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Its good to have this job as part time but i dont recomand it for full time because the pay is not enough to meet your day to day expenses its ok to work there. Was this review helpful? Productive and fun work place. It was a experience to learn from , met genuine coworkers , got to hear our own music at time when manager was there and not there , free lunches sometimes, and just a great environment.

Free lunches sometimes, played our music sometimes, discounts on food. Break was given when they chose too, hours were short sometimes, toamy coworkers at a small place.

They are decent with flexible hours if you have a family emergency they understand. The tips are great if you are a driver. Busy sometimes ,.

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I was a driver. When I started it was good. Busy and good tips.

Manger got promoted and then store had no real manager. Last Manager was a great worker but no type of management skills and had favorites. As a driver you are only as good as the people on the make line. Constantly forgetting items for orders and sanding the drivers back. Late deliveries therefore not getting tips. Productive and very fast paced place to work. Met some good people and made some good friends, During the summer hours are cut by over half. The overall management is unstable at best. Hardest part of the job is keeping orders together.

Frustrating but Fun. It can be a very fun place to work but the turn over rate is very high and my store had high volume of sales every day. So we were almost always understaffed. Not family friendly. Work from 9 am to 9pm especially on weekends. Sweat factory, summer times it gets over 90 degrees in the store. No medical benifits.


No care for your family time. If your needed your to come in or not have a job basically. Delivery job in college town.

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Very flexible scheduling with an array of hours being available for the school year. During the summer hours are cut by over half. High production and fast paced at the locations I have worked. Overall racist company! Basically more work less pay!! Persistent workplace but quite friendly. The management was a special kind, everybody has respect for each other and if you needed time off just ask ahead of time.

Only some issues with being a driver because of adding miles to your vehicle. Wear and tear on vehicle, not really any breaks, and sometimes the weather is unpredictable. Great place to work.

Mega Deal Dominos Coupon Code

Everyone is friendly and always in a good mood. Good place, like a second home. Everyone is a team, and they all help each other. Everybody being cross trained helps for the productivity of the restaurant. Fun working environment.

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Because there are more than 34 million ways to craft a single Domino's pizza. At your Domino's near Bogota, we take pizza delivery pretty seriously. In fact, we promise your pizza will arrive hot and fresh at your door, right out of our oven. Want to know what's happening with your order like, right now? You already know we deliver pizza, but did you know we rock at fast pizza takeout near Bogota too?

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Feel free to order a delectable pie from our pizza menu or take home something completely different. With over 12, stores around the world, we know what it means to provide excellent customer service and the best quality food. It's our mission to be the best pizza delivery company not only in New Jersey, but in the world, and everything we do reflects this commitment. You'll see it in our courteous delivery drivers and money-saving pizza coupons, and taste it in every bite of pizza you eat.

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