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The commerce platform for OpenSim it is an online market for resident created products. Alternatively you can also rent a private standalone OpenSim region independent of any grid or you can start your own, independent virtual world grid. Ener Hax opensim freebies garden jarus This website uses cookies to improve your experience and to help us and our advertisers understand our audience so that we can grow the OpenSim ecosystem. I present my experimentation with opensim in the form or tutorials, object ,vehicles, tools and bots. Outworldz regions in Opensim A complete copy of the Welcome region from the Hypergrid Central grid, with a huge selection of freebies, including a complete set of Torley Textures.

Large variety of plants, buildings, clothing and accessories, avatars, hair and skins, animations, vehicles, and building sets. The products are from some of the big names in OpenSim freebies. Free shops available for merchants, both local grid members and those who are based on other grids. Clothing, hair, and more, both free and for sale for Gloebits on the 3rdLife Grid.

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There are also some free items on the first floor, under the stairs. Includes beach supplies, clothing and accessories.

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All content is CC0 licensed, for use in any way, on any grid, including for commercial builds and products. Includes avatars and avatar accessories, clothing and jewelry, furniture, animations, sculpts and textures, gardening supplies, and prefab buildings.

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All content is CCO licensed, for any use, anywhere. That means that people can freely use this content as the base of their own creations that they later sell. A large shopping mall on the DigiWorldz grid. Most content is for sale using the local DigiWorldz currency, but stores also offer freebies. Lots of exclusive and unique original content. Wide selection of freebies on the Dynamic Worldz grid.

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A shopping destination with more than 20 freebie stores on the Free Life Grid. Mesh clothing and planters and pots for your garden, located on The Kaz Grid. The region includes both free content and items for sale for Gloebits.

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Unique, hand-made content on a location on Breath Grid. One of the oldest and most famous freebie destinations on the hypergrid, Lani is a science fiction-themed region on OSgrid. More than 50 shops and over 2, different products. Check out the video above for a preview.

A large shopping area on the Logicamp grid with both free items and commercial items on sale for Gloebits. Includes cars, furniture, and clothing. The social shopping center on the Social Mouse Grid. Furniture with animations, various landscaping items, textures, baby furniture, lighting, and more.

Contact Social Mouse in-world for a free store. Textures, animations, sounds, Ruth 2. A selection of female and male clothing and mesh bodies, including adult content, located on NextLife World.

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A beach-themed shopping area on the DigiWorldz grid. Most content is for sale, using the local DigiWorldz currency, but there is also a freebie section in the center. Another Linda Kellie destination, this time on Offworld. Again, Linda Kellie content is CC0 licensed, for use in any way in any location, including as a base for other commercial products.

Clothes, furniture, homes, games, shoes, and other freebies on the Tranquility Grid. A selection of female and male clothing and mesh bodies, including adult content, located on OSgrid. The grand-daddy of all freebie destinations, a must-visit on OSgrid. Celebrate Earth Day at this extended reality festival. Climb Mt. Everest in virtual reality. Study finds VR to be a effective teaching tool for nurses.

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