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Visit Website Connect to this Business. Get Directions. Show Phone Number. The pools are fantastic and the staff is overall super friendly. I would definitely recommend this resort. My only complaint would be the immediate attempt to get you to sign up for a "this is not a timeshare" 2 hour event, when all we really wanted to do after traveling all day was relax and not listen to some pre-sales pitch.

We went to Dreams Playa Mujeres at the end of October. Beautiful resort! We had a wonderful vacation! I was afraid that it will be rainy but we had perfect weather almost throughout the entire trip. Last couple of days were a bit windy which also meant that the ocean brought quite a bit of seaweed. You can still enjoy many of the pools though. It was nice to have so many options including kids play area and water slides.

There are definitely some perks about going during off season - the hotel is not crowded and you get to use Preferred club perks even if you are not part of it. We were really pleased with the service of all the staff at the resort. Your room gets cleaned twice a day, wow! All the waiters, bartenders, and concierge folks were friendly and eager to help. Room was very spacious and clean.

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Kids enjoyed the whirlpool tub on the balcony. Everything in our room worked, we haven't had any issues. The mini bar replenishment service checks with you daily if you need any new items. We did not take any outside excursions while in Mexico but there was plenty of entertainment inside the resort. We watched movies outdoors and enjoyed concerts and theme nights. As far as food goes, we ended up eating primarily at World Cafe buffet. We did go to Maris seafood restaurant and that was a bit rough.

Dishes took a very long time to arrive at which point our kids were very tired. I don't think the food was worth waiting over an hour for. Gauche grill was a better experience.

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  • There is a buffet inside but they also bring you meat on a huge skewer every 10 mins or so. After that we decided to stick to World cafe, it provided lots of options for all 3 meals. When we didn't feel like going to a restaurant for lunch, we ordered from Tides, you can eat there or order food to go and enjoy it by the pool.

    Overall, we really enjoyed our time at Dreams Playa Mujeres and would definitely recommend it, especially if you are travelling with kids. Could not have asked for a better honeymoon. The resor was absolutely gorgeous! Every single staff we came in contact with was so pleasant. The food at every restaurant we went to was del, Fushion was our favorite! We loved it so much we plan on booking another vacation here very soon! Family-friendly resort with two "bars" just for the kids - let them order up a fun, fruity concoction.

    The teens will be the social butterflies with disco mixers, bonfires on the beach and foam parties.

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    Cancun is definitely Mexico's showcase resort. Built in a location that was named by Mayan people, Cancun has been carefully groomed into one of the most polished resorts anywhere. Here's a snapshot of what you get:. World Cafe Type: Buffet Hours: Breakfast - daily, 7amam; Lunch - daily, pm-4pm; Dinner - daily, 6pmpm Description: Air-conditioned, buffet restaurant featuring a variety of local and international cuisine, with several themed stations. Delphinus offers guests various programs, which include swimming and interacting with these highly intelligent and friendly creatures. They are a socially responsible company committed to the welfare of the dolphins under their care.

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    With mangroves, wetlands, a lagoon, sand dunes and the turquoise ocean as your backdrop, you're sure to have an incredible golf experience in paradise! See below for current pricing:. Special group rates and wedding group rates are also available at Playa Mujeres Golf Club. The Core Zone for teenagers Daily, 9am-1am. The resort's wedding coordinator will take care of all the details while you rest, relax and play.

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    Please contact the resort directly for more information. Minimum Stay A 4-night minimum stay is required for travel Dec every year. Golf carts are mandatory for all tee times. Prices are per person based on double occupancy. Limited availability based on departure city and travel dates. While reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on this website, CheapCaribbean. Live Chat.

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    Check Out Our Destinations. Our Best Selling Vacations. Dominican Republic. Central America. US Virgin Islands. Other Caribbean. All-Inclusive Vacation Packages. View More Destinations. Top Selling Resorts. Top Chains. We'll send you discounts, exclusive offers, and the low down on the best beaches out there. Looks like you're already signed up. Try again? Something went wrong. In the meantime, get to work on that "out of office" message! Chat With Our Beachologists. Nonetheless, what independent retailer wouldn't love to have a few thousand people come by their door once a week in the spring to see that their store even exists in the first place?

    It's great advertizing. You can farily well guarantee that some of those folks will make a mental note to come back at a more convenient time. Instead of complaining about it, you'd think such retailers would seek to capitalize on it. Put an ad in the window about an upcoming sale. Add some merchandise up front that actually would cater to the concertgoing crowd, just to get them used to coming in. Hand out flyers with coupons or some other incentive to come back.

    Clinch the deal.

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    It's a captive audience. Retail gold.

    Get over it. You are a merchandizing genius. Probably buy some furniture next door, too, while they're at it. Yes, pretty funny. I think other events such as the Dogwood arts and crafts, ice skating, Shakespeare, etc. This is Ashley Capps here and I would like to respond to a few of these comments, especially those from Betty Bean. Betty is known to have a bit of an axe to grind here - and she likes to grind it - although she's never done so to me directly. But some of her comments above are distortions of the truth and have a real spin to them that creates a very erroneous impression.

    First, let me say this: We've given serious consideration to moving Sundown to the World's Fair Park although not to the Amphitheater as it would not work for this purpose. Sundown would be much easier to produce at the WFP and there would be other advantages from our perspective that make this option attractive. But for now, we've decided to keep it where it is, especially to celebrate its 10th Anniversary this year.

    However, it's fair to say that virtually no one involved with Market Square or with the CIty of Knoxville is really keen to see this happen at this time. Contrary to the impression created by Betty, there is very strong support for Sundown from the Market Square District Association. While it is true that Sundown has had its growing pains and that there are definitely some organizational challenges to staging it on Market Square, we have worked very closely and carefully with merchants and property owners on the Square to do everything possible to maximize the positives and minimize the negatives.

    I think anyone of those who have chosen to be engaged in this process would agree that we have made exemplary efforts to communicate with everyone on the Market Square and address their problems and concerns. It hasn't been perfect - and it certainly isn't possible to make all of the people happy all of the time to paraphrase either Bob Dylan or Abe Lincoln or both I seldom, if ever, hear "exasperation" about the event from Market Square business owners of any kind.

    Scott and Lisa at Bliss are among its biggest supporters, and Scott has told me several stories about customers who have "discovered" their store during Sundown and returned later. Scott and Mahastie at the Tomato Head have also been long time and very strong advocates. Andie Ray has been a bit cooler in her enthusiasm, but, at least to my face, has generally been supportive. One of the biggest complaints that we've had, in fact, is that we only do 12 of them. Some were very disappointed when we elected not to stage Autumn on the Square this past fall And, by the way, porto-potties do not stay in place from week to week either.

    They are removed first thing the following morning. That was a poor decision that was made one season many years ago and rapidly abandoned. These days, it has only happened when requested by the Market Square District Association to help service another event. The phenomenal success and growth of Sundown has definitely had its challenges. And it is entirely possible that both Market Square and Sundown may have started to out grow one another.

    We'll be discussing this with Market Square business owners, the City, and others during the upcoming season. Ashley, you didn't address the issue of underage Sundown patrons going there to drink and the problems that this creates beyond just having a bunch of obnoxious drunk teenagers around. And I do believe this is a difficult problem. I've seen it and I've had kids tell me straight out that they go there to drink. People who used to go to these concverts with me don't do it anymore and although we are all admittedly getting pretty long in the tooth, there are some groups that appeal to more to one demographic than another.

    KPD officers I've talked to are concerned about underage drinking as well, since they are charged with enforcing the law. I'm not saying that your people serve them directly; but kids are pretty clever about getting alcohol, regardless of their age You get no argument from me that the restaurant and bar owners like Sundown where it is -- I said that in my post. It gets back to the old issue of what Market Square is.

    I am not one who thinks it is suited to be primarily a concert venue. As the KPD is well aware, we do everything in our power to prevent underage drinking at Sundown. We have a pretty strong system in place for IDs and wristbands. I'm sure it's not foolproof. However, I also don't think that we have massive numbers of drunken teenagers at Sundown. I do see a lot of teenagers, but I don't see them drinking And I'm sure that the police would as well. You're blowing this way out of proportion because it suits your purposes. I don't think that the 3 - 4 hours a week for 12 weeks out of the year constitutes using Market Square "primarily" as a concert venue.

    That's ridiculous. You might as well suggest that they built Gay Street in order to have a Christmas parade. And, given the support from the owners of Bliss, Re-runs, and Earth to Old City among others , I would also point out that it is more than just the restaurant and bar owners that like Sundown where it is.

    You are very selective in your sources for information as well as prone to extreme exaggeration and hyperbole. Are you interested in the truth, or do you just want to support your personal opinion? I'm not interested in "outing" anybody, because there is pressure to support these events or risk the dreaded label of "negativity.

    I'm glad to hear, however, that there is a retail consultant who's been brought in to help -- even though scheduling meetings with merchants during the Christmas rush to inquire abut their needs strikes me as odd timing. I really do wish these businesses every success, and try to support them as much as I can afford to do. I particularly hated to see the bookstore and Key Gallery leave the square, as I was a regular customer of both establishments.

    It might be more instructive to notice who stays open for Sundown and who closes down than to read lists of who supports it. And, Metulj, I'm not apologetic about my feelings about of the Sundown gatherings, and I have seen enough of them to have an informed opinion.

    Once upon a time I was a Sundown habitue'. I'm not anymore, and neither are most of the folks I used to hang out with, far as I know. I probably could find some police reports if I tried, although records of juvenile misdemeanors are pretty hard to get. And I am not anti-downtown, in general.