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The eRx configuration tool is broken into two sections. The top portion of the window will allow the user to configure the eRx Eligibility settings for the practice. The bottom portion of the window will allow the user to enroll or disable the eRx feature for providers and locations.

Add Prescriber - Click the Add Prescriber hyperlink to launch the provider list window. Master List of Providers - Select the provider name from the list and it will add to the master list of providers.

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Location - Select a location to associate with the provider. The location details address, phone, fax for this service site will transmit with the enrollment request to Surescripts. Note: The user has to have the user right to turn on the option to modify the eRx service level. To change the eRx Service level, click the hyperlink and the eRx service level window will appear.

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It is recommended to leave the defaults selected. Enroll — Click the Enroll button to transmit the enrollment request to Surescripts electronically. Once the prescriber is enrolled you will see the details Active Start Time, Active End Time and Status information populate within the enrollment window. The enroll button will no longer appear and you will see the Disable button available.

If a provider works in multiple locations and would like the ability to send and receive eRx transactions from those locations they will need to enroll those additional sites. The additional location will appear under the location column. It will not have details listed next to the location name and the status will show as disabled.

Check the box next to the location name that you are adding and click Enroll. Once the location has been successfully enrolled the status will change from Disabled to Enrolled. New in Version Depending on the drug or manufacturer, the following links display information from the PDR or drug manufacture website:. Note: If an exclamation point! Click Full Prescribing Information to see the recent changes section. The user verifies the information pharmacy and service location is correct.

If a manufacturer coupon is available and eligibility is verified, the following eCoupon displays:. The coupon is automatically printed for the patient even if the prescription is sent electronically. Note: There are several paths to see and use an eCoupon:. The user then clicks the Confirm button. This will display a new window called the Prescription Summary Confirmation page. The Prescription Summary window allows the user to verify that all information that is being sent to the pharmacy is correct and they are able to verify the information that was entered in Prime Suite ePrescribe.

The Drug Enforcement Administration issued an interim final rule allowing electronic prescribing of controlled substances. The rule gave prescribers the option of signing and transmitting prescriptions for Schedule II through V controlled substances electronically on June 1, The rule also permits pharmacies to receive, dispense, and archive electronic prescriptions for controlled substances. For more information on how to electronically prescribe controlled substances, see the Sending Prescriptions Electronically help topic.

After selecting Save and eRx then selecting to confirm the prescription a message is given that Scheduled III-V controlled substances cannot be sent electronically. The prescription should be printed and needs a wet signature before it can be faxed to the pharmacy or handed to the patient. A separate message for Schedule II drugs will appear to prescribers if they attempt to send the controlled substance electronically to the pharmacy.

Prime Suite defaults to Previously Selected Pharmacies, but the user now has the option to change the default pharmacy search setting. Navigate to the Registration page and click Information. Click the Search icon for the Preferred Pharmacy field. The Previously Selected Pharmacies allows the user to view a listing of previously selected pharmacies and if desired select the pharmacy of choice from this tab.

The pharmacy that has the selected radio button is the pharmacy that will display within the patient chart. Search specific pharmacy and then after selecting the pharmacy the row will highlight in yellow. Place a check mark in the Add to Preferred check box and then click select. Compounds do not have a standard NDC. Call the pharmacy; they can tell you what was dispensed. Pharmacies may inform us about new NDCs to add to the database. Pharmacies are required to report prescription information to OARRS within one day of the date the drug was dispensed.

Taking into account the time required to process that information and prepare it for reporting, the prescription information should be available within a few days of the dispensing date. Products administered to a patient while in the office such as an injection do not need to be reported. Sometimes, my request is processed immediately, but occasionally I get a message saying that I will receive an e-mail when the report is ready. Why does this happen? Each board pharmacy, medical, nursing, dental has its own rules defining when it is required to obtain an OARRS report on a patient.

As a prescriber, how do I get a list of patients for whom I have written a prescription? Right above the space where you enter the patient's last name is a drop down box, which defaults to "patient. After the screen changes, press the "submit" button. There is no need to enter any additional information. Within a minute or two, your will be able to "view" your report the same way you view patient reports.

If you did not provide this number, or if it is out of date, contact us at info ohiopmp. What do I do? This most often occurs when both parties have the same birth date or same street name or when there are multiple pieces of overlapping information and our computer is unable to isolate one unique patient.

Email us info pharmacy. Provide the name with proper spelling and date of birth of the patient, and we will separate the accounts. We prefer this information come from the prescriber or pharmacy, not the patient. We are not able to separate patients from inter-state requests. Each patient will have a state identifier in the name box indicating from which state's PMP the data was pulled. I can't remember my user name. Click on the "Forgot username? To protect the integrity of your OARRS account, only the account owner may make a change to their information.

When calling OARRS, we can only give information to the account holder, not to their office support staff.

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Using the "Forgot your username" and "Forgot your password" links will help you access your accounts. What if my question is not answered here? Contact us at info ohiopmp. Pharmacies How do I submit a correction or reversal to a report that has already been uploaded to the database? The Clearinghouse support desk should be able to help with any questions on the mechanics of submitting a file correction. Do I have to report what the physician dispenses from the emergency department? What has to be reported? Every controlled substance dispensed to an outpatient must be reported, including occasional or sporadic dispensing.

Reporting must be done within one day of the dispense. Zero Reports are available in the Pharmacy Rx menu.


We are always closed on certain days of the week. Must I submit a zero report for those days, too? If your situation changes and you do dispense a reportable medication, you must report. Exemptions must be renewed with each renewal of the terminal distributor license.

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We dispense as part of a clinical drug trial. Do we have to report? Yes, clinical trials must report product that is given to patients for them to take home with them. This will indicate to a PMP user that the patient is involved in a clinical trial. Drug information is blinded.

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Can a prescriber use the DEA number of a hospital? The suffix must be shown on the prescription. How do I report a compounded prescription? Report the NDC number s only for the controlled substance ingredient s. How do I know if my patients qualify as inpatients and therefore I do not have to report? Prescriptions dispensed to inpatients are not required to be reported. Inpatient is defined in Rule as a patient in a 1 Hospital; 2 Convalescent home; 3 Developmental facility; 4 Long term care facility; 5 Nursing home; 6 Psychiatric facility 7 Rehabilitation facility; or 8 Mental retardation facility.

These are licensure categories and are not open to interpretation. If a pharmacy dispenses to patients in a facility with multiple license categories, they may report only the prescriptions issued to patients in facilities not on this list e. If they cannot separate the prescriptions that must be reported from the rest, they should report everything. What if some of my patients are inpatients and some are outpatients? If you can separate the prescriptions, report only those for outpatients.

If not, report everything. Do I have to report prescriptions for animals? Veterinary prescriptions must be reported.

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How do I report a prescription for an animal? Can be the gender of the animal or the owner. Be consistent. This is not a new issue. The FDA used to push the line that generics are just as good as the brand - until they got smacked upside the head on Wellbutrin. Good Rx does no one a service by not at least informing users of potential problems with generics, which can, in fact, can themselves cause users serious health problems because they some are so deficient.

And I can attest to this from personal experience with a few generic drugs I've taken. I just filled two prescriptions neither of which did my Humana drug coverage cover. Both were filled at Walmart Pharmacy. Costco and Walmart no longer accept GoodRx in my area. This all seems like false advertising and the Federal Trade Commission should look into it. I went to the Safeway pharmacy today to pick up my prescription. It was my first time using it but it is the real deal. For those whiners out there stop expecting everything for free.

If you get any discount your lucky. My degenerative condition has challenged me financially as much as physically. I have used your service many times when it made sense. I wish that people would understand that you can't control what others do with their prices. Most only care about profit, and feed off the most vulnerable segment of society. This is a small,but important step in the right direction.

Thank you. I used the app at Walgreens and cut my price in half. My prescription was for an antibiotic and two different pain meds. I think it really depends on the medication and where the discount is used. My experience and savings have been exceptional. GoodRx gave me incorrect prices this month on two medications.

When I called GoodRx, they said the coupon prices are based on national averages even though you enter your zip code. It did not work accurately in California nor Arizona. Have used it for years but one problem. A pop up on the web site says "apply the coupon ahead of time" and shows the coupon price next to it, but you can't apply the coupon until it arrives and the price may vary a huge amount. Good Rx runs and changes the coupon price constantly. I have refused meds twice at the counter when I saw the new priceway higher. If your pharma does not stock your med, shop around to find one that does, or be prepared for sticker shock.

False advertising, fraudulent. The discount prices that are shown are NOT anywhere close to what the pharmacy will allow.

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Another one is also far cheaper than with insurance. I work for the prescriber and was sceptical. I am thrilled with this, and will relay to ALL of our patients. GoodRx coupon are "suggested pricing" based on "national averages" even though you enter your zip code. I have used coupons from GoodRx three times. It worked 2 out of 3 times. The third time was for a controlled medication. After speaking with the pharmacy, I called GoodRx. They called the pharmacy. When GoodRx called me back, they said the pharmacy uses a Pharmaceutical manufacturer for my drug that costs more.

They will not fix their site or app to reflect the real price for my pharmacy, because they use national averages instead of real prices. They said the only thing I can do is have my doctor submit my prescription to each pharmacy I want to try that's a lot to ask a doctor, so the pharmacies can run through their coupons to see what the prices come up as.

There is no way to know ahead of time and they won't do it with a prescription. If I want to call GoodRx to call each pharmacy my doctor has submitted to, that's an option too. It's just as cumbersome though. I just don't understand the point of this service if the prices they show aren't reliable. They won't be getting any transaction fees from my prescriptions anymore. The pharmacist told me it's a scam, they do not honor GoodRx coupons and consider GoodRx to be false advertising. Stay away. I have never had to use Good RX but I am checking this out. Then the minute something goes wrong it is all negative.

Nothing in this world always goes perfect. I see so many good reviews from all of your customers. RX does not own the patent on this. It is like a medication that can save your life coming out. It is tried for up to 5 yrs on people with as many side effects as possible stated not only during advertising but on brochures given out. People have them in black and white what can or may happen but will grab at this drug as a lifeline. The minute something happens and someone starts suing someone over a side effect many jump on board.

It makes no difference that it has stated the possible side effects. You took it upon yourself do talk with your Doctor and decide to use this knowing what maybe could happen. As a Nurse I see this all the time I am sure many people are very thankful you exist. I see many who have had good experience. Many need all the help they can get! I am between jobs and don't have insurance. I have a montly prescription for Armodafinil 30 mg. I went to that giant discount store with the smiley faces and presented a coupon code I got from GoodRx.

They are the real deal!! So far everything I've gotten a coupon for has been ignored. Walmart refuses to adhere to the prices on the coupon. Instead they refer to the clause that gives them an out on the coupon. This is a waste of time Thank you so much for savings I'm 72 on a tight budget and this site has saved me hundreds of dollars even with my ins you are so much better. I am a Pancreatic Cancer survivor of 13 years. I have to take a medication that my insurance does not cover.

This makes a huge difference on a retired income.