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We have 12 piperwai coupons for you to consider including 12 promo codes and 0 deals in June Grab a free piperwai. PiperWai Natural Deodorant is an all natural charcoal creme deodorant. Absorbs sweat and neutralizes odor. Smells fresh, non-irritating, and lasts all day! Power air fryer oven promo code. Lezhin coupon code. Trycuevapor coupon code. Chumba casino promotion links.

Itarget discount code. Jones beach light show coupon. He told me to not worry about anything else and get spray on deodorant. His whole family does that too. Look into it! I use secret spray on. Regardless of how linked they are, sweating is good for ridding yourself of impurities, and once you stop using antiperspirant, your sweating levels tend to lower. What causes the stink is bacteria forming in the moist areas—so deodorants with anti-microbial qualities like tea tree, rosemary and patchouli tend to help there.

Primal Pit Paste in Lavender — the boyfriend did an arm-pit smell test and it passed with flying colors! Do you still sweat? Just ordered the primal pit paste in Jasmine. Heard lots of good things. Hi Lauryn- I battled for years to find the right deodorant and a friend introduced me to an all natural, organic deodorant from a company in SoCal called Windecker Farms. Tou can find them on IG and online. Been using them for over a year and totally in love!!! Love their deodorant and handmade soaps!! I can help!! Propylene Glycol which is a neurotoxin that could cause damage to your central nervous system 4.

Phthalates that can increase the likelihood of cell mutation and disrupt hormone receptors 5. Triclosan which is a pesticide!! Ok sooo I am italian and can be seriously stinking. I sometimes even use the clairsonic on them! It lasts all day and through workouts. Another tip is if you apply hydrogen peroxide to your armpits, it kills the bacteria that make you stink. BO is from bacteria, not sweat, so killing the bacteria takes the smell away. It feels detoxifying almost. I would recommend Piper Wai, it was featured on Shark Tank and it an all natural product!

Activated charcoal included! Both are a cream that you have to apply by hand which may feel a little awkward but no chemicals makes it worth it! Alright Guinea pig. When you figure it out you need to do an updated post. I hate wearing deodorant for this reason too. Just so weird. I hate it. So let us know! I am SO with you! Balance, right?!

Jen recently posted.. Piperwai I hear is great. I have it on order but have not received it yet. They use active Charcole in it. You have to check it out. I have the same problem i finally found two locally made hawaii brand that i like i posted one on instagram and tagged you. Its small enough u can carry around in your bag.

I think the best is Agent Nateur — completely blocks odor, but not sweat. Great, chic packaging, but I think the essential oils irritate my underarms. I put up with it because it works so well. Meow Meow Tweet is pretty good. However, this one works really well. I have moderate deodorant needs and for the most part it keeps me smelling good. So glad you posted about this because I have been searching high and low for a good organic deodorant!

Totally agree with this post by the way. I definitely want to enjoy my life and make sure that I am living healthy, but man, a girls got to indulge every once in a while! I love Every Man Jack in Sandalwood its natural and works well. It has even won awards from Esquire multiple years in a row. Make your own!! Omg I am stinky mama without deodorant, working out or not. My dear friend tried some recipes in her kitchen and this is what she came up with and I swear it works! I love lavendar and cedarwood. This has been a game changer! And it lasts seriously all day, and it survives long hikes in the heat of SoCal summer.

Let me know how you like it! Get well soon! I cannot wait to go through all these comments bc I want to start making my own! But this brand, Meow Meow Tweet, is incredible and right up your alley — I loved the Lavender one but you might like the baking soda free grapefruit one — Vegan and small batch I have zero affiliation with the company, just love them and have the same qualms with deodorant as you — in fact, my boyfriend gives me so much hell for it but he can deal! Excited to hear what you find! Primally Pure!!!!!!! Lauryn, you haveee to try PiperWai.

I recommended it to my best friend and she lovessss it. It smells really good, totally reminds me of a spa. I have literally been on a quest for a good natural deodorant for over a year! I buy it online and it comes in a nice spray bottle. You can buy the refill bottles and just refill your spray bottle. Ambre essential oil deodorant is heaven sent!!! I have been looking for a natural deodorant that works too!

The truth is, nothing is going to keep you from sweating.

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The body is just made to sweat, as uncomfortable as it is. I have been hearing good things about a lot of these cream or paste-like deodorants in jars. LesLeigh J. I have been having the same issues as you with deodorant. I have been using it for a week now and it. Only con I have with it is that it is not a roll-on. You have to rub a teeny bit on with your hand or a cosmetic wand. Which is weird at first.. It seriously smells SO so good. Seriously try it! I totally feel you on this because I was just thinking the same thing..

I just order Piperwei because I saw it on sharktank and since it was charcoal based I thought why not. It makes me a little excited to see that a few followers have suggested the same. You could also start trinking sage tea, if you dont want to use a deodorant. Please give Nature Love a try!! Nature Love is my savior. Lavender and Lemongrass are the best. Hey so what has been working for me is exfoliating really well always and then I wet the crystal with a spray of magnesium oil! They apparently last a few months so I would see it as an investment considering how amazing essential oils are for the skin!

For an extra long day I use Crystal first then after it dries I put on this stuff. The salt stick works for about 5 minutes…maybe. I did just order some Piper Wai piperwai. The only downside is that you have to use your finger to grab some out of the container and rub it into your armpit. But it works!! Chantelly recently posted.. I swear by Naturally Fresh in tropical breeze. The roll on kind. Not the spray, not the crystal.

Liquid on a ball. I get it at Whole Foods and it seems to do the trick for me. I also like Primal Pit Paste.

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Oh, and I saw someone else recommend sage tea. Sage tea totally makes a difference if you commit to it. Make it with the leaves and mix in some pineapple juice. Haha I think your my spirit sister or something because this post and blog in general though! I hate chemicals, aluminum, and gross nasties in my deodarant. Anyway, I hope you feel better soon! Have you tried Kai Fragrance deodorant? In recyclable packaging and made here in the u. Unrelated to deodorant or the pits: you and Michael are seriously my favorites.

I have the same concerns as you and tried everything from making my own, to trying every kind at whole foods, and nothing would work. The deodorant I used is the scent Spring Fresh. They have a ton of different ones. This one they say lasts 72 hours — not sure about that, but definitely 24hrs. That sh! It smells amazing and really really keeps the stink away.

She says most stench is from a zinc deficiency. Sounds too good to be true but it really is amazing. Gradually your body chemistry could even go 7 days without needing to reapply it. I was able to go 3 days at first without reapplying and eventually it was a solid 6 days before I felt I needed to reapply. This probably helps the deodorant to start working its magic before any bacteria have a chance to start creating their nastiness. My naturopath is super picky and recommended it years ago. The tip I have for those is to pour them into an old deodorant container while melted for easier application.

And I constantly ask my husband to make sure of that!! But for those who DO smell, I saw a very interesting post on Wellness Mama about detoxing your armpits with activated charcoal. The activated charcoal pulls out all the toxins and bacteria, and the bacteria are what make you smelly.

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You could try that for us and report back! Anyone from the Uk wearing one? I ove Lauryns blog its become a daily bible for me as I love the quirky way of writing? Any tips to not spend a fortune in Holland and Barret or Wholefoods? So I totally agree with you. Home Services.

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Financial Services. Home Products. Makeup Foundation Mascara Lip Balm. If you click on or buy something via a link on this page, we may earn a commission. Showing results for. Sorry, something went wrong. Please refresh your browser and try again. Last updated on March 13, Best overall. For Pit's Sake! Green Tidings. Fatco Stank Stop.

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Agent Natuer. Check price. Read review. By Amanda Nyren. Simple alcohols. Propylene glycol and propanediol. Coconut oil. Zinc oxide. Baking soda. Sam's Natural Deodorant. Proven odor-blocking ingredients, no aluminum, and comes in an easy-to-apply stick. Pros Ideal ingredients Effective design 15 scents.

Return to top. Widest range of scents. Schmidt's Natural Deodorant. Another favorite featuring baking soda and coconut oil odor-blockers, minimal residue, and seven scents to choose from.

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Pros Great formula Crowd-pleasing scents. Most odor-blocking ingredients. Natural Deodorant.

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Contains all three of our top odor-blockers and left little residue — but application isn't as easy. Pros Exceptional odor protection Zero residue. Best organic formula. Green Tidings All-Natural Deodorant. An ingredient list similar to our top pick, but organic and a little pricier. Pros Certified organic Mild scent Textured but tidy application.