wants people who are the best in the field, they care more about them being professional.

Because they are giving a number of other freebies. Reps from all the brands that Sephora sells often visit stores and provide the workers with free samples. If they did, however, fancy buying their own makeup they can do with a very generous discount given with the purchase. We are about to let you into a little secret that could change your Sephora experiences forever. Did you know that you are entitled to a minute makeover? If your heart is too pure for that, you are, however, allowed a free five-minute makeover which includes the application of lipstick and a smokey eye.

One of the things that makes Sephora like a Disney Workd for makeup lovers is the ability for customers to freely test out the products. After a while, the products have been touched by hundreds and can get mucky. Make way for the Sephora employees who are not allowed to go through their day without cleaning these products to get them ready for other customers.

Unfortunately, these cleanliness standards are not always met as makeup artists may not have time to clean brushes between appointments. This means learning back-to-back information on not only the application of every product but the ingredients inside them too. As a way of avoiding products being more favored than others, they should list the top five related products or three that sell best, enabling a variety of products to be sold.

Ever walked out of the store feeling frustrated by the constant reminders of surveys and promotional offers from the Sephora staff? This, however, is not the fault of employees who are all, in fact, under the watchful big brother eye named corporate. As mentioned before, even though some of these people would love to express their individuality, in this store it is forbidden until they clock out. The same goes for men and women who work in Sephora.

Like many retail outlets, Sephora has been known for having staff members who will face internal conflicts with one another. Most of the time, those disputes happen behind the scenes, but sometimes, customers are unfortunate to see staff members get into bust-ups about the most trivial things. Many Sephora employees receive gratis bags when they attend the monthly learning sessions.

Once completed, we get sign-off to take home our gratis bag for that month. There is no denying that a large proportion of both the customers and employees of Sephora are women. Some classic examples of makeup and cosmetic brands that have products that are suitable for vegans include Smashbox, Too Faced, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Urban Decay and Tarte, to name a few. However, different products change in vegan status depending on what ingredients are added or taken away. This includes Illamasqua, which seized to be vegan after including carminic acid and beeswax.

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These are the world of skincare, the world of fragrance and the world of color. Not only do employees receive gratis bags during learning sessions, they also generally receive free samples that they are allowed to take home.

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Build up your makeup collection on the cheap. Then, the customer tries to apply the makeup on the other side of their face.

Sephora has had numerous cases in the past of employees who have taken matters into their own hands to get what they want. If they get caught, they never step foot inside the store again. At many Sephora stores, employees are united by the brand and form close-knit teams that could be described as well-oiled machines. Cliques are bound to form, but overall, Sephora promotes a strong sense of unity and teamwork in order to get the job done. The employees are easily recognizable from their black and red uniforms.

However, in the instance that there is a random man or woman walking around the store in similar colors, employees should be noticed by their extensive makeup and, most importantly, their name badges. Sephora likes to make sure the staff are seen and not only heard. Instead, they are obliged to use the Color IQ mechanism. No eyeballing, no errors. If you work in Sephora it is guaranteed you have a good eye for makeup and style. However, just like many of the other policies, they are not allowed to go overboard expressing themselves with their jewelry.

Sephora has put in place a rule limiting staff on how much jewelry they are permitted to wear, and it is not a lot. For example, they are only able to wear a maximum of two rings per hand. Plus, imagine the possibilities of dividing up items in your order to maximize the number of deluxe freebies see tip 2 you can get for free. It's tempting to place an order every Friday see tip 3. The return policy may just be the number one reason to shop at Sephora. Seriously, it's amazing. Return any item, any time, for any reason. Even without a receipt, your returns will get you store credit sometimes quantities may be limited.

2. Get 2 free Sephora samples with every online order.

For exchanges without receipt, bring ID. And if you don't want us to talk about you behind your back when you leave, might I suggest you not return products that are more than half used. Come on, ladies. Keep it classy. Every April and November Sephora holds its semi-annual sale for beauty insiders. The sales last about a week. However, November's semi-annual sale runs almost right into Black Friday and holiday sales. Speaking of Black Friday, don't waste your time at Sephora on that crazy day.

Our sale sections here at Sephora are sometimes lackluster, but checking them often can pay off! We change up sale items every week. The Beauty Steals are usually located at the end of a row, and there are often at least two designated endcaps in each store, so go hunt them down. And, if you've got a Sephora inside your local JCPenney, it's definitely worth going to look at the sale items. JCPenney Sephoras tend to mark down their inventory more rapidly.

Search for value sets to get more for your money. Sets usually originate from one brand like Tarte or contain a hand-curated mix of brands under the label Sephora Favorites. Makeup palettes offer savings just like value sets. Don't dismiss that just because you don't love one color!

The palette may make each item look small, but the blushes and lip are nearly the same size as their full-size counterparts.

Don't make eye contact with Sephora's Beauty on the Fly section while standing in line. Danger awaits. Why are you tempted by the small bottle? You want to try something new? You need a small container to take on a plane? There are easily over a hundred travel size items at my Sephora store, and nearly every one is a total rip-off.

That's near double the price! But, there are exceptions.

Get FOUR free samples with every online order.

So, to avoid being called out for not being thorough, here are the most notable travel size items that are significantly cheaper per ounce than their full-size counterparts. It's not rocket science. But be advised, with the expensive price of the products at Sephora, it's vital that you take the time to do the math. This is like high-stakes grocery shopping. When I first saw a perfume sampler, I thought, "Well, there's a stupid idea. Then I had a customer come in and redeem a scent certificate from the perfume sampler and I had an ah-ha!

Sure, you get ten or twelve samples, and honestly they're a little bigger than the ones we fill as samples, but you also get a certificate for a bottle of any of the fragrances in the box. Not bad! Bulgari Omnia Crystalline spray, 2. Something you want out of stock or not sold at your store? There's a silver lining! We'll ship it to you for free! It always makes my day when a customer asks for a Mini Makeover, so don't be afraid to ask for one!

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Step in for a Smoky Eye before a dinner date. Sure, I'll tell you the products I use, and if I do my job well, you'll be tempted to buy something. But whether you do or not, the service is totally free. If the obsession is real for you, like it was for me, consider a part-time job with Sephora. But don't try to start up a side business on eBaby. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options.