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The owner of the establishment says he is keeping the bed there temporarily for the neighbours, but the inspectors express scepticism. At Fat Chaps Best Turkish Cuisine , a middle-aged man from Uzbekistan is serving chips over the counter; the air hangs heavy with the smell of frying, and the floor is slippery with grease. A sign behind him reads: "Please do not ask for credit as a smack in the mouth often offends.

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Border Agency staff ask the man for his name and passport details, and phone through the information to an immigration call centre, where officials working through the night discover that his student visa was refused in You're under arrest for overstaying your visa," a police officer tells him. They walk upstairs with him to a bare room above the shop, where he changes out of his yellow Fat Chaps T-shirt into jeans that he takes from a suitcase under his bed, and he is taken, without protest, to the police station.

A few days later he is deported. Officials ask the cafe's manager how much the staff are paid. Throughout the evening, employees are very clear about the prices they charge for the chicken meal deals they serve, but peculiarly vague about their own pay arrangements. At Mighty Chicken and Ribs, at around midnight, the extractor fan is not working, the tables are unwiped and grimy, and rubbish is exploding from the bin.

The only member of staff on duty, a student from Pakistan, is also unable to give precise details about his pay arrangements, and claims not to know how to contact his employer. Inspectors tell him off for leaving a half-eaten burger his supper behind the till and for storing the chicken on top of the bread in the freezer, along with the day's takings wrapped in a plastic bag.

A study into the prevalence of minimum wage abuses recently commissioned by Newham and carried out by Mori and the local charity Community Links pointed out that employees are often "actively complicit in hiding their employers' malpractice because they want to protect their jobs".

It is uncomfortable that the people most alarmed by the night of chicken shop raids are the employees: young teenage brothers from Pakistan who are obliged to show inspectors their living quarters above the shop, students from Bangladesh, who watch with growing unease as border officials check their papers.

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The shop owners are largely absent, and may receive notification of further action by post later. Sheila Roberts, the borough enforcement manager,, who has participated in a number of raids, says one employee was so frightened by their arrival that he went to hide in a freezer. She argues that the action has to be taken because employers who do not pay the minimum wage are often violating other regulations, and their staff may not feel able to report injuries or problems.

There are hundreds of chicken shops in Newham, and although some of them do operate legitimate businesses, inspectors say it is rare to visit one and not find some kind of irregularity. Chicken and chips is a combination of foods predominantly consumed in the United Kingdom, The Commonwealth , and United States.

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It consists of a piece of fried , roasted , or barbecued chicken and chips, or French fries as they are known in the US. The consumption of chicken and chips is a popular food choice based on its value for money. A serving of chicken and chips is usually packaged in a small cardboard box lined with a piece of greaseproof paper. A sachet of salt , and sometimes pepper , is sometimes served with the food. In , chicken and chips was added to the UK consumer basket , used for calculating inflation.

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Recipe Tip Tasty gravy The juices from the chicken are perfect for making gravy. Add a glass of white wine to the tin, bring to the boil and scrape the bottom of the tin with a wooden spoon. Sieve the gravy into a jug to serve. Comments 3 Questions 0 Tips 0 5. Amazing recipe! If you love chicken Kiev, then this is amazing! Agree with other comment though, definitely reduce the salt. This recipe was delicious and worked perfectly. The only change I would make is to reduce the amount of salt, but that's just a matter of personal preference. Be the first to ask a question about this recipe Unsure about the cooking time or want to swap an ingredient?