Make your own date night coupons

One fun shopping spree Spend an evening stargazing Movie night of your choice A fancy dinner at a fancy restaurant. If you feel you need to spend more time together, throw in a few love coupons for doing fun stuff. A day at the beach Picnic in the park Night at your favorite nightclub Relaxing day at the spa Romantic weekend skiing A day at the museum A day at the zoo A day at an amusement park Go to a music festival together Take a road trip together.

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You can also stay in to have fun. Spend a whole day in bed Read a book together Color a coloring book together Listen to a podcast together Play cards together Play video games together Make something together Decorate the home together Spend an evening planning for your future together.

If you both love food you can create a whole set of love coupons that are related to food, yummy deserts and drinks. Go out for ice cream Recreate your first dinner date together Surprise me for lunch at work Go out for a tasting menu Tapas or appetizers for dinner Have Sunday brunch together Just drinks and desserts Cook or bake together Have a cocktail party for two.

For the hopeless romantics, there are a few sentimental love coupon ideas that will definitely get some sparks flying. A whole evening of just cuddling Write a romantic letter or poem Write down 10 things I love about you Write new marriage vows Write a song about you Sing a romantic song to you A romantic vacation for two Give a compliment each day for a week One knock-me-off-my-feet kiss. Wake up to watch the sunrise Go have professional photos taken Plant or grow something together Take a dance lesson together Take a cooking class together Got to church, temple or other religious place together Completely unplug for one day to spend time together Go on a romantic moonlit walk Create a time capsule Tell each other a secret.

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Of course no set of love coupons would be complete without at least one adventurous and sexy coupon to redeem. One striptease Play strip poker An erotic massage Night of role playing Fun with chocolate body paint Another idea is to wrap some cash into one of the scrolls to be used for that date. Maybe you go to the library and choose one book you can read together in bed every night that month.

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Or you could go to the book store, where you each buy your own book and then discuss why you picked it. Being obscure with just a date hint allows you to get creative together.

15 Sets of Free Printable Love Coupons

You can open the date coupon the morning of your date to give you a little more time to figure out your date and to build anticipation for that nights fun. Or you can open your coupon the first day of the month and then plan ahead for when you will enjoy the date that month. This might work better for those of you with smaller kids that will need a babysitter. It might also work better for dates that should be done during the day like a hike or bike ride. It could be a favorite photo of you and your significant other or a cute note or poem.

Or you can fill the box with rose petals or candy and then throw the scrolls on top.

Last year we sent this idea and printables out through email to everyone who receives our newsletter. So if you want fun ideas sent directly to your inbox before they end up on the blog, then make sure to sign up. We had printables for 12 date ideas and some blank tickets so you can hand write in your own ideas.

Scratch-Off Coupons for a Family Date Night

This is a gift idea you can do every year. I made a Date Night Coupons Gift Box for my partner years ago and he periodically brings up how we need to make another one. In fact, he saw me making new scrolls to take some extra photos for this post and got excited. He asked if we were doing that again because it was so much fun last time. We had a great time with our first Date Night Box because it gave us a chance to have regular date nights.