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Generous amounts of pureed white peaches and a touch of whole Madagascar vanilla beans were added to this sour during its conditioning. What you get is a tart yet sweet flavor of peach and a wisp of vanilla. A flavorful beer that is both refreshing and thirst quenching. Our unique version of a stout utilizes two types of oats in the brewing process to impart a smooth, velvety texture that compliments the dark malt flavors. This is a traditional Greman-style Gose with a twist! We replaced traditional table salt that usually goes into the brewing process and added pink Himalayan salt in its place.

We then added cucumber and honeydew melon to the conditioning tank to give this beer a wonderful aroma and refreshing flavor. Named after Speedy's lethargic cousin, this Mexican-Style lager is clean, crisp, light-bodied an refreshing.

It's the best beer outside of all Mexico! From tank to tap, all beers are brewed in house. No Kegs, either! Every delicious drop goes straight to a serving tank, then to your glass. Beers are brewed in small batches so we can listen to feedback and brew for our taproom and not for a distributor! Swag now available online, as well as in the taproom! Get yours today so you can be one of the cool kids! Click for more information! Swag All. Contact info bcbrewerymd. Welcome to B. Self Serve Craft Beer With up to 24 amazing beers on tap, you will want to try each one!

Now open for lunch Wednesday-Friday! Click here for menu BCB's dedicated food truck is on site every day and has tasty food for every craving, using locally sourced ingredients! Sour Hour Tuesdays! New On tap!

There is always something new on tap at BCB! Porridge Stout-Oatmeal Our unique version of a stout utilizes two types of oats in the brewing process to impart a smooth, velvety texture that compliments the dark malt flavors. Learn more. Default Title. Add to Cart. Events What is coming up at BCB? Also note: this is a big project for us and we do not have a completely firm timeline for opening yet, but will post updates as things progress. The result is a lush, sticky, chocolatey sipper, with plenty of oak character and pleasant booziness. This variant will only be available on draft for consumption on site.

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Our crushable Berliner, blasted with blackberries and cherries. Deep pink in color and overflowing with refreshingly tart fruit character. TIDAL 5. When we first set out along this path of using native Coastal Virginia microflora in wild fermentation, it was just an idea.

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We installed a Coolship without knowing for certain whether or not spontaneous fermentation would work in our cl imate. Ours was the very first Coolship in Virginia. The process of making spontaneous beer seems a simple one, but is deceptively challenging in practice. We make a starchy, complex wort with barley and unmalted wheat, boil with a heaping dose of our aged hops, then rack into our Coolship while still hot.

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Overnight, the wort cools and is inoculated with wild yeast and souring bacteria present in the air around the brewery. This makes it challenging. This makes it exciting, particularly when it goes right. With character of funky lemongrass, freshly baled hay, and ripe stone fruit, we feel that Tidal stands with the best spontaneously fermented beers in existence.

Our sour and wild process includes a Virginia first: a coolship. This open-top brewing vessel, rarely used in the United States, allows open air to inoculate the brew with wild yeast and bacteria. Reaver Rewards is our members only program.