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This code is specifically for the V2 Cigs UK promotion! V2 Coupon Code UK site only. Subscribe to our "Newsletter and Special Offers" a s an easy way to ensure you don't miss a sale or a particular discount and to take advantage of special V2 offers not generally available to the public. Be the first to hear about our new products and UK promotions. Stock up on your favourite V2 flavours with our discount which can also be used to make savings on our e cig, shisha and vaporizer range as well as all the V2 accessories.

From our traditional tobacco flavours to Green Tea Menthol or bursting Cherry we have a flavour and nicotine strength that is just perfect for you. After having only tried cheap disposable E-cigs before i have been very impressed with this. Also customer service was exellent. This is the first E-cigarette that I have ever bought and I find the product to be excellent.

The customer service team has a knowledgeable live staff of human beings instead of computers to ensure prompt and accurate assistance when needed. V2 Cigs provides quality vaping equipment, cartridges , e-liquids and accessories at the best prices possible. The store also has numerous ways you can save even more money when shopping.

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After entering your email, there will be a location where you can add a coupon code. If the V2 Cigs promo code qualifies for the items that you have in your cart, you should see the discount applied to the purchase right away. There are also deals available occasionally that allow you to get something free when you purchase a specific item. V2 Cigs offers free shipping on all domestic orders, regardless of how much you spend on the vape kits or accessories.

Along with no minimum amount that you must reach, you also don't need to use a V2 Cigs coupon to take advantage of the deal. Wide selection of ecigs, flavors and other accessories.

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Disadvantages Need to order by mail. This can take a few days for shipping.

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So be sure to stock up with every order. Are ecigs safe? Does vaping cause cancer?

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Are they used to quit smoking? How long does e-liquid last? Do you have any Vapour 2 coupons? How long does shipping take? Top 10 V2 Cig Products We have compiled a list of the top 10 best selling products on the V2 ecigs website. Every year millions of people switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to vaping.

The standard kit comes with all you need to begin your vaping adventures. It comes with batteries and a 10pack of V2 Red eliquid. You get to choose from different colors, switch types and length of the vaping device.

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It comes with twice as much e-liquid and you get to choose your own flavors. You can also choose between different lengths of the device, colors and 1 of 2 switch types, manual or automatic. This is the 2nd most popular starter kit for people who are new to vaping. The Mercedes Benz of vaping starter kits. It comes with all of the items that the standard and standard e-liquid kit come with and more.

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This in actuality is the best deal for the money. People who are wise with their money choose this kit. The pen allows you to use 3 mediums: e-liquid, loose leafs and wax. For the discerning connoisseur, there is no better vape pen on the market.

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Still made in America…. However, this is still the 5 rated product sold on V2. Its main feature is that it comes with a vape pen that plugs into the cigarette lighter of your car. The main type of people that buy this product are those who spend a lot of time in their cars. From truckers to delivery drivers to the soccer mom who moonlights as a taxi service. The cost of the kit is also very reasonable.

You can choose a custom color and switch type automatic or manual. It allows for around puffs until it runs out. Due to cost, people sometimes use a coupon code and then buy in bulk. Considering each cig requires around tokes it will last you around 30 days, give or take.

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Students love this product as they can recharge their vape pen inside their backpack while in class or walking from classroom to class room. At this time, it only fits an iPhone5 or iPhone 5S. It does not recharge your device, but it does protect your iPhone from damage or scratches.

This is a great way for heavy vapers to get their fix on a daily basis without spending an arm and a leg. The products do not expire, but it is highly recommended to use them before the 1 year deadline.