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Buster, out of curiosity, have you received your backordered items yet? Where do you find "Your Coupon Book"? It's the second tier down, green banner Thank you You don't have to be a member, but it's in-store only. Doesn't seem to have any conflicting fine print, either. Gonna try it tonight or early tomorrow.

Well, in case anyone else cares, coupon scanned in fine. Not bad. It says on the coupon you have to be a member? Whoa, looks like they changed the link, or deleted the coupon. I like that one so much better! And you said it's in-store only, right? I used it. I blind bought Wings of Desire Blu for like, 14 bucks.

I wonder if they'd let me pay for the set when they order it. I think some people have done this successfully with the coupon. But that kind of stuff is a case-by-case basis in terms of which employees are going to hook you up. Just a head's up: if a movie is back-ordered, you can pay for it now if you're getting it shipped to home.

That's a great score. I sure with this worked with pre-orders. I'd love to get that Basil Dearden set with this deal. There are other, non-Criterion things that are probably worth getting with the coupon. Either they never got re-stocked from last weekend or sold out again this week. My choice? Ozu's Floating Weeds. This time, you can work out some pretty nifty deals. That's tempting. I'll believe it when I see it. And their customer support was virtually no help whatsoever.

If the deal hadn't been so good, I would've just canceled the order. The release has been heavily criticized for its packaging and some defects but that price is insanely low considering the films and the supplements. I ordered one. I will definitely report back with whatever damage there is to the packaging and the discs themselves. Apparently the studio will replace defective merch but according to the people on DVD Talk they will only replace the whole thing, not individual discs.

Which is idiotic. Very excited to get this. They shipped the next day. First and last time I order from Barnes and Noble. That's fucking ridiculous! Wow, I can't even believe that. What are you going to do? Every time I've emailed them I get an automatic response saying "some delays are expected". I'll just go ahead and cancel it.

Too bad :. Too bad : Funny. This past November's sale was the first time I've ordered from them, and it was great. I did two different orders andI live in Canada, and it's still all good! I think you have to check what you order sometimes. Danke, Criterion!!! Take my cash, Criterion!!!

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It's really freaking good. ETA: Dammit, though it doesn't apply to upcoming releases. Just picked up Inception from Best Buy for 8 bucks. Apparently it was an old sale they forgot to change the signs for. Yay customers always win! That is lame. Plus there's the handy coupon I've posted here.

Thanks for the heads up, Spielby!! Is this even worth it? A lot of Miramax stuff released on Blu-ray this week. Pretty great prices for all. Picked up Shakespeare in Love and also ordered the original Planet of the Apes because I've been meaning to for a while.

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Plus I'd like to rewatch it before seeing Rise of the Planet of the Apes again. Out of those Miramax titles that's the only one you get? A blind buy of TEP is worth it. Believe me.

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For all those extras, more than worth it. Alien Quadrilogy is Needless to say, I bought it.

Oops, yeah, I should have mentioned that. Me too. • View topic - Criterion Guide - Barnes & Noble 50% Off Twice Year Sale

It's on sale at. Must be a pre-Prometheus thing. Did I miss a Barnes and Noble Criterion sale? Is there not going to be one 'til November?? And yes, Harv, DeepDiscount sucks now. Did Malcolm McDowell order a copy? There's a similar sale on Fox titles but I can't find a comparable list. Marilyn Monroe Blu-ray set is on sale through Saturday. Yeah I thought about the Marilyn set but didn't pull the trigger.

There's a lot of great releases this fall that I really want, several pricey box sets. I will get the Marilyn eventually I think.

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