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Daily bundles expire at on the day purchased, weekly bundles expire at on the 7th day after purchase, monthly bundles expire at on the 30th day after purchase. Bundles won't auto-renew. The merger of the two companies allowed ETL to provide both fixed and mobile services under one license. The former state telco is now privatized and lags behind Vodacom both in market share and coverage. Only use them after having verfied coverage and speed before. Rates are generally lower than Vodacom. They are sold for free with a mandatory M 50 recharge. Top-ups are done with vouchers sold are over.

If your phone is not compatible with a GSM network, you will need to buy a new handset once you arrive in the country. Cell phone prices in South Africa are pretty reasonable if you are happy to use a low-budget phone. If you are on an existing mobile phone contract, it is advisable to check with your mobile phone company about their unlocking policy. You can buy South African SIM cards from convenience stores, supermarkets, mobile phone shops or online directly from the mobile phone operator of your choice.

You, therefore, have to provide a form of valid identification ID such as your passport or National ID card together with the address where you are staying in South Africa on a formal sheet of paper with the hotel logo. If you are staying in private accommodation you will need your contract and if you are staying with a friend you will need an affidavit from the owner or tenant declaring that you are staying at the address on a temporary basis. These services may be a little more expensive but are still very affordable if you are only staying for a short visit and do not intend to use your mobile phone that much whilst in South Africa.

Almost 90 percent of new business is pay-as-you-go. Both airtime and data bundles are available and top-up cards are readily available from mobile shops, convenience stores, supermarkets and airports. One thing to watch out for with prepaid SIM cards is that your credits expire after 30 days of purchase whether you have used them all or not. Phone calls between mobile owners on the same network are generally cheaper. If you are a heavy internet user on your mobile phone, a mobile plan offering unlimited data is your best option. If you also purchase a mobile phone handset, the cost of the phone is included in your monthly payments.

This is the best way to get the cheapest smartphones in South Africa. Cell phone contracts in South Africa are limited to 24 months.

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It is also not unusual for mobile phone operators in South Africa to state somewhere in the contract that monthly charges may increase at any time. Although mobile phone rates are not increased very often, there is a good chance that at some point during your month term that mobile phone charges will go up and you suddenly find yourself paying an extra R20 or more a month on your mobile contract. Unlike most countries, the tariffs on cell phone contracts in South Africa are more expensive than prepaid SIM cards.

For the latest deals on cellphone contracts in South Africa, check out this comparison website. Because RICA has such strict rules about purchasing South African SIM cards — particularly if you do not have a permanent address yet — the easiest option to get hooked up to a mobile operator in South Africa is to rent a handset. There are several mobile rental shops throughout the country.

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One of the most trusted and reliable is Cellucity. You can rent a mobile phone in South Africa from any of the leading mobile companies. All you have to do is register for a handset before you travel or ask at the airport once you touch down in SA. Rented phones have the SIM card and credits pre-installed and usage is valid for up to 30 days.

However, the cheapest smartphone bundles only allow MB of online data so if you go wild on the internet you could find your limit is wiped out pretty quickly. One of the advantages of a mobile phone rental is you never run out of credit. First in SA: water biking.

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Weekly Monthly. Using a Cell Phone while Overseas in South Africa Everything you need to know about calling internationally, chatting locally, buying a prepaid SIM card and cruising the Web Staying in touch while on holiday or business in South Africa SA is far less complicated and expensive than it used to be, but, nonetheless, those unfamiliar with the local system and networks may still find keeping connected somewhat confusing. Buy a local SIM card Buying a local prepaid SIM card, inserting it into your mobile or Internet device and operating on a top-up basis is one of the easiest and most convenient options your phone must just be unlocked — check with your local service provider to make sure this is the case.

Thus, if you travel to SA frequently, this is probably not the best option for you Phoning home: The cost of this varies depending on your service provider and your cellular network. How do you use a mobile on a prepaid basis? Internet devices, like wireless routers and dongles, only use data.

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