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This two-device approach means that the Internet is something you dip into, rather than the other way round. Being here, being effective. Focus is at a premium in the digital age. It gives you freedom from a constant onslaught of designed-for-addiction notifications and other distractions. It puts you in charge.

Connection in the digital age. The Punkt. MP02 is built for connecting with people. The instantly-recognisable MP02 is the work of renowned product designer Jasper Morrison. It is built around effective simplicity: press the phonebook button to make a call, press the text button to send a message. Industry-leading security. This is a world first: no other non-BlackBerry phone has had this before. The phone feels solid in the hand. The body is reinforced with glass-fibre and its textured finish is both protective and unusual.

Solid construction. The housing of the MP02 is reinforced with glass-fibre and finished with a tough, abrasion-resistant coating. Splashproof to IP52 standard. Click through in seconds: up, down, select, go. Tough build The body of the phone is reinforced with glass-fibre for maximum durability. Comfortable ergonomics Easy to hold and use — with real buttons. Remains cool during extended use. Simple navigation Up, down, select, go. Excellent audio The speaker housing is designed to optimise its acoustic properties.

Bluetooth Simple to connect to an earpiece or car system. Other tools easy-set alarm clock; stopwatch and countdown timer; world clock; basic calendar; notes feature with reminders option; calculator. Size: 2. Front speaker Rear hands-free speaker 1. Fix is imminent in future update. View Gallery. Place an advance order and receive a free Punkt. The response time form this company takes too long. Appears customers are not important. I was placed to no 9 in queue and gradually went down to one and to no avail no one answered my call.

I phoned 4 times after that and same result. In the end I got recordings to say their office hours. That was very frustrating as I need my phone connected urgently. Now its the waiting or the frustration trying to call again and bet will not succeed today. We pay for a service and do not get what we deserve it. Sorry when my contract come to end will not use Glocell ever again.

South Africa's Blue Label Telecoms pays $400 mln for Cell C stake

Glocell needs to be shut down. In the age of openess and treating customers fairly this is the worst damn company ever. I regret ever having dealing with them. You cannot get through to their customer service line and emails keeps returning as undelivered. I also find Glocell completely useless! Having a go between us just a complete headache and time waster. I was moved onto Glocell after being with Nashua Mobile who was also useless! Complaint; 3 weeks and still waiting for my handset to be repaired! How do you reach customer care? The numbers dont go through or you are placed on hold until the call is terminated This is really frustrating.

Pathetic, useless and worst ever company. Will never in a lifetime promote them to anybody.

Cell c ag mobile deals

Struggling for hours on end to get hold of an operator to complain about poor service delivery. Contract was terminated, but Glo Cell keep on debiting my bank account. You are truly the worst customer service ever dealt with!!! Please remember its us your customers that keep your doors open. I honestly cant phone 10 times because you are not in the mood to take a call and drop the phone as soon as call gets through! Get your act together and stop being idiots!

Worst cell company ever!!!!!!

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Wake up!!!!! Nobody helps you. Sent e mail and got one back a few days later saying your query has been resolved. NO ONE came back to me!! Got another e-mail a few days later saying that the new query is resolved!


Unbelievably pathetic service!!!! GloCellSA Your service is atrocious!!!! How can a call centre close at ?? Very quick to suspend a line, not so quick to answer for your mistakes! What a useless call center, held on for 12 minutes, number 4 n the queue then number 1. I have nothing but bad service from Glocell, i am regretting the fact that i took the pinnacle out, only due to a friendly lady on the call who managed to convince me to do so. I am not holding my breath for any feedback on this complaint as i sent an email May regarding my contract that time, and still yet to hear from them.

At this rate you will be closing your doors as fast at what you bought Auto page out. Service is pathetic. It is surprising how Glocell is still a Cell C service provider with all the complaints. I still cannot get my account sorted.

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Glocell was dumped on us and now we have to wait it out. Thank goodness my contract expires in a couple of months. Been trying for 2 days without getting to a human voice able to help me. Direct numbers ring forever without being answered. I upgraded my contact with Glocell a couple of months 3 ago, this upgrade was to upgrade my handset, however to date I have not received my upgraded phone.

My contract on my phone expired some time ago, but because I still had nearly a thousand free minutes left, I tried to use this first before opting for a new contract. Samiksha Barret from the Glocell Call Centre phoned me to introduce a new package, which was immediately implemented- so I lost the free minutes. She however failed to tell me that they are out of stock on this phone, it has been a month already — still awaiting the new phone- but already paying for the new contract!!

She has up to today not phoned me to apologize or to notify me the reason for the delay in delivering of the phone, or any other agent contact. I have tried to sort it out with the Glocell Call Centre- to no avail- they are not able to assist — told me they do not have stock — I need to wait. After I looked up their email address on Google — I send an email to complain — just to find out the email address on their site is incorrect!!!

"A candybar style cellphone whose few features are polished to perfection"

Shocking service!!! Still awaiting feedback! Quick to sell the contract, very slow to deliver on any service!!!! I have just upgraded my contract and received my Samsung J5 via courier.

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