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The Xbox One X is a beast of a gaming console. By far and away, it's the most powerful device listed on this page. But despite all that power under the hood, it's not the best 4K Blu-ray player.

The complete Game of Thrones and Harry Potter series are Black Friday’s best Blu-ray deals

Sure, it can play 4K UHD discs — and it even supports Dolby Atmos audio — but the images that it produces aren't likely to blow you away. That's probably because the Xbox One X doesn't have the same level of picture-upscaling that some of the other dedicated media players on this list have. Read the full review: Xbox One X. The Xbox One S might be primarily a video game console, but it's also a stellar and cheap 4K Blu-ray player. Not holding the title of a "proper Blu-ray player" doesn't stop the Xbox One S from being a great, cheap way to play 4K Blu-ray discs.

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Sporting a Blu-ray disc drive and the capacity to run Netflix in 4K Ultra HD, Microsoft's latest iteration of the Xbox is a great 'jack-of-all-trades' machine that's capable of satisfying your UHD disc needs as well as playing the latest console game released for the system. The downside of it being able to do everything is that you'll be working with an interface designed primarily for gaming. The controller that comes with the console isn't the most efficient way to control movie playback, and the machine lacks support for Dolby Vision.

Regardless, if you want a machine that can handle both your gaming and your home cinema needs, the Xbox One S is the console for the job. Read the full review: Xbox One S. The K is currently the cheapest route into 4K Blu-ray. It's also a useful hub for 4K OTT services from Netflix and Amazon, and while the design is a bit Marmite, you'll be consistently impressed by its loading speed and colourful UI. You can get better image quality, support for more formats and better build quality by spending more money, but if you want a cheap machine that covers the basics, then the Samsung UBD-K is yet to be beaten on price.

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The Infinity War Blu-ray comes with loads of extra features, including four featurettes and a handful of deleted scenes. The deleted scenes include a surprise cameo surprise cameo and a scene that explains how the Guardians knew to head to Titan. It also includes an audio commentary with plenty of revealing tidbits. We even found out what was up with the Hulk. If you're a devotee of the Marvel films, you'll need to catch up and prepare for next year's Captain Marvel film, which has its groundwork laid in Infinity War.

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Lots of other Marvel movies are on sale too. Plan your shopping ahead so you can get it done in a snap.

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