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Hepolar express st louis promo code. Stepbet promo code. Lemonaid health promo code. Fastkey promo code. This product does not monitor your child's phone in stealth mode, which means that if you decide to install it, you need to have a conversation about it with your child first. That is a good thing in many ways.

We would prefer the option for a stealth mode in general, but My Mobile Watchdog has all of the most important features for protecting your children online on their smartphones, and if you have good communication with your kids, you will not need to monitor them in secret. This product's cell phone parental controls ensure that you will always know about your child's phone calls, texts, website visits, calendar events and more, and your teen will know that you know.

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This product is excellent for giving you up-to-the-minute information about your teen's activities. You can set up keyword triggers so that whenever certain words appear in a text, for example, you will get a text or email notification about it.

There is also a feature that lets you block your child from viewing certain content on the smartphone. This includes social networking sites, applications, websites or camera features.

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You can also restrict when your child is able to use the phone to certain times throughout the day. This prohibits your child from using the device during school hours or late at night. During these restricted times, the phone will only allow your child to call and other numbers you specify. You can also lock the device from a remote location, which is a valuable feature if the phone becomes lost or falls into the wrong hands.

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Assuming the phone stays with them, you will always know where your child is throughout the day. This cell phone parental control software offers several logging features. If any content is sent or received by the device, that content is automatically stored on the logs in the online account, regardless of whether your child deletes them immediately.

This software provides logs for all calls, text messages, photos and videos taken or sent to the smartphone. You can view the contacts that are stored on the phone and any contacts that have recently been added.

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You can view all websites your child visits on the smartphone to determine if any are inappropriate and whether you need to block any sites. Additionally, a log is available for you to view all events your child has stored on his or her calendar. Unfortunately, this cell phone parental controls app has its pros and cons.

It does not provide logs for all activity on the cell phone or store any information regarding emails sent or received by the device.