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The Sister Missionary Mall has everything you will need and want. So I give you: SMM were the binders. Binders full of surveys filled by sisters who had previously served and what they found to be most useful in their mission. Binders upon binders full of hand-written real-life experiences. A physical representation of so many who served and by doing so, brought happiness to so many in their paths.

Also , on these pages, were clothing needs for each specific mission I knew I liked these binders. The answer is Do the Russian sister missionaries get an extra suitcase? They really should. All the cute gals who work at Sister Missionary Mall are returned missionaries. More real life experience in house. They all are willing to help you find outfits that will help you feel like a sister missionary while looking beautiful, bright, and trendy. They know the guidelines and are excited to help you find your personal style while complying to those guidelines.

The quality of their clothing is top notch.

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