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Escapology Escape Rooms

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Privacy policy. You and the outlaws clash.

Guns blaze. Some of your men are injured two outlaws slip away.

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But who? You must find out and stop their escape into Mexico. Budapest Express: Central Europe, There has been a murder on the famous trans-European Budapest Express. You are a renowned French detective bound for Budapest. Antidote: Nevada, Walton Brandt, a high-ranking American chemical weapons specialist has mysteriously gone rogue. He has created a powerful virus capable of killing entire populations in mere hours.

The3 C0d3: Cambridge, Massachusetts, You, as an FBI cybercrime agent, must find the code and kill the program before it wipes out fortunes coast to coast. Shanghaied: Hong Kong, What happened last night? After an evening of celebrating with friends you awake in a blur aboard a Chinese junk ship.

You must escape before the ship leaves the harbor. Get caught and you'll face a life of punishment, or death by hanging. Narco: South America, You are abducted by Lewis Salinger, an old friend and now drug lord. Being forced to work as part of his illegal operation, you soon find there is plenty of evidence to capture the drug lord once and for all. Deliver the evidence or help Lewis in his plan. There are two endings, which will you choose?

Confused, you bang on the door and call for help until it dawns on you But who would want to kill your Grandfather… and why? The mission is going smoothly until, without warning, the submarine plunges into the sea. The engines have died and pressure in the cabin is quickly increasing. The hull is cracking under the immense pressure of the seabed and, without power, only 60 minutes of reserve oxygen remains!

You and the crew must act quickly so you can continue your mission. They have removed six oxygen silos and hidden them around the ship. Can you reinstate the power and help the Steel Shark back to the surface before the entire crew perishes? Oxygen is already running out!

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Age Restrictions: This escape room is family friendly. All Ages are welcome. Top Selling Shows. Magic Mike Live. Top Selling Tours. Las Vegas Strip Tour.

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