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IO I Ill. SU belli BI. SI If bnrsllli SU belli, bi. SS 00 lBklOltlClll. BBM-am inn. SltJS anikl. Oai SmSSU1. State SmSS. SIIJS Wear k pa at. I ejtks. CsOr tr. Fl Cant Finn in. IS Ca. IL btlinte. SS Old 1! SSUS 03; I.!

Smokeys Daylily Gardens

Sim " SmSI0i,Bi. SS Cfj. Stt8 33; kDarlkllkar'hcaa. DaST Uate. UM on'. Your choice of olive or granite. In four popular sunfast colors. Deeply cmboued with great patterns and color variation!. Coldspot Refrigerator No. Coldspot Upright Freezer Big storage meat tray and crispcr drawers. You'll never run out of ice with convenient ice maker. Have family - favorites stocked and frozen, ready for rc-hcating anytime. Grille-type shelves - allow fast circulation of zero cold air.

It sews straighund zig-zag stitches -both-forward, reverse. Stars - Bafse -mrsiati-st- n. Dnviil Utile. The letters on. Copies of the' letters requesting attendance at the land use hearings were sent out Thursdaylo mayors around Idaho following a request "liv the AssnclalionW Idaho Cities Taxation Committee. He Is a , real estate man and last year was a primary opponent at Andrus' land-use package.

Spoke out against ihe resolution saylni. Previous land grant interim nrnlttccs were chaired by then l. The lieutenant r now is. John Means, a democrat. Since Ihe Alt' had taken this position Cohhs said he assumed mayors would know alxiul Ihe land use hearings.

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County commissioners 'and real eslate men have token no oflielal stand on the land use hills vet, he said. Cobbs said he had l ic letters cut to real eslate men because as at occupational grnii i I hey would - Ik- affected most fur belter or- worse hy the legislation. Qui he added thtit he had ml received one request for -the land use r-B ccniw? Haiti — Drawing J p. Crystal 3 pc.

Y2 22 Rubbing alcohol 16 oz.. I 22 Bic pens. Sit -SB. Idaho Sunday February PhlL Peterson, who aided in. He said the till! Edith Miller Klein. R-Bolse, hud raised the con- stitutional nuaslinu liefore the committee Wednesday. Klein also adjournment -possibly liy mid-March. When the liuvniiikein relum Monday from Iholr two day weekend lliev delve into lax relief bills on the floors nllwlh houses.

House laxH Titers consider In commltlee a measure to allow oplionnl forms ol city taxation. And 1 he House Education Commillce eonsidcrs reelnslon of the Equal lllghls Amend- menl ratification. Republican majorities in Iwth houses have agreed a resolution to give slate em- ployes W million worth, of general fund pay Increases, the guideline. All Ihnt remains now Is approval of the proposal on " leadership is convinced will occur-alhlcl by party-line vole Democrats favor Ciov.

Cecil IV Andnts' propos. Twice Friday House Republicans had to use I heir inajorlly -once In the Ways and Means Committee and meantime, sent word they will buy the proposal as now wrltten-ltius assuring its passage In that body if everyone.

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It Is aimed Iwth at giving the taxpayers a 1. Tills measuav spon- sored by Hep. Maurice Clements. There are many other substantive issues still pending in the legislature, among them land use planning, pollutant discharge permits, collective bargaining for public employes and power plant siting. Reallocations ure rpasslgnmcnts of pay. Judiciary and " Rules" Commttlce. Republican caucus chair- man Whiter Varbrougb.

Business Committee in- troduced legislation today lo permit sale ol liquor by the drink in Idaho From noon Sunday until l a. Jt repeals the present law authorizing Idaho to be on daylight saving time from the lost Sunday of April until the last Sunday of October. Cecil D. Andrus found the measure to be faulty. The governor, however, did allow It to become law. Both the presenl law and the -bill-passed by the current- Legislature would be 1 repealed ,uy the bill approved Friday by hcStalc Affairs Committee.

If approved, the hill would nearly double what legislators - now receive. John Hayes. She moved Id hold the hill for further study. Twice this week the bill has been debated on the floor of the —Senate only to have it hcid up— because of technical questions. SOO as he originally figured. He said , "would go a , long ways toward salary In- creases for state employes. Committee Chairman It. Dean Summers. Ihaltheperogativf-wri-t- yotcd on In the Senate sometime early this week. Fotauary Twin Falls, has been appointed lo the legislative committee ol the United States.

Texas, president of the league, said Friday. John Donoghuc, dlrcctor of hospl als-Ior-thc dloccscsald the hill prepares the. The volc ' wasJ Sell don' I needs lor -'-ldotlarsrTJMgit. Lester Hartvlgsen, D- Malad. Sawtooth National Forest, says there Is no hope -for the - trees "tcept the probalilllbJhey will eventually , be replaced by new hcalthyi growth. Initial signs of thc infestatlon are small pitch tulxs oh the tree trunk containing some resin turn from the deep green to a lighter shade. The deadly beetle leaves his initial sign of past several seasons. This is a difficult and slow process; he said, because contracts have to be awarded and the logger must have lime to go In and do the cutting.

Because the lodgcpolc pines, once they are. It is sometimes hard to sell them. Unless the tree" has split or crocked, which , which Is not fast enough to stamp out the. In- festation. Boring dust appears as he cuts His way through 1 ' "aware of the problem for 10 years or more which Is about when the beetle first appeared in this - area.

Spraying has proven too costly to be practical, ; the ranger said. It is necessary to saturate the entire tree in order to effectively control the beetle. The time Involved in spraylngeoch single tree as well as the cost Is out of the question, he said.

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These goUcrlcs,12 to 30 Inches long, arc lilted with eggs. The Insect remains there as the process changes to pupae and later Into new adult Iwctlcs, feeding on the wood and eventually rtylngon to infect new trees. Some of the Insects may die during winter months it lonu nrrlnds of kuhiero temoeraturea. He sold there will be a subslonllal loss of ihe — pl n wt! Munson said there Is also a loss from broom rust or yellow witches broom os the parasjlle disasc is known. A growth of "broom" grows on the tree, eventually damaging and frequently killing It. This process takes much longer depending on the number of - "brooms" onoslngletrce ; Conllnuedonp.

James L. James McCIure. Police Chief Ron Golf said the youth was given a polygraph test and confessed to starting Ihe lire at soulh ijoth St. June Wakcling. The chief said the boy told him Ihe only motive he had for starting the fire was hcltked Ihccxcltcmcnt of the fire. Phil Yankey; a junior from Welter, and Tom Whltworth, a " PocateUo junior, laid the action results from the state board's decision to eliminate the architecture program at ISU.

Bond issue decreases for Eden Feb. Officers said Brown apparently failed to negotiate a curve and.. The victim was thrown from the vehicle. Including the one that killed Lloyd Dean Lytic, with a gun given him by authorities. While the. It matched tthe description of the gun In the posesslon of Robert Gillespie the night Lytic was shot to death.. In the small com- munity of Stltes where Gillespie was chief of police.

Burgess spoke to about memlx-rsandRucsts of the Federal l-and Bank Association a"l Its regular report banquet for mcmlwrs Thursday at the Holiday Inn. Ometdlrecldrs Include John Rolce. Wright, Twin Falls. Mart Moorman. Kolman, city attorney, announced the reduction al. Wednesday night. If the Iwnd issue is defeated, the sower and water service charges will still rise to S1G u month to pay Tor the cost of completing the distribution portion of the project In a "piece meal" basis. Inflationary trends will make It easier and less cosily for the city to complete the project under bond election financing rather than on the piece- meal basis.

This latter method, he said, would take a numtwr of years to complete the system. A spokesman said the trio became trapped In an avalanche chute too steep to ski or climb.

The rescuers, aided hy the Kclchum Police Department. US Forest Service. Blaine County sheriffs officers and Sun Valley Security, helped the three sidestep up lo a ridge with the aid of a rope. From there they skied tiowirthc River Run side of Bald Mountain. The rescue was concluded atp. Sun Valley Co. He also- lold tho Eden residents ever - effort wlll-bc-made to encourage the contractnr tn use — local lolwr In completing the conlroci. This Involves 6- inch pipe as 0 minimum on nny. There would be a minimum of 4 - Inch pipe lor any line which Is installed lo serve more than lour houses or additional lire hydrants Injhc clly.

Block" said lhe"frl nch'mlnlihum on lin es wfth "hydrants The fl-inch pipe would also assure 20 pounds or pressure at the hydrant at all times. The bond election has previously been an- nounced lor Feb. In the clly hail.. Persons who ore not registered must register by Feb. In- formation as to registration is available by calling the clly clerk's office. Sunday, February 16, Public offices closed Monday.

The closure, -however, does not apply to schools and there, will be classes as usual InJhe Twin Falls district. Birthday special sales, but the post office per- -are In agreement wllh the new policy, hoping to som,. They were playing for a stale championship and con- centration was the byword as players stared with practiced patience at figures on the boards In front of them. Most sat In twos at the long tables, chins cupped in hands. One glanced nervously al he clock on the tabic next to him but the" others seemed lb find It' easier to pretend Ihe clocks weren't there.

Buckendorf of Buhl held Ihe highest ratlngol the group. Whoever is named champion from the live games played will retain Ihe state title for a year, James said. Last year's state champion, Ken San- derson of Boise, moved to , California, making the- slate clcarthlsycar. The tournament director for the. Studying; the board i? He played Gregory T. Mbrfltl sold a charge of at- tempted murder probably will beTilcd against Colycr today. Twin Falls, Idaho Sunday. Some, tor.. In- Economists point out that some of the earlier predictions were made' br "current" dollars, whereas the later predictions were made In present rate for the rest of the decade.

Another problem lies In estimating OPEC oil revenues when the growth Inoll consumption has slowed mid the outlook for prices Is uncertain; Pervading the subject of. OPEC surpluses has Irecn a widespread uneasiness that estimates based on the flimsiest sort of source data, although subjected to searching analysis, were being frozen Into projections which had an aura. Just published Its January. And no one else has even done that. A further prohtem. Widman pointed out. Also uncertain, he said, was the rale at which the rest of the world could develop alternate — energy sources- Such- a - development -- could — dramatically affect oil prices, and would reduce OPEC income If oil exports declined as a result of growing self-sufficiency by other nations'.

It also listed sizable In- vestments In a number of companies with operations In ' Idaho. Including- S Stmplot Co. The investment portfolio -includes slgnflcant holdings In major utilities scrvlhg - the residents of Idaho. Co, He Joined Soarlc in and will have responsibility for the reconditioned Instruments department, film badge, health physics and, service markctlng. He and his wife, the former Virginia Cain of California. The question arises why I he predictions have turned around so quickly. What has happened to transform a potentially cataclysmic situation into what now appears to he a more comfortable, easily manageable scenario?

The answer, although complex, appears to revolve around several facts. First, there is an important statistical dllterence in the way the -earllcsT and the more recent predlel Inns- were -formulatcdr-Whcn reconciled,- It eriises much ot- itic discrepancy.

Second, the OPEC nations appear to have "constant" dollars. The distinction Is important. Willie Imlh types of trealtiienf are routinely used- by economists, comparing lliem is like equating apples and oranges. Another major factor in the difference bet- ween the projections lies. The more they spend for domestic consump- tion, the smaller Iheir surpluses available -tolnvesrelKowherr "-' An analysis by the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company estimated Ibat Imports by the oil producers last year totaled SMI billion and were likely lo increase rapidly unlil they reached JB27 billion by liJJto.

Guaranty also estimated that oil revenues, the money available to pay [or the imports, would not Increase nearly as fast. Ot, revenues wouWYlse from an estlm-. OCH ,. I-S - Curtis T. Those elected to new positions Included Helen McCallle as senior vice —creslde nt. Small reds: average In addition, newly anjwhiied officers IncLided I. Steele, trust officer; and Soreu Ajiderson, loan officer at the Blue I-alr. I McKlnney. Groves, cashier and con- troller; Neal D. Garrison, vice- president.

Installment 'crJilit. Hedges, vice president, internal operations. An estimated sheep. Choice fat lambs brought O0; Mis O0; stags Commercial cows Bolh assets and Investment income increased sharpy. He said Thursday night's 'signing culminated IB monlhs o[ negotiations. The fur filter will Itc used to produce coals, hats, and hool linings needed In the cold climates of Ihe.

Rosenbaum said News of the signing came as U. Assistant Treasury "Secretary Gerald Parsky lold American newsmen that despite collapse of the trade. The Soviet Union announced last month It would not Im- plement the agreement because of conditions Imposed by Congress. James Koulnik realtor, said the sophisticated system employs unique marketing techniques and with use of a telecopier can transmit pic- torial transmissions from one. Hancy also. Wcldon D:Hasklns, vice president and manager;. Phyllis Moore: assistant cashier; Carmen Kevan. Fred D.

Harder, vice presrdenl and manager: Frank H. Horsh, assistant manager; Charles R. Potter, assistant manager; and " Margaret K. Most -commodities finished on the downside or about un- Idaho" russet potato futures -I lost another 5 cents, the May '. Maine cash prices were weak, 1. I ' FOB Caribbean ports. At the close, prices were frantically lower. Soybean futures were easier with products little changed Beans closed 2'j lo 6 cents lower through Novemlwr. Oil fluctuated points either side of Thur- sday's close before ending 15 points higher In March and 5 lo 20 points easier in deferred contracts.

Meal was mixed with slight price changes in both directions. Live cattle futures finished the week on a nervous note after a firm early session lone, , with-f inal quotes mostly lower. Thinly traded February edged up 5 cents. Back months ranged from unchanged In June to 22 cents lower in Oc- tober. Unstable cash markets were an adverse faclor. Hog futures opened higher, then drifted lower and closed with February off 2 points. Short covering and stop loss buying field fueled ihe rally.

At the comex, 1, lots were traded and prices were unchanged from 10 cents down lo 20 cents higher. At the Mcic lots were tradedloslng2. Gold futures on Ihc CBT closed with losses of 1. John Hi Peterson. Bees, Skinner, Peter M. McKlnncy and Noy Bracket!. Qoi M7. B41 -Jl M iKtiTtd unr. Twin Falls and Burley districts, offerings moderate, demand light, market about steady;. Final stockholder approval has mln..

S 'No,l Size stockholders had okayed Uil's A, few sales, 5. The action was the final higher; around head Nos. Cottle and calves 1. Monday's estimates:- Cattle and calves 6,; hogs 6,; sheep Wf Oiioiloh. Twin Ffllt. IdahcAll Udi will ba public! Dan Ft. Board man, Ore.

All bide will be publicly opened and read al Ihe above lime and place. Forma silling Ihe condition! These are available Irom the Division ol Purchasing. Dan R. Ray Dclnap, forced to resign. Ihc prison- llquor, pistols, doggers and drugs. State legislators call the place a "spooky, medieval dungeon. Prisoners call It home. Some were murdered or mauled and others escaped. Guards mingled with convicts ' and some said the connection was loo close. Nelson Dol said. George , Ariyoshl is trying to clean up the corruption. National Guardsmen In full battle gear- took control of the prison Monday.

The slate corrections chief was forced to resign nnd 36 prison guards and 10 other penitentiary workers were 1 ousted. A union representing Ihc guards charged the stale with "gostapo-Hk'c" tactics. L- marljuana, pills, a loaded. Union complained that the transferred guards "were corralled In one roorn.

He said the stale's corrections division had ordered guards to volved with 'inmates" rehabilitation effort. Within the last year Inmates have Iwcn slabbed, guards attacked, escapes frequent ami for weeks. Alter the takeover, the keepers— 72 prison guards who were retained, National Guardsmen and Co Asked why none of tile 40 -transferred prison employers. Sieve CobI called one cdlMnck a "spooky, medieval dungeon.

John Medelros said living condltioas then- were "not even human. Counseling and vocational education programs will lw expanded,' mid living areas will he revamped to Improve privacy among Ihe inmates. And when legislators gel together to pick a stale Insect or a rock, a mamma] or what have you, it's politics In action. All states in Ihc union hove on official motto, a flower, a songandablrd. Currently the lodybug and the honeybee. North Carlolna has chosen. Nebraska and West Virginia — i.

Texas is considering the ladybug. It also killed off an official worm bill glvlngrthc nod to the ear- thworm, In the midst of the Indiana fight for the ladybug. Eldon Lundquist noted dryly: "People watching should know we, arc getting paid for being here. Wayne Goodc has Introduced a - bill to make the Indiana bat myotls sodallsl- Ihc state mammal. In , Goode also par- ticipated In a debate on a bill proposing 'mozarkltc as the state rock.

The bill was written ' by , former Rep. Charles Sheehan, well known for his reluctance to compromise on issues. When II appeared that Sheehan was against amend- ments to his bill, Goodeoffcrcd on amendment thai would have made Shcchan's head the state rock. IJl'll - Blue-eyed Debbie Bogardus, 9, has a lot on her mind these days.

She's going to Disney World. She doesn't know she's dying of leukemia. Just touches her cars, goes- lo a Philadelphia hospital every. Doctors offer Utile hope. But three neighbors soy Ihey'rc determined to give Debbie anything she wants in these last months. They've planned a fund-raising benefit Sunday,- completed with cake sales, auctions ond 12bands. One of Debbie's favorite characters —Ronald Mc- Donald, a character from a hamburger firm ad- vertisement —will be there. Most of all. Cigarette advertising Is banned from radio and television.

Some newspapers refuse to accept tobacco ads. Many public and private of- fices, especially doctor's of- flees, hove signs asking their clientele not to smoke. Idiho Sunday. Febroary TO. Unfortunately, he said, attention has focused Northeast, which Is heavily dependent on Im- ported oil. The ndmlnist ration's proposal to trim oil one million barrel a day decrease in Imports.

Critics, he-sald. He said President Ford's council of economic advisers was backing the president's program. Arab oil embargo is Imposed. Mc- Connell enloyed golf so much he was hurled with Ihlsgolfgcar.

McConnell died Dec. He declined to -eslimnle how many new recruits had come IrTdireclly from Ihc economic cold. Zarb said Ford's energy proposal had already : accomplished a great deal. He said lhal for Ihe first lime there was a comprehensive energy package lo work with and thai despite all Ihe criticism, there was general golf balls, be buried with me," his will rend. His son, Fred, confirmed the request was known and was followed. When McConnell was burled In Upper San- dusky his golf glove was on his hand and h'e'wns' wearing his favorite golf Jacket.

Brehm maintained thai pay increases unrelated lo. She will be showing the correct ; use and benefits of microwave cooking, as well as how to use the microwave oven as an integral part of meal preparation. The cooking school wilj be held at the Idaho Power Co. Thai's a ' 'jipottslgn Zoo hopes for happy end George Spcldel; head ot Ihc- Samson ts 26 ycars'old -late zoo, was elated Wednesday middle age hy unrUla stun- when Samson, the lowland dards —and ft.

Clearing tonlglil and becoming mostly fair Monday. Continued cool. Highs -Iwth davs 30s. Skies are expected to begin clearing tonight with moslly fair weather Monday. Is or mostlv dry through the period. In Stanley Friday' nigh! Snow has alien u [ and on over the past two weeks. Residents In Stanley re port" th ree to. John Smiley had a demolition crew smash his 12, Lincoln Continental Intoasmall steel culxv About 1.

Smokeys Daylily Gardens Coupons & Promo Codes

A demolition crew used a crane and a large steel hall to smash Smllley's car into a neat cute. Pfnloi, Mcveikai. JMI-JDrr jk. Sliet In mot! O Many Models Reduced Reg. Porcelain Lined Reg. V17 llmplalouM. Add Your Code Here. This site is by teachers and for teachers, so sharing the deals you find makes a big difference to our community. Eddie Bauer Promotion Codes. JCPenney Promotion Codes. Verizon Promotion Codes.

Groupon Promotion Codes. Marriott Promotion Codes. Additionally, the one-and-only Roxann Taylor had her own real estate column, Dr. Eric Benzick wrote about family health, Jami and Bob Zimmerman chatted about interior design, and Dr. Komen for the Cure of Tarrant County. Article topics included breast cancer survivor stories and breast cancer facts straight from physicians, among others.

Former Dragon volleyball player Amy Moan also shed light on Pink Out games — Southlake Carroll athletic events that raise money through ticket sales for breast cancer research. Cover Story: August As the school year kicked off, this cover feature explored the advances in classroom technology. Cover Story: May In March of , a 9. Additionally, more than 1, buildings — mostly homes — suffered extensive damages. Then Southlake city councilman, Jeff Wang, was instrumental in promoting efforts like Southlake4Japan that raised money for disaster relief.

In that time period, 47 suicide attempts were reported, eight of which resulted in death. Teenagers between 15 and 19 years old made 14 of the attempts, and three of those resulted in death. Community Impact Award Winners Brian Stebbins The inaugural award was presented to Brian Stebbins for his extraordinary vision for Southlake Town Square, which has dramatically enhanced the landscape of the city. Stebbins, who passed away in October of , will always be remembered as the father, friend and leader who put his heart and soul into transforming the town square into the wonderful dining, retail and residential community it is today.

Brad Bradley As the founder of nearly 30 nonprofits that have improved the quality of life in and around Southlake, Brad Bradley was selected for the award. Bradley, also a judge, established the first law office in Southlake after settling in the area in Established in , Art in the Square draws approximately artists and thousands of art lovers to Southlake each year. Proceeds from the three-day weekend are donated to area charities. Jack D. Johnson was awarded in for his role as the first superintendent of Carroll ISD — a position he held for 28 years.

Sadly, Johnson passed away in early January , but his legacy will forever live on in the hearts of Dragons everywhere. Martin Schelling Recent winner Martin Schelling is at the heart of Southlake safety, having held some of the most esteemed positions in Southlake. Where in the world is Southlake Style? Since the beginning, readers have taken the magazine with them on trips and vacations all over the globe, and Southlake Style has documented these travels on its Travel With Style page.

Check out some of the most exotic locales, like Machu Picchu, Italy, Ecuador and Peru, seen above, and visit Facebook. While compiling some of the most memorable moments from the past 99 issues of Southlake Style and Dragon Pride, we decided to reach out to our readers to discover their thoughts on our content.

An exclusive event in partnership with Forest Park Medical Center and Harkins Theatres Southlake 14 was held in early July — it allowed ticket holders to view the movie before it was released. How long do you generally keep an issue of Southlake Style? They love the magazine. Favorite Issues Katie A. I kept that issue a long time. The former University of Miami defensive tackle, who went pro with the Dallas Cowboys and helped lead them to three Super Bowl championships, was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in The Southlake resident is currently a player engagement assistant for the Cleveland Browns.

Find your guy, and do the extra homework on him. Over the years, Southlake Style has had the pleasure of reaching out to residents of Southlake and the surrounding areas for participation in various contests, including cover contests and the annual Best Mom contest. Alannah, who will turn 11 this July, has made a name for herself as an actress in film, television, on stage and in print. Zoe, now 5 years old, was chosen from a sizeable number of adorable entries. Best Mom Essay Contest For nine years and counting, Southlake Style has asked elementary school students what makes their moms the best in Southlake.

It also featured Southlake Carroll freshman Abby Williamson on the cover. A poll distributed to readers in Southlake and surrounding communities confirmed that the family-friendly, BYOB restaurant is their go-to for good food and a good time. Loyal Advertisers Since Thanks for being there every step of the way! In the years that ensued, they shared their passion with me about wanting to have a publication that connected everyone in the community. Of course, I said I would be their first advertiser, and the rest is history.

Thanks, Nicole, for always looking at our business from a variety of sales and marketing perspectives with sound business coaching. Together, your passions for life, family and travel are most refreshing and always with style. State Highway , Southlake, TX All rights reserved. Franchises independently owned and operated. Every California Closets system is custom designed specifically for you and the way you live. Visit our showroom or call today to arrange for a complimentary in-home design consultation.

See how your home can be more beautiful and functional with our exceptional designs, exclusive finishes and accessories. Baylor offers treatment options for a whole range of gynecological conditions. These include advanced solutions for everything from endometriosis, uterine fibroids and urological disorders to minimally invasive hysterectomy. And from now on. Discounts vary by system, manufacturer, and other factors.

For more information or for a physician referral, call 1. There are no needles, no special diets, no exercise programs and best of all — no downtime. Results and patient experience may vary. Ask us if CoolSculpting is right for you. CoolSculpting for non-invasive fat reduction is cleared for the flank and abdomen. Tears were flowing, but they were happy tears as Kendall and Kelly shared a special moment that they will always remember.

I am very glad to be re creative than mine. Once in it, but when I came our new house, mine had nothing completely decorated. She can always help you something wrong. She ing on a bike ride or what to do in our free time, like go ver a wasted second having a friend over. There is ne around my mom. I am very lucky to. To activate offer attend Intro. Her long, wavy, chestnut brown hair is cascading over her shoulders, moving to the rhythm of the song as she sways to the beat.

The sound is reminiscent of Trisha Yearwood or Lee Ann Womack, known for their ability to power through emotional ballads using their voice as the main instrument. As she finishes the song, Abby pauses, then raises her shoulders, smiles a big, ear-to-ear grin and lets out an animated laugh. Listening to her perform, it is easy to forget that this talented musician is still a year-old girl who has only just begun to leave her mark on the world. The second of seven children, of which the elder six are girls, Abby has had a passion for singing since she was a child growing up in Southlake.

At 5, she started taking classical piano lessons, and at 8, she saw one of her favorite singers, Norah Jones, in concert while she was on tour promoting Feels Like Home. At 15,. Her performance was part of a benefit concert for the Smiles for Life Foundation, which her father, Steven, co-founded. It was so cool. The catchy, upbeat track describes a young girl picking daisy petals, wondering if the boy she likes loves her back. From 8 a. Then I go to the gym, come back for dinner, and from 6 to 8, I do a lot of writing and composing.

No nurses and no needles are allowed inside — these kids can just go in there and be kids. Volunteering is my favorite. Last month, Abby was asked to open for either Miranda Lambert or Blake Shelton at a large veterans benefit concert in Wichita Falls, and famed music label Capitol Records has already reached out to the talented teenager. I want to get a local following going, as big as I can. I just love sharing my music with everyone. Water Skiing, Tubing, Wakeboarding. Groves is a conservative, honest orthodontist. Groves actually works on the kids and is in charge of their progress.

Also, the staff is very nice and friendly. The corn tortilla begins to stack high as the sizzle sound from the piping-hot pan begins to idle. As she builds her perfect taco, she jumps from one topic to the next, smiling with her eyes. Stacy began singing at the age of 5, taking vocal lessons to prepare her for singing at church and family events. In , and at just 9 years old, she made her debut on stage at the Grapevine Opry during the inaugural show after the location underwent a major remodeling.

When she was 13, she started a band that featured performers all under the age of After gaining exposure by opening up for prestigious Nashville stars, she decided it was time to put her talents in the limelight. Stacy went to Nashville and met with numerous record labels. She was offered dozens of deals, but the right offer never came along. During her time as a worship pastor she still made time for her first love. Brena Gribble explained that they had plans to retire given the state of her health and knew that they wanted someone to carry on the tradition and name they made for the Opry.

While her company Dream Big Productions will continue to carry out a legacy at the Opry, she is redefining a show that is coming into a new age of entertainment. The productions are fresh, fastpaced and provide the most important quality: laughter. As Stacy finally makes her way back to where her entertainment career began, the main priority is to pay the musical experiences forward.

Consequently, she mentors aspiring musicians and also offers the Opry as a place for them to exercise their musical talents. Cohen performs at festivals and is paving a path on the country scene, which is proving to be a challenge. MLS This six bedroom six and a half bathroom, radiant barrier smart feature home has it all including elevator and camera security system. The elaborate foyer is a great place to welcome guests, a study with fireplace and separate upstairs library.

The formal dining features see through fireplace and exquisite adjoining wine room, able to stock temperature controlled bottles. The open gourmet kitchen boasts top of the line appliances Sub Zero side by side, Wolf double oven 2 dishwashers and instant water heaters. Master suite includes its own see through fireplace to huge master bath.

Outside you will find a wonderful outdoor living space and ktichen. Cool off in the gorgeous pool featuring a slide. Northeast Tarrant County boasts a vibrant culinary scene featuring inspired and unique menus, and behind all the mouthwatering dishes are the creative chefs and caterers who prepare them. We invite you to meet a few who know that genuine hospitality combined with exceptional service and delicious food is the recipe for success. This fast-casual hangout serves up fabulous flavors at affordable prices. The restaurant is best known for its tacos but serves a wide array of dishes.

General Manager Carlos Cruz is the go-to guy for catering, with pick-up or delivery services available. Jarad Bissell, whose father was a cook in the U. Air Force, majored in hotel and restaurant industry management at Michigan State University before forgoing an education at the Culinary Institute of America to begin his career. With a passion for fine dining, Bissell has written many recipes and full menus in the fine dining sector, ranging from foie gras and escargot to braised lamb and carrot ginger sauce. He says he cooks with a French influence but enjoys cooking foods from all over the world.

As the executive chef at Brio, Bissell prepares a menu that combines traditional Italian fare with Mediterranean influences. The restaurant is also becoming more health conscious with a continuing focus on dietary and allergen requirements. I love that the people here have embraced Brio and allowed us to become a permanent fixture and staple in their lives. As custom caterers, Dave and Mary Garner bring the signature ambiance and flavor of Wildwood Grill to patrons at the venue of their choice. The Garners, active in the Southlake community, pride themselves on the contemporary, casual style of their restaurant and know how to incorporate personal touches into each event they cater, working closely with guests to design the perfect occasion.

Equally scrumptious are the salads, including the Wildwood spinach salad tossed with golden raisins, candied pecans and crumbled bacon, all drizzled in an orange vinaigrette. Signature entrees like the prime hanger steak, coated in a green peppercorn demi-glace, and the sweet tea rotisserie chicken, marinated for 12 hours and slathered with Dr. Pepper barbeque sauce, are well-known Wildwood favorites. Elsaesser, who grew up in Northeast Tarrant County, says he enjoys the commerce and has seen a lot of success and evolution over the years.

With close to 35 years of combined experience, Wang and Lehman know how to create a flawless dining experience, from superior taste to superior service. Lehman has worn various hats over the years, including server, bartender, catering planner and corporate trainer. As a kid, Gabriel DeLeon was fascinated by the different foods his father prepared for him and his brother.

An honors graduate from the Art Institute of Dallas who trained in Mexico City with Chef Patricia Quintana, DeLeon is well equipped to prepare each and every made-from-scratch dish at Mi Dia, where he serves as head chef.

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Using only the highest quality ingredients, each meal is guaranteed to be an experience for the senses. His culinary career now spans more than 25 years. As the executive chef at Zeppole inside the Gaylord Texan Resort, Marchesi develops savory flavors with seafood, meat and vegetable dishes.

He particularly enjoys making the Seafood Stew as it combines seven different fish to incorporate a variety of flavors from the sea. It is a joy to have the opportunity to get to know them, learn about their families and share stories. With 14 years of culinary experience behind him, Francisco Aguado knows what it takes to prepare a good meal.

All senses are involved in cooking and creating a dish. The best part of all is that it brings people together. Show text club phone message to redeem. Please call New memberships only. This May 3, the successful and free! From 5 to 10 p. A Touch of Paris, owned by French artist Dominique Galleron, displays original art including her own oil paintings. Holder Dane, located near the historic train depot, will have wood and clay sculptures, contemporary jewelry and fine pottery on display. For more information, visit SouthlakeStyle.

But this year, Taste Addison is no more. In its place? The weekend of May 16, Addison Circle Park will be buzzing with activity, from cooking demonstrations to concerts. Those with general admission tickets will be treated to a Saturday performance by country superstar Pat Green, who just so happens to be coowner of restaurant The Rustic, located in Uptown.

Also on Saturday are the Tasty Run 5K and Fun Run, which will feature tasting stations with bite-size samples for runners circling the course.