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Using these categories to help you file your coupons can keep you from getting overwhelmed and more easily put your fingers on the coupon you need, when you need it. Ideally you will tweak these categories a bit to fit your family's normal purchases, adding or subtracting categories as needed. Further, if you don't coupon heavily you may just want to use the main categories, not the subcategories listed at all. However, the more coupons you have in your organizational system the more subcategories will become helpful to you in finding what you need quickly, especially when standing in the grocery aisle.

Although I suggest tweaking the categories I've created a two page printable you can print out if you just want to use the coupon categories the way I've already laid them out.

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Free Coupon Organizer

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Two Ways to Organize Your Coupons

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If you are spoilt for choice when it comes to stores, use this page to track where you save the most money.

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It works best with the alphabetical coupon category dividers and the alphabetical coupons index. If you like hand-writing out your grocery list as you clip coupons, print a bunch and keeping spare sheets in your binder for your weekly coupon cutting session. Remember the pages in this kit are editable, so you can also type straight into the PDF files from your computer if you prefer. If you prefer to shop by store section and organize your coupons in the same way , then use this format. One of my favorite ways to write a grocery list is to brain dump everything I need then use highlighters to color code by general area of the store e.

In the back of your binder I recommend storing all of your coupons so you can quickly flick to them when you need them in a hurry!

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If you have a lot of coupons and want to be super organized, you may want to store them by expiry date within each of their categories. Doing the run around?