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Flavors: 9. Yeah i know i was inconsistent again but that was cuz of eid and stuff so im back at you again with another review. So yesterday we went to kaybeespakistan for dinner. I usually get the steaks there as they taste pretty good. And after chomping the whole thing came to the conclusion that their burgers are amazing.

It also had a good amount of cheese which was helping with the spice. And a late Eid Mubarak to y'all. It's Pulpy - It's Pure Experience the Spirit of Ramadan with our delightful Pizza Deals. Celebrate the Joy of Ramadan! Kaybees - Hyderi. Pakistan Naval Academy.

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White sauce wasn't thick enough and kuch powder jesa ajeeb taste opar se dry. Chicken was not flavourful at All. So what are u waiting for? Try kaybeespakistan and u will definitely loved it. They have good variety of food. Quality of food is also good. Some dishes have good quantity Hey Girls!!

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So Yesterday evening I had go Out with my friends for iftaar.. At Kaybees restaurant And we ordered their ramadan Deal 4 Which includes:. In just Ran. So it had been a while since I had been there, isliye I was really excited to try their food. The kabab's and boti's were really yummy but on the other hand their fast food wasn't upto the mark. So I guess they should work more on their fast food. It was a great evening! Karachi - The City of Lights. Fashion Shoot Photography. Pepper steak!! Pro tip: Never go out for iftaar, you will end up wasting food. Brother like Friends Never forgotten ever friendshipgoals kaybees.

Arena Multimedia North Nazim Faahion Profile Shoot Photography. Iftari k baad icecream? I'm just lovin it! Kaybees and McDonald are my go-to place whenever i crave for some quality icecream. Wrna to jetspot se bhi kam chal jata hai.

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Chicken Alfredo Pasta. Grilled Steaks American Steak Beef. Pepper Steak Beef. Chicken Steak. Tarragon Chicken White Sauce. Tarragon Beef Steak White Sauce. Kaybees Special Handi Full.

Chicken Boneless Handi Half. Chicken Boneless Handi Full. Chicken Achaar Handi Half. Chicken Achaar Handi Full. Mutton Handi Half. Mutton Handi Full. Fish Handi Half. Makni Handi Half. Makhni Handi Full. Daal Handi. Chicken Boneless Karahi Half. Chicken Boneless Karahi Full. Brain Masala 2 pcs. Dil Gurda Chop 4 pcs. Aromatic Rice Chicken Fried Rice. Vegetable Fried Rice.

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Egg Fried Rice. Plain Rice. Tandoor Plain Nan. Garlic Nan. Kandhari Nan. Roghni Nan. Add Ons Cole Slaw. Dinner Roll. Green Salad.

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Extra Cheese. Oreo Shake. Banana Shake. Cheeko Shake. Straeberry Ice Cream Shake. Kit Kat Shake. Date Shake. Mixed Fruit Cocktail. Bounty Chiller. Orange Juice. Apple Juice. Grape Fruit Juice. Pomegranate Juice. Mocktails Chocolate Kiss. Strawberry Sensation with Fresh Strawberry's. Mint Blast. Blue Breeze. Cold Beverages Can. Fresh Lime.

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Mineral Water Large. Mineral Water Small. Cold Coffee. Kaybees Special Faluda. Hot Beverages Cardamom Tea. Green Tea. Espresso Coffee. Black Coffee.

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Choose Product Choices Pepsi Mountain Dew 7up. COMBO Ramadan Deals Iftar Deal 1. Iftar Deal 2. Iftar Deal 3. Shashlik or Ch. Jalfreeze, Kentucky Chicken, 1 Sub Roll, 1. Iftar Deal 4. Crispy Broast, Ch. Jalfreeze, Jalapeno Burger, 2 Sub Rolls, 1. Iftar Deal 5. Handi Half , Sizzling Kabab, Ch. Iftar Deal 6. Chowmien, Salad, Ch. Add menu items into your basket.