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The interest rate on an existing permanent tsb loan may vary from the rates quoted on this page. LTV stands for Loan to Value. The applicable maturity rate will be based on the loan to value at account opening. Warning: You may have to pay charges if you pay off a fixed-rate loan early. Note: This is for information only. The Standard Variable Rate option is available to existing customers only with this option noted in their terms and conditions. Get in touch with permanent tsb. Have a general query? Ask us on Twitter askpermanenttsb. Find your nearest branch Use our handy Branch Locator.

Landlords Insurance Get a Quote. If the loan is a refinance or the lender wants to pursue a judicial foreclosure, California offers no protection from recourse. One obvious question is that if lenders can chase down borrowers to recover unpaid debts, why are they losing so much money? The answer is pretty simple. Most borrowers who default on their mortgages probably have no assets to go after.

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The reason that the borrower defaulted on the mortgage was that they had run out of money. Still, even if that is true, it does seem easier with less hassle and less downstream impact to declare bankruptcy in the US than it does here which might be why they don't put in the effort to chase. Housing held as security is not marked to market and banks have actually been at record net interest income. Inter-bank lending costs have been dropping since February so you are seeing rate cuts.

Custard, well said : Majority of domestic bank deposits are in terms less than a year. The tide could change quickly. Yvil's naive on this. Shorter term rates are under heavy influence from the OCR so you are likely overstating the risk. From a classical perspective you would lower your currency until your balance of trade was roughly neutral. The Reserve will have a range target, i dont know what that is but they use to say about 65 cents was reasonable so perhaps a range of about 55 cents to 75 cents rather than the 70 cents to 90 cents it ranged across from to Thanks Laminar - that was basically my point - I just feel a little bit of "be careful what you wish for".

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For some reason I've got a historical 65c to 68c in my head - we're there already - and all indications are we're heading further south. Capital flight is already well underway. It is as much about capital protection as it is about interest rate differentials. In a global crisis the NZD could go a lot lower than we think possible, or not, crises are chaotic.

Not many, perhaps no one, has got themselves "over leveraged" in the last year or two. The ones that were already have seen the mortgage rates drop significantly, probably putting them into positive territory. Bear in mind that the over leveraged usually have two good incomes coming in which may have got a little better over the last couple of years.

And, oh, rents have gone up as well. Sustained low interest rates are good news for all NZ consumers - except for the minority who get themselves donkey-deep in debt. As outlined by Greg Ninness in a column last weekend, the indications are that price stability will remain a feature of the housing market heading into - and the current round of interest rate cuts will reinforce that effect. But, technically, I would label those with term deposits as being "investors" rather than consumers.

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All depends on how much you have invested and what your outgoing are, its all relative. Also anyone on a TD typically has their money tied up for at least 9 to 12 months. Longer term rates are coming down but the 12 month rate looks pretty stable. Interest rates could easily upswing in the next 12 months, in fact I'm expecting an increase.

Plenty of people out there who made the right decisions in life are now effectively "Untouchable" financially so they really don't care. I'd have thought those 'donkey-deep in debt' would be benefiting even more from sustained low interest rates than the average Joe. Even if a mortgage gets easier to service, the principal still needs paying off eventually. Pointy, pointy, pointy - after the last couple of days I would expect you to be a bit more circumspect.

But no, bold statements based on what? You may just end up with more egg on your face. The Cannibals have started to eat each other, as the flow of Missionaries has stopped? Someone s The Banks The Customers are their fodder, and there are fewer of them by the day.

TSB: the bank to say yes to?

The only 'food' banks will have soon is to poach each other's customers If loan growth stops, banks stop or, as we are seeing in Australia, their loan rates suddenly reverse upwards, as margin growth is the last option left to them. The logical conclusion is that 'someones going to starve' ie: there will be fewer banks required as their food - debt- dries up.

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PS: Lower mortgage rates are similar to convincing the Missionaries ie; bank customers that the simmering water in the cooking pot is actually a nice warm bath that's good for them! Great news for the leveraged borrowers that so many commenters on this site are so worried for ;. But according to your theory, if interest rates go up, house prices go down.. TSB takes a sharp pencil to home loan rates three years and longer. ANZ reduces most of its rates, but none market leading. Personal Finance.

TSB has cut three rates substantially. All these changes are for fixed home loan rates of three years and longer. Partial repost because it's relevant here too. Nic : the banks are all lowering mortgage rates to tempt people into filling the abyss left by the foreign buyer That means these banks doesn't have any credit crunch yet..

TSB stops borrowers moving to cheaper mortgages - due to an IT problem | This is Money

The reason for banning foreign buyers is that they are rich and Kiwis can't compete with them, they bring their own money from overseas to buy houses in NZ, therefore they do not need a mortgage in NZ "the banks are all lowering mortgage rates to tempt people into filling the abyss left by the foreign buyer" is absolute nonsense. It misleads people who may believe this. Yes Nick did, he said: "the banks are all lowering mortgage rates to tempt people into filling the abyss left by the foreign buyer" it's the last sentence of his post.