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He and fellow deconstructionists thus began to question and unravel the notion of absolute truth.

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My favourite is the Russian philosopher, Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin. Born in , Bakhtin died in and his work came to prominence in the s partly in company with the deconstructionist changes Derrida and his cohort wrought in social, cultural and literary theory. He, too, saw language not as signs pointing to the world but as an active constituent of the world.

Each utterance, be it spoken or in textual form must be understood as socially situated. It means that each profession, class, culture, station, technical or creative endeavour has a unique language. We all think and speak within our particular social, cultural, professional or philosophical framework. If we accept that Bakhtin is right, writing for SEO requires us to learn a new language, one that skims off the top, regularises, routinises and makes the online world predictably bland.

With its promise of success, writing for SEO seduces us into new ways of creating stripped back meaning.

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Google, then, is in a position of power over what we say and how we say it online. If we stick to subtle or difficulty ideas to entertain audiences within our own hetreraglossic world, we be accused of using jargon and fade into oblivion. Can you imagine Levi-Strauss, Derrida, Bakhtin and all the other philosophers and thinkers we study at university constructing themselves for SEO?

Yet, this is the world we live in, so we might as well give in. Not code.

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A new language in our already heteraglossic world. Still, we need this new SEO language with its keywords, focus keywords, tags, categories and other identifiers.

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How would we navigate the immeasurable internet otherwise? Yoast offers free keyword research training.

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  7. Does the SEO effort to find readers, to find an audience, re-shape not only the way we use language but our minds? Does it lead to shallow thinking? Worse still, does it lead to mindless conformity? I struggle to reduce complex sentences and ideas to key phrases, short or long-tailed. Here are the tips they offer — with my slick tongue-in-cheek critique in italics beside each.

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    He urges us to get real:. Think of the teachers you had growing up. Who were your favourites?

    Those who delivered the best information or those who were funny, the storytellers, the ones who truly cared about you? You need to show your audience that you connect with them and you align with their emotions, values, and identities. Built in by Sultan Al-Ashraf Sayf al-Din Qa'it Bay, the fortress stands on the exact site of the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and whose ruins were used as part of the material to build the fortress.

    The citadel was extensively renovated during the rule of Muhammad Ali Pasha in the first half of the 19th century, before being damaged by the British navy during the Orabi Revolt of The building was restored to its former glory in the s by the Egyptian Antiquities Organization, who turned the building into a Maritime Museum. Although most evidence of the temple no longer stands above ground, after the Serapeum was thought to have been destroyed by Christians in CE who disapproved of its history as a site for the worship of Greek gods, excavations have uncovered an extensive series of catacombs or tunnels underneath the former site of the temple.

    The Serapeum is also the site of Pompey's Pillar, one of the largest ancient Roman columns ever constructed outside of the ancient capitals of Rome and Constantinople at 88 feet Although mistakenly named after the Roman General Pompey, the pillar was in fact constructed to commemorate the victory of the Roman Emperor Diocletian over revolting Alexandrians in CE. At the heart of the beautiful Montaza Royal Gardens stands the Al-Haramlik Palace, commonly known as the Montaza Palace, one of Alexandria's most beautiful and historic landmarks.

    Built in by the Khedive viceroy or ruler under the Ottoman Empire Abbas II, the palace was constructed for use as a hunting lodge and secondary residence of the Khedivate of Egypt and Sudan. Built using a combination of Ottoman and Florentine architectural styles, the palace's main tower is decorated with elaborate Italian Renaissance flourishes.

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    Surrounding the palace are a number of exclusive luxury cabins, built by wealthy Egyptians and foreigners during the time of the Egyptian monarchy to stay close to the palace. This impressive library and cultural center on the shore of the Mediterranean is both a commemoration of the ancient Library of Alexandria that was destroyed during the classical period and an attempt to reinvigorate Alexandria's worldwide reputation as a center of learning.

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    Established in after seven years of construction work, the library complex contains six different specialized libraries housing books written in English, French, and Arabic, as well as four museums hosting a range of different Egyptian antiquities and manuscripts as well as the personal collection of former Egyptian president Anwar al Sadat. Alexandria is one of the best places in the world to eat Ful medames , a classic Egyptian dish made with cooked fava beans prepared with vegetable oil, cumin, and lemon.

    A typical breakfast dish, often served with bread, hard-boiled eggs, and fresh vegetables, ful was traditionally prepared in enormous pots which cooked overnight in the fires used to heat the bath water of the city's many hammams or public baths.

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