How to add a coupon border in photoshop

With brushes, you'll have perfect control over the width, thickness, and spacing of your dotted line. As you see from the screen grab, you'll still have odd spacing at the corners, but there's no easy way around that inside PS. Open this file in photoshop and.. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

How do I make dotted borders in Photoshop? Ask Question. Yi Jiang 3 3 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Wait for CS6 it has dotted lines. Woo Hoo! Jon Jon 1 1 silver badge 6 6 bronze badges.

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For a 1-pixel dot you need the Pencil tool, which lives under the Brush tool in the Tools panel. Below are steps on how to create a simple dotted line in Photoshop:. You will notice that the stroke will change from a wavy line to a dotted line. Step 9: You have now created a simple and straight dotted line. You can always change the color by clicking on the color tool before creating a stroke path. Once deleted, the path line will be gone. Below is a guide on how to make a multicolored dotted line out of shapes.

Step 2: Create a new layer and use shape tool to create a shape. In this sample, we will be using the Ellipse Pen Tool. Step 3: In your document, hold down the SHIFT key and drag down to create a perfect circle according to your preferred size.

Other method of making dotted lines (Raster/Old School way)

Step 6: Change your previous color to a second color of your choice in this sample, we will use bright green. Drawing a rectangle with round corners 6m 51s. Making your path outlines easier to see 4m 51s. Creating a dashed or dotted border 10m 33s.

1. Open your Brushes Palette

Drawing and aligning custom shapes 5m 14s. Creating your own custom shape 5m 23s. Designing a custom shape in Illustrator 6m 12s. Selecting, modifying, and combining shapes 7m 43s. Duplicating and centering shapes 6m 21s. Centering a star inside a circle 3m 30s. Beveling your shapes with Pillow Emboss 5m 56s.

Combining shapes into a smart object 6m 33s. Applying lighting and photorealism 8m 2s. Converting text to a shape layer 5m 33s. Editing the shape of a character of type 5m 10s. Blend Modes. Blending layers like a pro 1m 25s. Normal and Dissolve 4m 54s. Using the Dissolve mode 5m 44s. Multiply and the other darken modes 6m 20s. Using the Multiply mode 6m 59s.

Screen and the other lighten modes 4m 49s.

Line border photoshop

Using the Screen mode 9m 31s. Using the Dodge and Burn modes 5m 38s. Overlay and the contrast modes 7m 17s. Using the Overlay and Soft Light modes 6m 32s. Difference, Exclusion, Subtract, and Divide 6m 15s. Capturing the differences between images 4m 57s. Hue, Saturation, Color, and Luminosity 7m 55s. Blend mode keyboard shortcuts 5m 48s.

The Brush tool blend modes 5m 34s. The remarkable Fill Opacity Eight 7m 29s. Blend If: This layer and underlying layer 7m 28s.

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Layers Effects. Depth, contour, and texture 1m 32s. Applying a Drop Shadow 6m 23s.

Working with Fill Opacity 4m 5s. Applying an Inner Shadow 6m 19s. Working with Global Light 5m 6s. Creating blurry, spray paint-style type 7m 57s. Creating your own custom Contour 5m 43s. Combining multiple layer effects 4m 18s. Copying effects between layers and groups 5m 2s. Assigning multiple strokes to a single layer 6m 42s. Combining multiple drop shadows 4m 59s. Levels and Curves. Mastering the histogram 1m 20s. Correcting an image automatically 6m 2s. Customizing a Levels adjustment 5m 54s. Previewing clipped pixels 6m 10s.

Understanding the Gamma value 4m 27s. Making channel-by-channel adjustments 7m 4s. Cleaning up scanned line art 7m 5s. Cleaning up complex mechanicals 5m 53s. Quicker layer masks with Levels 7m 5s. Introducing the Curves adjustment 7m 22s. The Curves Targeted Adjustment tool 5m 27s. Assigning shortcuts to adjustment layers 5m 51s. Lens Correction and Perspective Warp. What to do when everything is crooked 1m 7s. Introducing Lens Correction 3m 52s. Distortion, aberrations, and vignette 5m 22s. Adjusting angle and perspective 5m 29s.

Using the Perspective Warp command 6m 24s. Fine-tuning your perspective adjustment 7m 15s. Evening out color and lighting 4m 10s. Advanced Camera Raw. The most powerful Photoshop plugin returns 1m 12s.

Photoshop: Dotted/Dashed Lines

Automatic lens correction and Defringe 6m 9s. Auto-correcting a JPEG image 5m 13s. Auto-correcting an undocumented photo 6m 24s. Auto-Straighten, Transform, and Upright 6m 23s. Using the Tone Curve graphs 6m 2s. Painting with the Adjustment Brush 7m. Using the Graduated Filter tool 6m 2s. Using the Radial Filter tool 6m 57s. Dehaze and Post-Crop Vignetting 6m 13s. Black and White Photography. Shoot in color, convert to black and white 1m 53s.

Three ways to convert to grayscale 6m 17s. Introducing the Channel Mixer 6m 32s.