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Whether you're craving a plain vanilla cone or an elaborate banana split, your local Dairy Queen has been the go-to spot for summertime soft-serve since To promote the new soft-serve store, founder Sherb Noble suggested an "all you can eat for 10 cents" sale. The promotion was so popular, Noble worried that the stampede of customers would break the glass windows of the store front. A "brazier," by the way, is another word for a charcoal grill.

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The original store was deemed Dairy Queen because Jack "Grandpa" McCullough, the "driving force" behind DQ's soft serve, said his creation was a queen among dairy products. And just like KFC and Coke , they'll never reveal the ingredients. Gwen Stefani and her brother Eric worked with other founding member John Spence at an Anaheim store, where they discussed forming a band.

It's proof of how thick and delicious their soft-serve is—but it's also a total marketing gimmick.

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Some stores offer the treat for free if the employee fails to perform the trick. You can credit a teenage boy in Missouri for inspiring the practice. In the s, Ted Drewes Jr.

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Louis, where he sold concretes—frozen custard mixed with bits of fruit. In , year-old Steve Gamber made a habit of visiting Drewes's stand nearly every day and asking for a chocolate malt. Every time Drewes handed it to him, Gamber would ask for him to make it thicker. Eventually, Gamber said , Drewes got fed up and started turning it upside down "just to shut me up.

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Louis, took notice of both Drewes's concretes and cheeky presentation and went to Dairy Queen executives with the proposal for the first Blizzard. Ted Drewes , meanwhile, is still a St. Louis institution. In the U. Of course, he owns it—at least, Berkshire Hathaway does—but he really supports the product.

Unfortunately, the city didn't have a DQ location at the time, so he had to settle for some cookies. You may remember the Breeze, a lower-calorie Blizzard alternative that was made with frozen yogurt.

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It was around for about a decade before the company pulled it from the menu, saying demand was so low that the frozen yogurt would often go bad before it could be used. In response, the company invited the billionaire to give it a shot himself—and he accepted their offer. He had trouble perfecting the trademark "Q" swirl at the top of soft-serve cones. According to the company , "Our soft-serve does not qualify to be called ice cream.

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To be categorized as ice cream, the minimum butterfat content must be 10 percent, and our soft-serve has only 5 percent butterfat. The soft-serve round coated in chocolate and finished with that signature Dairy Queen swirl was introduced to the franchise by Robert Litherland, the co-owner of a store in Moorhead , Minnesota.

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Employees of an ice cream distributor in Minneapolis showed up at Litherland's door to demonstrate the technique, and finished by holding up the completed bar and saying, "Now, isn't that a dilly! When DQ rolled out the MooLatte frozen coffee drink in , more than a few eyebrows were raised at the made-up word's similarity to the slur "mulatto. When the copyright license expired, Dairy Queen chose not to renew it. It's been speculated that company execs felt Dennis was no longer a character kids related to. Clad in a Dutch-style cap, dress, and shoes, Little Miss Dairy Queen was featured as a 5-foot weather vane in a select few locations.

Most are gone now, but see if you can spot one on your next road trip.

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It was made in in Springfield, Massachusetts. Guinness doesn't specify the flavor, but if we had to guess, we'd say it was Oreo. And now there are two Royal Blizzard Treats. Then there's the Royal New York Cheesecake Blizzard that is formed from cheesecake pieces and graham blended with creamy vanilla soft serve then filled with a perfectly paired strawberry center. DQ offers a variety of treats and products including burgers, chicken strips, chicken sandwiches, artisan sandwiches and the famous DQ soft-serve that is part of a variety of unique treats only found at Dairy Queen restaurants.

The company was founded in Check out over free birthday meals and birthday freebies with our Restaurant Birthday Deal Finder.

Find A Location. Printed: DQ. Double with Cheese at Reg. Thanks for choosing us to help you discovery amazing bargains. Save on ice cream cake and blizzards with 8 Dairy Queen Canada discount codes for January.

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