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Treaded soles from recycled rubber provide cushion to the paws, protecting them from excessive heat and hot sand, trails, and sidewalks. Designed with "Barefoot" technology, the soles adapt to paw shape and movement for better grip and comfort.

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The elastic self-fastening closures wrap around twice to make the dog boots a secure fit for your pooch. With an extra-large top opening, the mud monsters are easy to put on without hurting the claws. Reflective accents provide visibility in dim light. Mud Monsters Dog Boots: Measure the front paws and then choose one size smaller for the rear paws. Mud Monsters are sold in sets of 2 in order to fit the front and back paws individually. The size increments between sizes in the Mud Monsters are much smaller than all other Muttluks models of dog boots.

The ergonomically designed dog boots are water resistant, ensuring they remain the safest foot wear even during rains or snowfall. With a resistant breathable soft shell fabrication, these shoe pairs are designed perfectly for the hind and front paws for optimal fit while cinch closure allows for reinforced toe protection, making it a secure fit.

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The low profile boots are designed with a gusset that allows your pet to easily enter its paw into the shoe. Reflective accents 4 boots per set. Fasten Velcro straps before washing. Machine wash cold, on delicate cycle using provided wash bag. Lay flat to dry. Do not bleach, do not dry clean. Toggle navigation. Dog Gear. User Login Sign Up. Enter your Coupon Code. Coupon Code. Featured Dog Gear. Follow the instructions in the fixing problems choosing editors and helper applications help topic to fix this problem.

If the Fetch file list is showing scrambled information, it may be that Fetch misunderstood the list of files the server sent to it. Choosing the Refresh command in the View menu will usually redraw the file list with the correct information. If refreshing does not fix the problem, please send a transcript to Fetch Softworks so we can fix the problem in future versions of Fetch.

If so, you can configure Fetch to work with the proxy server using the Proxy Preferences pane. Usually this is normal, because most high-speed Internet connections, including cable modems and DSL, are asymmetric — they are designed to provide much better speed for downloading than uploading.

For more information, see the Why is uploading slower than downloading? Please see I don't know or I've forgotten my hostname, username, or password in the Solving Problems with Connecting help topic. Please see I received an error saying "login incorrect" or "rejected password" in the Solving Problems with Connecting help topic. You can use the Keychain Access application to look at the password saved for a shortcut. When you create a shortcut and enter a password for it, the password is automatically saved in your keychain.

No, that is not a feature of Fetch. Contact your service provider or network administrator for help changing your password. You can tell if your password is being sent securely by the padlock icon in the password prompt dialog. A locked padlock icon indicates your password will be protected by encryption. An unlocked padlock icon means your password will be sent insecurely, without encryption.

There will also be a warning in the password dialog if your password will be sent insecurely. If you are using plain FTP, your password is sent insecurely. Fill out the lost serial number form and we'll look in our records for it. Why does Fetch say that my serial number is not valid when I copied it from the receipt?

Each serial number is only valid with a certain name, the Serial Number Name, which is also included in the receipt. The Serial Number Name might be your company or organization name instead of your own name. Be sure you are entering the correct Serial Number Name along with the serial number. The Serial Number Name must be entered exactly as written in your receipt. Upgrades to Fetch 5.

Otherwise, registered users of any version of Fetch 5. For more information, see our purchasing page. Discounts are available for new or upgrade licenses when you order Fetch for 10 or more users. Prices are listed on our purchasing page. We accept major credit cards and checks. We also accept purchase orders on Net terms. For more information see our purchasing page. Use by a student or employee of a public or accredited private school, college, university or academy; use by a student or parent engaged in home-schooling; use by volunteers or employees of a tax-exempt charity, to further the work of that charity.

Use by government agencies or government research laboratories does not qualify. How should I distribute a licensed copy of Fetch to users at my educational or charitable organization? If your institution distributes software using installers, you can distribute Fetch along with a preferences file that includes the serial number information from your license.

To do so:. May I distribute Fetch with my book, magazine, shareware collection, or commercial software product? You may distribute an unlicensed demo copy, i. Fetch is licensed as-is; Fetch Softworks makes no warranty, express or implied, as to its suitability for any purpose. A single-user licensee may use Fetch on different computers for example a laptop and a desktop , provided that Fetch is only used by the licensee on one computer at a time. A Fetch license for X users covers the simultaneous use of up to X copies of Fetch, and no more. This charge is for purchasing Fetch , the Macintosh file transfer client.

When you purchase Fetch using a credit card, your card will show a charge from one of the following:. If you believe you received this charge in error, please contact us. What is the relationship between Fetch Softworks and Dartmouth College? Fetch Softworks was created in order to license the Fetch source code and name from Dartmouth College, so that the product could be enhanced and marketed independently. Dartmouth College is not responsible for the statements and actions of Fetch Softworks. The 3D rendered mascot was commissioned by Tadashi Suzuki of Hart Computer , which sells a Japanese version of Fetch, and is used with permission.

Directly, nothing. Fetch Softworks. How do I make Fetch start up with the information for my server or website? How do I create, delete or change shortcuts? How do I upload more than one file at a time? How do I make downloaded files open in the correct application? How do I disconnect from a server? How can I see the modification times for files? How do I use my shortcuts from a previous version of Fetch in Fetch 5.

How do I move my shortcuts from one Macintosh to another?

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Fetch Features What are the new features in Fetch 5. Does Fetch support challenge-response password systems?

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Does Fetch support resuming uploads? Is Fetch Section compliant?

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Is there a Windows version of Fetch? Troubleshooting The server says "Incorrect Password" but I know the password is correct. Fetch connects, but the file list never appears and the Fetch dog runs and runs. The Fetch dog runs and runs but never connects. I uploaded an updated webpage but my browser still shows the old one. The file list does not include a file that I know was just put there.

Get Info shows the permissions of a file or folder I just uploaded as blank or Downloaded files have the wrong icon. Why is uploading files slower than downloading files? Passwords I don't remember my password, can you tell me what it is? Why is Fetch rejecting my password when I know I entered it correctly? How do I get the password out of a shortcut? Can I change my password with Fetch?

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Is my password being sent securely? Do registered users of Fetch 4 or Fetch 5 get a discount on upgrading to 5. Are multi-user or site licenses available? Is Fetch 5.

What qualifies as educational or charitable use? Under what terms and conditions is Fetch licensed? What kind of dog is the Fetch mascot? Who drew the Fetch mascot? What does Regis Philbin have to do with Fetch? There are several different ways to upload multiple files or entire folders with one command: Either click the Put button in the transfer window toolbar or choose Remote Put , and then either select a folder, or hold down the Command or Shift keys while clicking to select multiple files Drag file and folder icons from the Finder to a Fetch transfer window Create a droplet shortcut for your server and drag files and folders to it in the Finder or Dock If you want to only upload new or changed files in a folder, you may want to use the Mirror command in the Remote menu.

Back to Top Features What are the new features in Fetch 5. To resolve these problems, our recommendations are to: Make sure the Use passive mode transfers PASV checkbox in the General Preferences pane is checked, and try again; Download and try the latest version of Fetch version 5. There are also several good low-cost webpage editors such as iWeb, RapidWeaver, or Sandvox.