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During our Monster Beats urBeats review we gave you a quick historical introduction about both brands partnership and later rupture.

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Through out this 2-brand historical collaboration and 1 year before they split , in , HTC acquired the Beats brand creating the iBeats line and giving life to the Monster Beats iBeats model that we are reviewing now. As a quick cheat-sheet, remember, there are 3 very different models with very similar names: Monster Beats iBeats , Monster Beats urBeats and Beats urBeats.

We have reviewed already the Monster Beats urBeats and the Beats urBeats, now we are reviewing the Monster Beats iBeats — take a deep breath and do not get confused with the names.

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The naming similitude of all these 3 models is fraudulently used by some people that sell the older models as if it were the newer Beats urBeats , so beware. The Monster Beats iBeats share a high resemblance in design with the Monster Beats urBeats, even the robust metal and weighty construction that we liked from them can be felt on the Monster Beats iBeats; another design similarity is the branding placement, Beats logo on the back, iBeats on the top and Monster on the bottom.

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The Monster Beats iBeats features metal housings and rubberized round cables, the cable bifurcation has the Monster logo on one side and flipping it you will find the ibeats name. The Monster Beats iBeats unboxing results in 7 total pair of eartips 2 double flange and 5 single flange , a cable clip and a branded soft rubberized carrying pouch.

If you find a seller that ships the full packaging you will get a nice, large and well-built box. The Monster Beats iBeats bass have an insanely deep sub-bass and punchy mid-bass. Their bass is extremely powerful and will provide as much bass as wanted by anybody, even by bassheads. Just take into consideration that this insane bass was achieved by sacrificing some points: the bass will be boomy and will take ownership of the whole sound signature.

They are scoring a 9.

The Beats by Dre Urbeats are a strong bet

The results of the tests were a thunderous mid-bass punch and sub-bass depth providing a terrific basshead impact and rumble that blew up half of the Top ranked in our Best Basshead Earphones Chart. The Monster Beats iBeats are heavily warm and have a crazy powerful mid-bass bleed that steps over mids way too much, strangely their vocals find a way to sound present enough and not distant but consider that the super strong mid-bass bleed will make mids very congested.

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Higher mids are able to sound crisp and never harsh at all, nonetheless. If a highly drastic EQ is applied, aiming to intensely reduce lower frequencies dB and bump up mids, their overall mids will improve a lot with clearer vocals and substantially less mid-bass bleed but it will be almost impossible to achieve normal sounding mids. The Monster Beats iBeats highs resolve some detail and show some brightness but their out-of-control bass makes them seem darker than they actually are. Piercing highs are not a typical problem of this earphone but some sibilance is present.

An EQ adds a highly perceivable amount of detail and substantial brightness helping their highs to fight back the uncontrolled bass.

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Piercing and sibilant highs, unfortunately, will also get enhanced and stronger. The Monster Beats iBeats leak as much sound as most average earphones, this means that their sound will be hearable by nearby people if you use a moderate-high volume and, in particular, if you are at less noisy situations. During normally noisy city situations the leaking levels will blend in. Seller does not ship to Finland. Exclusive driver design pumps out the deepest bass, soaring highs and ultra-clear midrange Lightweight design is ideal for listening during exercise, travel or for everyday wear.

Hard chrome finish for rugged durability and everlasting shine Precision-machined single-billet metal housing prevents vibrations. Built-in mic lets you talk hands-free on your Apple device Also works with online voice and video chats on iPod touch or iPhone. Sealed in-ear construction and multiple eartip designs block out external noise.

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Free Returns: No. Avenue Cronus Bluetooth Headphones. Sol Republic Relays Sports. OnBuy Rank: Selling Rank. Other Products in Earphones. Beats by Dr.

Beats UrBeats 3 Earphones (MQFU2LL / A) – Black – Certified Refurbished

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