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Now I know the secret. Thanks a million, coupons. Sue , 6 Aug am. So how do you change the registry key? WHat are they talking about? I am with you if there is an issue with printing then you are unable to reprint. What is the secret? Pete , 28 Jul am. None of the grocery stores around me will accept coupons from Coupons. They always say they have a policy against accepting "Internet coupons". So the times I have tried, it's been a waste of my time and paper.

Regardless of that, wouldn't it be easier to just take a screenshot of the coupon and print THAT multiple times, rather than messing with the registry? I was told the same thing at a Ralphs Market a Southwest grocery store chain owned by Kroger by a clerk. I emailed Kroger customer service after a friend pointed out to me that there's a coupons.

The response I received was polite and to the point, and I printed it out I'm such a geek so I could carry it with my coupons. I was told that at least as far as Kroger stores, internet coupons are accepted. The only thing they won't accept are printed out coupons for free products, which is understandable, because of the potential for fraud. If you feel sufficiently motivated, you might email customer service or call corporate HQ for the last store that gave you the problem.

It was worth it to me to spend the extra few minutes, as my family relies on coupons, and really, I wouldn't hack coupons. It's just hilarious that now I know how to do it, thanks to their bonehead lawsuit.

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Jon , 3 Mar am. Well, you can't take a screenshot of the coupon because they only allow you to print the coupons. You don't ever see them unless you have a printer hooked up that prints to paper instead of saving a file. Christopher , 30 Jul am. Kyros , 28 Jul am. Hiding behind my keyboard , 19 Feb pm. You cannot print to PDF. I tried that with CutePDF and the coupon printer would not accept that as a valid printer.

There goes that idea, right? Some guy , 4 Sep pm. The entry by Mike is about a company who is suing a guy who does not have an attorney but has successfully had the claims against him dismissed twice thus far. In response, the company makes false and misleading statements in the latest complaint they filed with the court. Forget for a moment that its about coupons and ask yourself, "Why is the company so desperate that they have to lie to advance their claim against a pro se litigant?

I wouldn't hack coupons. You are not hacking them, you are changing a file on YOUR computer. Big distinction. Moody , 28 Jul am. How is it that this has even gotten to court in the first place? They are not the sole carriers of these coupons. I can get the same exact ones from others sites such as smartsource.

Lacey , 28 Jul am. I'll be the first to admit, I am not very computer literate, but, why can't you just print out copies of the coupons you just printed? I know you're probably all LOL! Anonymous Coward , 22 Dec pm. Each coupon has its own number and should not be duplicated as its against the law. Coupon Guy , 28 Jul am. You can't print to a PDF machine, an all-in-one or anything else that can grab the prnt stream.

There never is an image of the coupon until it pops out of your pritner. Frankly, no one cares if YOU print out an extra copy and go buy an extra can of peas. The retailer gets reimbursed the face value plus a handling fee. Without protection they could cheat, print out hundreds or thousands of extra coupons and turn them in for the cash.

That is also the point of the unique bar codes. If the security is compromosed then the brands would no longer participate and that's the end of the business. THAT is why this is a big deal to them. But sometimes the cashiers are clueless. Correcting Coupon Guy , 28 Jul am. You're wrong The screen shot idea should work very nicely, too Anyone against this unless the coupons are for FREE products is probably a shill for coupons. Correcting Correcting Coupon Guy , 28 Jul am.

If you are, they do not allow you to print the coupon. And trust me, I'm not a shill for coupons. Bill Ghates , 28 Jul am. You also are not tech savvy enough to know how to defeat the limitation. Trust me, PDFs can capture anything, if you know how it's done. Try the program before you open your mouth. Hello Bigger Dumbass, Perhaps you should learn a little about how software works. The software is not printing directly to your printer, hence the need for computers to have printer drivers.

K thx, go back to ur cave. You cannot do a screen capture. The coupon image never displays on your screen. It goes straight to the printer.

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October 31, at pm. My bricks and coupons. September 10, at pm. I have IE-9 and have been printing coupons from coupons. Now it keeps telling me I have to install the coupon printer which is already installed. I uninstalled it and re-installed it and it still tells me to install it. I e-mailed coupons. Can someone Please help? November 2, at pm. August 21, at pm. I just got a new mac a couple of months ago. Should I try another browser? I have google chrome as well, but when doing my coupon searches I find that I have better luck using safari.

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July 18, at pm. I had been having problems installing the Target coupon printer on Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7. So after reading this blog, I installed Firefox and can now print Target coupons! Hope this helps someone else. November 30, at am. Thank you so much! I had the exact same problem, did what you recommended, and it worked just fine!

June 27, at pm. I have tried changing settings, and the web address , but still no luck. June 18, at pm. June 19, at pm. Paige , I have the same problem. It does not even open up to try and print it. I use firefox. June 17, at pm.

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I have no problems with coupons. Have been triple checking the two letters but no love. June 9, at am. What is wrong? This has happened to me with three different coupons now. Thanks for any tips you can give me. I love reading here… hugs! May 29, at pm. Okay…so I tried putting in the different letters for the coupon installer, but the screen still shows up blank for all of them. What could be going on? May 20, at pm. I have tried printing coupons from coupons.

What can I do to get these coupons? May 18, at pm.

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But when I print coupons but nothing happens, My printer works. Please help me. I have tried a bunch of times to install the coupon printer, and it seems to all go through just fine but then when I click to print coupons it just keeps bringing me back to the coupon printer setup screen?

What am I doing wrong?

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May 10, at pm. I too became frustrated trying to print coupons after installing the coupon activator many times. I have found a simple solution. Use firefox as your browser instead of internet explorer. Once on firefox, i had absolutely no problems. Hope this works for all.

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I cannot open any links to coupons. September 1, at am. I had the same problem, and here the solution that worked. I have Kaspersky protection on my computer. I had to go to applications and turn off anti-banner setting. Problem solved! January 28, at pm. Thanks a ton!!!!!!!! January 7, at pm. April 29, at pm. I can NOT get any of the coupons on this site to print! I always get a message saying that its processing, then the page jumps back to the main page. April 30, at am. January 20, at pm. January 2, at am. It repeatedly asks me to install the coupon printer.

Do you have any other suggestions? January 3, at pm. September 4, at pm. Any help will be appreciated. I down loaded printer software several times with no luck. September 7, at am. I would contact coupons. October 7, at pm. Ash , I wondered if you had contacted coupons dot com about your problem, I am suffering exactly the same and wanted to know if you had got a resolution yet? August 2, at am. I have been trying to print Target coupons and I have even upgraded internet explorer to 8. After installing coupn activator it states that it was installed and coupons will print and nothing happens.

Have windows xp. August 2, at pm. Restart your computer and printer.

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  8. Use a different browser if you use internet explorer, try firefox 3. Contact Target customer support. September 23, at am. Misty , Were you able to print those coupons off of Target. I have the same problem and want to know what I can do. May 17, at pm. Misty , the same thing happend to me…nd aftr an hour I exited the internet and went back to target. July 11, at pm. May 28, at pm. I have been told by several people that you actually have to print them in color. Is this true? January 28, at am. I have windows Xp and have installed the coupon printer MANY time and it always tells me to reinstall.

    I have spent many hours just trying to print off some diaper coupons. Author: Katherine Cary. Looking for Visine coupons? Hurry and print the new Visine coupon on coupons. This means it uses the family code which makes it valid for any item in the store. Coupons powered by Coupons. However, manufacturers used this code for coupons with complex offers such as products from multiple manufacturers in the old style UPC-A coupon barcodes.

    With the launch of the new GS1 stacked databars, some manufacturers continued to use the all-scan code out of habit even though the new databar has such great capabilities. In these cases, the coupon will beep at checkout regardless of whether you purchased the item described on the coupon or not. The actually have Visine specific family codes that they are using on some in-store coupons as well as the new coupons coming to our Sunday papers next week.