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Allows you to change your existing personal identification number PIN that is used to access your mailbox over the phone. Your PIN must be 6 to 10 digits in length and should not be your phone number or voice mailbox number. This will allow you to reset your PIN over the phone if you forget it. Once you have entered your authentication code, follow the prompts to reset your PIN and access your mailbox. Message Waiting Indicator on TV1 Set number of rings Allows you to select how long your phone should ring before forwarding the incoming call to voicemail. Turn On, Off Voicemail notification Allows you to control the call forwarding to your voice mailbox.

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You have the option to put the current call on hold and accept the other call. If you have Caller ID capability, then the number of the incoming caller will be displayed. Directory Assistance Blocking Allows you to prevent all outgoing calls to Directory Assistance such as or xxx information. Do Not Disturb Gives you the option to turn off the ringer on your phone. This can be done either from the handset or online. A busy signal will be heard by the caller when Do Not Disturb is turned on.

International Call Blocking International Call Blocking allows you to prevent all outgoing calls to international numbers when dialing starts with or Locate Me Never miss an incoming call again! Not only will your U-verse Voice number ring, but up to four other numbers will all ring at the same time.

Enter numbers on your Locate Me list— online at att. See below for details for alternate reset if you have different equipment. Turn it on and retry what you want to do. See below for alternate reset. It may take up to 10 minutes for the gateway to reset. The PSU may be located in the garage or a closet near an outside wall. Want more help? You can also chat live with an agent while getting started, or call 1. Once the devices are programmed, press the corresponding mode key on the remote to control that device. To watch a video on how to program your remote control, visit att.

Select Screen Resolution and press OK. Once successful, be sure to save your format. You should now see a blue light on your receiver. For more info, visit att. Hold both keys for one second, then release. The four mode keys on the remote control flash twice to indicate you are in search mode. Pause briefly between each key press to allow your device enough time to respond. NOTE: If the device does not turn off and you have searched all available codes, the selected mode key will flash eight times.

If this happens, please start over. The appropriate mode key will give a long flash, indicating successful programming. NOTE: If the programming is interrupted or inactive for more than 30 seconds, the mode keys will flash eight times. This indicates the remote has left the programming mode and returned to normal operation without saving any changes.

However, some TVs have to be configured manually. The Baseband red and white connectors delivers sound only in stereo. Most devices have ports that require one or more of the cables shown at right. The video input menu screen below shows checkboxes next to devices the TV is detecting. This menu must match the inputs on the back of the TV where video components are connected in order to correspond with Video 1, Video 2, or Video 3 on your remote control.

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Join us and take the pledge at ItCanWait. All rights reserved. Related manuals starter guide. With Quick Resolution Tips. Remote Guide. User guide - Oceans Grand. Easy Return. Get Started. U-verse App User Guide. Vizio Di-B2 Setup guide. A limitation of the copper wire approach, for now at least, is only one HD signal into the house at a time. We have two HDTVs so this is an occasional issue. Wish I had known that before the install! But we are doing OK with the coax feed. I hear they are rolling out 2 streams now.

Sorry ATT too little too late. Is it? Worst honors goes to DISH. Let me count the ways. Is a product of 1 and 2 above. If two HD shows are scheduled, only one will be recorded. If two concurrent HD shows are scheduled, only one will be recorded. The dvr will occasionally simply not play your recorded show.

When fast forwarding past commercials, the dvr does not automatically step back to compensate for the fact that you likely will likely overshoot your objective. Because of the above issues we just switched to Directv. I feel like an idiot for having lived with Uverse these past 6 months. The channel selection and on demand features are great — beats cable hands down.

To my curiosity, I decided to be present at the time of installation. At the time of the installation, a bald technician with bad tattoos showed up. Although he knew how to smile, he had a lazy eye and some jacked up teeth. I wonder if they conduct pre-employment background check. Two hours later, he was still not done installing this Uverse stuff. Does he know what he was doing? Perhaps he was milking the hourly wage system? Who knows, but I was not impressed. My friend and I took Uverse for a test after the weird-looking Uverse Specialist left.

We went right for the HD contents. Surprisingly, channel changing was quite responsive. I also tested the Uverse On Demand. They have nothing that seemed on demand about it. It was like, some sort of a joke! It was a fake On Demand! Good thing I took for a ride before switching. I love it and I will never switch to Uverse because it was lame and they false advertise about it. I just had to say thank you to you Somedude. After dealing with ATT uverse for the past week and most of the day today, I laughed so incredibly hard when I read your note.

You helped relieve all of the stress that has been accumulating since I made the idiotic choice to switch to uverse. He had phone lines hooked up to the ethernet slots, ethernet cables hooked into the gateway but not hooked up to a device, never unhooked the wireless network that I switched from so my internet was like dial up, AND he disconnected the only good and important phone line I stayed with Cox on that deal I had left.

Now I have to call Cox to come out and reconnect and of course I will get charged. And you know what? That took him 4 freeking hours. Are people getting dumber? I am an old lady and figured out what was wrong the minute I looked at the equipment. Anyway, you made me laugh and I want to say thank you.

Where you looking forward to have your service installed or to get laid??? WHAT are you people talking about? Ok STOP when the commercial is done. Problem solved. Picture quality bad? Dish and uverse send a clean picture. You likely have a hd without composite cables or have the settings on aspect ratio on Change that to and there ya go.

But most of you are obviously On here to blow up the net for comcast. My Comcast service delivered 4-HD channels along with the other digital channels. There is no such function with U-verse.

The channel directory can be more complex than the scematic for the Tokyo subway system and channel listings can change without notification. Instead, they regularly find new ways to add frustration to an already aggravating situation. The technology simply does not appear ready to deliver on the promises of the advertizing. I have every intention of switching back to Comcast at this point. Wow, this blog sounds like one big retarded Comcast plant. Picture quality is great on all channels and internet is reliably fast. I dealt with shitty Comcast and their braindead techs for years some of which barely spoke english and had enough.

The funny and ironic thing about Comcast is they blame u-verse for messing with their networking lines and they actually have anti-u-verse ads around. None of that cheap for 6 months then full price bullshit, just flat out better prices and service. Was pretty spot on with some points. Uverse is still growing and limited in some ways. IPTV uses IPv6 technology developed by Microsoft and it can be delivered across four twisted wires — two twisted pairs, two twisted wires — one twisted pair or a single coax cable. The cable must meet specifications and deliver 96 — mbps. This currently in the minority among installation types.

This is a crossbox or SIA. The VRAD houses the end of fiber assigned to each customer. The VRAD takes the VDSL signal and dial tone and slams it down a twisted pair of wires that are conditioned to provide uverse services to the designated customer. The maximum distance this signal can travel before losing too much broadband is about feet. Anything over feet is questionable. The service can be flawlessly installed on RG59 coax. The conditioning of the wiring being used is the key to delivering quality and reliability.

They gave me an am commitment. Moved each TV stand away from the wall about two feet and went to bed. The next morning I was called exactly at 8am by the installer and told he was taking my phone out of service for a few minutes and would be right over to the house. When he go here about 20 minutes later, he walked through the house with me discussing my needs.

I was surprised by his concern for my needs and he was blown away by how ready I was. I hit him with the negative stuff I read and my concern for CAT5. He explained to me what I shared above and told me he would use both the coax and CAT5 and if I could see a reasonable difference he would run CAT5 at no charge.

I wanted to learn, so I asked if he minded if I nosed around and asked questions. First he worked outside, the phone box, he called it a NID, network interface devise. I am at feet and the signal was good, around 56 mbps.

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He put a new NID up and something called a balun in it. He said it separates the phone from the VDSL. He used a CAT5 cable to my office to bring the signal into the house. He changed the wall plate from one jack to two. One for phone, the other for uverse. Again he tested, the signal was actually stronger. OK, so far so good. He told me I was getting an RG, residential gateway and asked where I wanted it. The RG is the gateway to all uverse services, including Ethernet broadband. I had him put it on my work center next to my network switch. He hooked it all up, plugged my main cpu and network switch into the RG and established service.

This room has no TV but has a coax and data cable going to the smart panel. He connected two plugs to one CAT5 cable and one coax cable to the new wall plates he installed in my office and stapled all the wiring neatly along the top of the molding. Then he went to the smart panel and connected the two rooms I have data cables in to the one that he put two plugs on in the office. He even tagged the wires for me so I know what they are. He changed all the fittings and explained that is a must on any install.

The DVR and 1 set top box that were on CAT5 he made patch cables for and the rest got custom white coax, all were stabled to the wall neatly. The remaining three were hooked up using RCA cables. He said they would, but I was still curiously concerned. The picture on every TV was significantly better, more true color, more vibrant and crisp right of the bat. Totally Awesome. With charter, the picture was flowering, now it is like a Kodak moment that never stops.

Really pleased here. Then he hooked up my internet and I did my registration. While doing this I told him I wanted the fasted speed I could get, he told me I was getting the elite which was 6mb down and there was a max available that would give me 10mb down. I told him I wanted it, he called and got it turned on. Then he showed me the difference using speedtest. The upload on charter was the worst I ever experienced, the upload on uverse made a distinct difference while browsing.

Then he showed me a cool web remote that programs my DVR from anywhere there is access to the internet. Then we verified the other four computers that run on the switch as well as both network printers and additional storage drives. All worked perfectly and the computers with the same results. Then he went to the truck to run tests and returned with a printout that showed all of my services passing with no errors and that the set top boxes were communicating flawlessly at mbps.

Then he asked if I had any reservation about using coax, I said absolutely not. The technician cleaned up everything and wore blue covers on his boots in my house, even though I told him not to. I got lucky, I get three set top boxes with no rentals, my friend procrastinated and he only gets two. I got free HD for a year, he got it for a month.

There is no telling where this is going, I only know I am on board for the ride. My advice, get involved in your install, prepare for them to visit, insure they have access to work. Everyone that has followed the same steps as I did, is very pleased and happy with the uverse service. I guess I am the odd duck out here. We did have the network go down during a particularly important football game, but I lived.

I was at work and my husband answered the door four different times in three days. Much to my horror and dismay, he signed up for the service. After reading so many complaints about the U-Verse, I made sure he cancelled his service order. I refuse to do business with that company. Sorry to hear you went through so much trouble. Who has networked printers? Anybody with both a desktop and a laptop. People who run a home-based business with multiple PCs. Computer geeks like me. Several homes on my modest block.

I switched from U-Verse to DirecTV a couple of months ago, and aside from service outages during severe thunderstorms, it works flawlessly. Note: both cable and U-verse also had outages during bad storms. Of the three, cable probably had the best HD picture; U-Verse the worst. It also has the biggest DVR of the three. Charter Cable was pretty rudimentary, and switched from local WI customer service to India.

Reinvest some of the ad money. I have had Uverse since April. It has been a headache the entire time. First, we had Dish network, which was a bundle with all of our phones and our internet. They would not take the dish box with them during the uverse install and after many phone calls have yet to send a shipping box to get it back to them. This has led to them charging us every month for Dish even though we canceled it when we got uverse. Within a few days we were quite unhappy with the tv freezing and the lack of customer service and decided to switch back to Dish.

The person we spoke to could not understand what we wanted and so we asked for a supervisor. They told us a supervisor would call us right back. Within the hour our internet and tv service had been shut off and we did not get a call back from someone until the next day. They told us we would be charged if we went back to Dish so we decided to stick with the uverse.

Unfortunately the supervisor said that a tech guy would have to come back to the house to turn our tv and internet back on. They said that they would need to put in new boxes. After a week of no tv or internet they finally came. All the tech guy did was make a phone call and it was back on.

Since then our tv has been less than reliable. Every time we call customer service the automated service says that we have a past due amount. I then try the automatic bill pay and it says that all of our accounts are paid in full. No human contact, no tv and we are still getting charged for Dish network. Having been working from home for 6 years in my own business, I thought U-Verse was supposed to be a speedy alternative to DSL, especially considering they put fiber-optics in our neighborhood.

Boy, was I wrong. First, it took them 2 weeks to actually finish the installation. What a joke. They sent a tech out on a Sunday and then the poor guy has to call the same phone as every other customer does only to find out that the dept. What a bunch of idiots. We called and stayed on the phone with them for 3 hours only to get outsourced Indian support.

I was livid!

AT&T U-Verse Universally Sucks! – Something, something this way blogs

I work from home an absolutely HAD to have my connections live by Monday morning. We actually waited on the phone and refused to take no for an answer. They were supposed to give us one month free service for all the hassle they put us through, which never happened even after repeated calls. U-Verse was supposed to be this lightening speed connection because of the fiber to the prem and it is not. So, now our tv and internet are bundled… and the telephone is separate. There has got to be a better alternative than this.

I live in a subdivison in a metropoitan area …. Fact of the matter is they could have fiqured this out before the instalation date and I have had 9 techs out to my house!! I finally call again.. What the heck is that? I am so dissapointed and frustrated.. TV service is frozen on one picture, I can not connect through the secured private line I am having to use a public airport wi-fi service to get on the internet.

Oh and most importantly of all I have NO telephone service, man sure hope my house doesnt catch fire or get robbed or something. I loved the first post here by amritw. They finally found my order, but found that 1: Both my primary and secondary phone number had been entered incorrectly, and 2: My email had been entered incorrectly. So they rescheduled. The installer came out for a 1 box installation my copy of the order form clearly said 4.

So what he was thinking was going to be an easy install turns out to be a 6 out hour ordeal — after he called in backup. To progress. The installers left and my Uverse is working fine. However I have no phone. So the next day I start calling — on my cell phone. As a result, I have gone over my cell phone minutes this month. My latest promise by their customer unservice is that I will have a dial tone tomorrow. At this point I have not spent a penny with them and will gladly be done with them if this promise is not fulfilled.

In my opinion they launched this service before their service unservice people were ready to handle it. There really was such a time. The problem then, as now, is to get past level one customer service. We had great hopes for the breakup but it only got worse. Five years of finger pointing. I currently use Time-Warner cable service. When U-verse was announced I decided to do some research on it. It seems everyone I talk to, pro or newbie, all have pretty much the same negative experience.

The picture on our t. One of my biggest complaints is the telephone reception. There are voice delays so the conversation is constantly over-lapping and we interupt each other because of the delay. The person on the other end says that they hear static and experience the voice delay as well. We have had 5 different technicians here and the problem has not been resolved. Well, I have had all of the above issues or problems with my U-Verse install. We still did not have any dial tone, and that took them 14 days to get online. I spent so much time on the phone with them, and wasted so much time away from working that I was way past the boil-over point.

Our cell plan has shared minutes between my wife and I and we usually only use half of that. I told them to focus on te current issues at hand at this point. We did get alot of money from them after alot of yelling, but it paid off. We finally got Internet, TV, and phone service together for the first time 14 days later and all has been good to this point, but now I have a wireless issue that I need to look into.

My wireless clients disconnect and will not connect back to the gateway. It is almost like I have put in the wrong encryption key or something. I have changed the SSID and the key and it still does it. This is a new one to me, but I am going to dig in before I call you know who again.

Other than the wireless issue service has been good once everything started working. The picture is great, the phone is nice and clear, and the internet wired is flawless. Hopefully this last hurdle is nothing major. I just signed up for Uverse and will be getting it installed in the middle of August.

I am excited about the potential, but after reading some posts here, I am a little nervouse. However, I think a number of the posts here also educated me on what I need to do during the install to make sure that things are working properly before the Tech leaves. If I remember, I will try to post again after the install to let you all know how it went. They are currently offering the 1st month of TV free, I have to pay for equipment and the internet. If this service works as good as they make it sound, Time Warner is going to be in some trouble. Uverse is new to this area, so we shall see how things turn out.

For Dan from Wisconsin…. Life is too short for all these problems. Pay the extra money for another cable service. The continual problems are unbelievable. The issue with the service is so frustating because you start over everytime you call. No one follows up with you. They leave and then you start all over again.

This last visit last week.. When I called a couple days ago with more problems they had no record of that. I saw the tech install the new box. I am giving them one last shot then it is back to Time Warner. But what a pain because I have to switch my email address again. My next step will be to offer my services to Time Warner in developing their next commercial. And the sad part is that no one cares. How very disappointing to have such a unreliable product sold from such a well known company.

The Better Buisness Bureau should look into this. I had U-verse and internet for three months and liked it. We had called for a service interruption, however the service came back on so we told them repairs were no longer needed. During those 5 days, their communication was horrible. I could list all the issues here and triple the length of this posting.

They also are telling me that the signal gets weaker because in the heat their lines stretch. I thought that was BS, especially with the cables buried — is that possible or are they making excuses??? I want to say this: I am a Comcast employee. The difference is I am not angry. I thought it was so sad and I wanted to say, God knows if I could hit the lotto and quit, I probably would Get a book and read sometimes.

If TV makes you this angry then I feel real sorry for you. I am talking about sattelite TV with HD. It took 3 trips to get it right. I have to admit that the customer service reps were friendly and the tech were nice. But this was an interesting reply from tech number 3. Comcast was unreliable cables all over poles, some cut , the wind would blow interrupting TV and Internet for two years running.

Switched to UVerse and my internet average download speed went from 4. Uplodad went from. Wow, I just had teh same experiance most of you have had. No firmware update, nothing, just does not work. Well, given all the feedback here, mostly negative, i decided NOT to go with Uverse. I went back to DirecTV. So I did! Free installation. Alright, I am back. As I posted earlier, I wanted to update everyone on my installation experience with Uverse, as well as the quality of a product that I received.

I must say, so far I am actually impressed, although I do have some concern. I will start out with the installation process. I got my service installed on Saturday morning Aug. I received a phone call from the tech at verifying that I was home, and telling me that he was leaving the garage and would be to the VRAD location in around 25 min to do some work there before he came, and that he would call me once he was done there and would then be on his way to my house.

I received his call at and he said he was all set at the VRAD and would be to my place shortly. Minutes later he pulled up. He was a friendly younger man, and was willing to answer all of my questions that I had. He said that he did not measure the distance, but said it was less than a half mile from my house. From my calculation, it was around a quarter of a mile away. He went on to check my phone line into my house to see if it was good enough to use.

In the mean time he check the wiring inside my house to make sure that was good to use, and this was good. I asked installing CAT 5 wire was necessary throughout the house, and he said that COAX has enough bandwidth to carry the signal, and also warned that CAT 5 is unprotected and can pick up interference with other wires in the house. He did run CAT 5 from the signal splitter to my Gateway base station. The rest he ran through the COAX, letting me know that if I thought the picture was not good at the end, that he would be happy to run CAT 5, but that it would likely not be necessary.

Being that today is only the second day since I got the service, I will let you know if that happens in a timely matter. After the new line was put in the original tech checked my signal and said that it was excellent, which I was very happy to hear. After that, he went ahead and connected the gateway and the three set-top-boxes in my house. This set the install back about minutes, as he had to install a new gateway. After he did that, we tried to turn on the TV again and hoped that the signal would come through, and it did. I have a 42 in. He walked me through a demo on how to use the TV and the remote and the features that it offered, he also set up my laptop wireless internet and showed my how to program my DVR from any computer with internet.

The internet was very fast, and I only got the hi speed pro. At this point the Tech left and I was left to watch my awesome new HD picture. The total install took 6 hours from the time he first called me at and left at 2;30pm,this was primarily due to the new phone line I needed to have dropped.

While it took a long time I was alright with this, and would recommend anyone else looking to get this installed to find a good book to read, they are not lying when they say hours is the average install time. After I watched TV for about three hours, mainly the Olympics, but also flipping to other channels to see how the picture looked on some of my favorite channels, I ran into a problem. After watching TV for three hours without a flaw, my TV started to freeze and pixilate, primarily during quick movements on screen, while the sound stayed on just fine.

I had read about this on this blog, as well as others, and was getting quite concerned. After the whole screen and sound froze for around 20 seconds the glitches went away and the TV was excellent the rest of the night. The next morning the same thing happened again, short screen freezes with the sound still working, followed around 10 minutes later by a second full screen and sound freeze, and no problems the rest of the day. That is where my concern lies, if this only happens occasionally, and hopefully not even weekly, I will be okay with it, but if it continues to happen every day, I may need to cancel my service, although I am already hooked on NFL Network, I am excited to watch the Packers in HD on Fox this season, and come Wisconsin Badger football season, it would be hard to give up the Big-ten network.

So, my initial reaction is the technician that installed my house was very knowledgeable, and very friendly. Well my service day has come. My tech was two hours late….. I will say the blank screen on my TV is impressive though. Im not sure what in the hell he was trying to do today but he failed. I feel like I was lied to by ATT. Oh at one point the tech wanted to drill into the side of my house which is brick um….. This is starting to feel like a joke on my family and I. This is illegal. Which WILL lower your credit score. I did not pass FICO , despite owning my home!

Too Bad. I USED to work as a prem tech. The service is shabby with channels that pixilate constanly for no reason at all. The system is extremely unstable. The voice service drops at least once a month.

The CT garages forced all thier techs to work mandatory 6 day weeks which usually ended up hour days On top of the exhaustion, I got to deal with all the problem customers, in which we rarely were able to fix their problems!! I eventually quit after the second line boss told us not to worry about quality, and just get the system into customers houses. They had techs from Ohio come to assist us, and they could care less about the quality of the installation, all they care about is how fast they can get it in!!

I like to have a little pride in my work. If you hate the product like I do, warn your friends, an stick with the local cable company. I could care less about the tv. I run an international business, online, and HAVE to have excellent internet connection and service. Alright, so I have now had Uverse for just over two weeks. I am continuing to experience the screen freezing issue more frequently, especially over the last couple days.

It is getting pretty annoying, but I have found that if I reset my gateway, the freezing stops…. I have been very patient, but will be calling Tech support this week to see what they can do. My guess is they will want to replace my gateway, but I have a feeling that all gateways are likely to experience the same issues. I still love to channel lineup, the DVR works great, and the HD picture is excellent when not freezing. I will post again after I see what tech support can do for me. Lets just say i work in customer service for a much larger international company.

No wonder why Comcast support is easy to get to what do they specialize in…. WOW big step for them. The truth is with Uverse if you did any research you would know that these boxes use fiber optics. Wikipedia Fiber optics. My company specializes in making electronics. People who post to the about some dumb issue they had such as the the video keeps freezing Call em Ask for a new box R-tard. Oh and by the way i get more calls about how much comcast doesnt work compared to how bad the Uverse system doesnt work. All i hear on the phone all day is people saying this Uverse system is amazing.

I now give my money to the UVerse system that i have had for over 6 months now. Record shows i set up on the internet because im busy helping Retarded people that cant find their ass where the source button is. You people think oh you work in customer service i make more money than you so there for i am just better. Thing is we are trained to know the product and to be able assist the customer. Oh not there.. So you can go cry hugging your 60 inch tv which is probrably not worth a crap because you cant find the source button.

I think you need support for that too probrably so guess what gotta call us customer service agents that are supposed to what you will want to orally pleasure you at the cost of OMG you may return the product. Thanks for posting, you obviously have some serious issues at home to be so angry. BTW — couple things about technology, especially UVerse that you clearly do not understand. It is not the cable boxes that are causing issues with UVerse, and if there is an issue with the system there is no way to use the internet — the entire systems is down — so having online support does absolutely nothing since you cannot access it.

Trey I suggest you seek out a mental health professional and get the help you need, perhaps one who specializes in aggression. You said it man. Trey is a douche.

Why should I watch?

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that may help any of these issues it would be much appreciated. You could add only the HD channels to favorites and I believe you can review only your favorites. So far it seems to be a BIG mistake. The technician arrived yesterday, did the intall for the 4 televisions and the internet.

When attempting to activate the internet he ran into problems. It was the end of the day and the tech said he would return the following morning, today, at 8am. The best they could do is schedule someone between 2 — 4. So, we waited…. They also took down my cell phone number stating that someone would call me to confirm this. Well, my goodness, here we are 6pm and guess what…no one called. My father still does not have his internet service, which he uses daily to communicate with his 83 year old sister and his 88 year old brother in Florida.

Like everyone else the pictuer freezes or pixelates. I had one cs rep. I had uverse for one day. What a mistake!!! They installed boxes on FIVE televisions and never told me that only 4 can work at a time and if you record you are down one per recording. The worst part was that sent my bellsouth.

I was portalled to att. I could not access it from home or another computer. Uverse would not answer my calls because I had cancelled my service and the system hangs up on cancelled customers. Bellsouth could not have access to the problem. So all my business emails are gone forever. ATT answer was that is not our problem it is yours!!!!! The one thing I would say for sure to ask is to find out how many HD channels is supported in your area. I was talking to a CS rep and they were working on my problem and while I was on hold I got disconnected.

I called back and was on hold when I came across this website. I went there and found a another to call. After being on hold 41 mins I hung up and call and got an actual human in 1 min. Yeah I understand, and I know many people call in upset that they have no picture, and end up hating our company when its simply the source button, but majority of the time its the elderly.

Again, they have a right to be upset. Because I have been down that road of irateness with other companies whether it be cell phones, tv, internet or whatever, so I know and everyone knows the frustration. So to all who receive poor quality customer service, I wish to apoligize and wish to thank you all for calling in, because if you did not call in or have problems for even the simplest things, I would be out of a job.

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Next… after wasting 5 minutes of your life …. Solution: Googled Comcast for my area. Spoke to customer service rep. Ready to go in 5 minutes. Ordered and had U-verse installed last month At first, there was alot of freezing. Called customer service and a tech arrived several hours later and fixed the problem. I love the DVR features, and if you can get over the newness of this product, I highly recommend it. I saved alot over cable.

Too bad the other comments on this website had some tough luck with it. Today is my 3rd installation of U-Verse, and it still has failed to be installed at my home. So far my history has been: 1. Interested in U-Verse, so I take off a day from work and schedule a tech to arrive. This is a Monday. However he tells me he cannot do a thing because the VRAD is not even setup completely yet.

So, he tells me that he can schedule for someone to come out two days later, on Wednesday at a pm timeslot. So that sounds good and I wait till Wednesday. Why sell U-Verse if it is not even setup in your area??? Wednesday — I quickly drive home early from work, and wait and wait, no one comes around. I call their Customer Relations Center, and they tell me that nothing has been scheduled. So this tech, Ryan, whose manager is named Don, was just irresponsible — either he has no authority to schedule jobs, or he completely forgot to get me scheduled.

Either is unacceptable. Saturday, 1. So I wait till pm, and no one has arrived. So I call CRC yet again, and ask what is going on. I finally get a hold of dispatch, and they tell me the tech is running late, and will arrive at pm! So when the tech finally comes, he inspects my home, I once again show him the home and the coax cables coming into my home, and he walks across the street to the VRAD. He comes back min. Sometimes they will tell you anything like Ryan in my case just to be nice.

So these issues are in the Northbrook, Illinois area. So as an fyi, these issues are in the Northbrook, Illinois area. Worthwhile noting that the poor UVerse tech was left on hold by his own company for over 20 minutes. It took me an hour of cell phone minutes to get anyone to complain to when I discovered my phone had been disconnected and re-routed into cyberspace. Well sir, we have a window open from noon until five.

So, expect to stay a while. Your story has inspired me to wait for Uverse 2.

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I had a terrible experience with U-Verse also. They completely got our order wrong. Our technician installed the 2Wire box, but somehow, the customer service people missed that we ordered internet. They also installed the wrong cable U instead of U THEN … later that same night … the cable just stops working. I did the math and their limit is a whopping 3. I cannot fathom who set this limit, but they should be shot.

I changed over from DirectTV when I moved into a new apartment that does not have a southern facing exposure. I think I am going to figure out how to get DirecTV back or go with Comcast I am guessing they have figured out how to record more than 4 programs per day ……. This is the worst experience I have ever had! I signed up with because of the great price as compared to Comcast. The salesman should be fired for all of the lies and promises he dished out.

My service froze two weeks after it was installed and has never recovered. Customer service and tech support are of no help as you get transferred over and over again. So, tomorrow Comcast will be out the reinstall. Believe me, you will regret it! I thought they were supposed to come yesterday….. The tech. When I called, they said I was sent an email reading it would be the 19th…. U-verse is a company in witch everyone is trying todo somehing at the same time. Thanks for the blog — I was just going to order U-Verse tomorrow — this info may have just saved me some serious aggravation.

I hate this company! I have been dealing with u-verse for 3 weeks now. I have had 3 different tech out and I still am not up and running correctly. The first 2 times a tech was out there was something wrong with the order. Then I had no incoming phonew service for over a week. Then i had no caller ID. I had my voice mail turned off so everything would go into my answering machine. I receive messages on the voice mail for calls that never even rang at the house.

I was supposed to have a tech come out today. The now say it was canelled. My parents just ordered U-verse in Michigan, and it has been a nightmare since day one. For 3 weeks they have had to deal with the TVs freezing up or the phone not working. The Red Wings hockey game will change jersey colors whenever it wants. The whole house has been rewired 3 times the latest to cat5 , and everything else has been changed.

Still the same old garbage product. If this is how they treat employees, then how do you think they will treat the general public? I dont like to spend a lot of money on cable, so I and am signed up for only basic service. I had to reset the u-verseTV box , and then change the settings aspect ratio to , and then the amazaing blue HD light illuminated. So how was it?

Simply, Uverse HD picture does not compare to Comcast picture, there is no question, none. The u-verse picture looks cheap, grainy, pixilated, and compressed, unsatisfactory. Also , the u-verse remote looks really goofy compared to Sony remote that came with my TV. So after removing all my U-verse TV boxes, I reconnected my Comcast cable and am happy again with the excellent picture, it really is remarkable! I am happy now, picture is great , and no more ugly remotes. This issue is actually the network itself. At the same time the telivision freezes my internet and phone go out.

This is because the IP address to the gateway has been dropped. I call customer support several times a month to get this issue resolved. I really like Att uverse, it is new technology so i am giving it a chance. I just wish support would listen to me. The issue is not anything in my house as everything has been replaced and all my neihbors experience the same issue. I have tried to explain this but after 6 months this issue has not yet improved.

I am so glad that I read this tonight. Not now! Funny, I had the exact opposite problems with Charter in St. Even when you get a human on the phone, you get transferred from person to person, each time having to go through your entire problem, yet again. Nothing but Ghetto-fab employees, all of which must be two weeks after ovulating … even the males. At least their billing has been proper, aside from sending me two bills one month two weeks apart … and I paid them both, not realising!

It is completely unreliable when it counts most. I came across this thread and would like to correct some fallacies that have been put up. Also, CAT5 has specifications for a reason and the so called Techs do not run it to its specification then you will have failures. CAT5 UTP unshielded twisted pair is very susceptible to interference such as radio waves, emf, and other things you would not expect.

So if U-Verse is trying to run over your old telephone lines then for get it. With that being said if you do not have fiber to your premise and CAT5 run in your house forget it. As they ramp up the bandwidth, IE add more then one HD channel, you will see a huge degrading in your service and who wants to pay for something that does not work.

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Okay, where do I begin with ATT? We called a total of 4 times, cycling through idiotic menus, waiting on hold with outsourced staff overseas, being re-routed to US operations and finally speaking with management, who promptly sent out a teck to connect our phone line — and had no answers about DSL, which still was not activated.

Now, getting back to Uverse. And yes, our gut told us to avoid ATT like the plague due to pevious service issues, we should have known better…. Any time I have ever had to call customer support, I have reached a live person who has been pleasant. My issues were resolved promptly every time. This is the only service that I know of where you can 1. We have also had Comcast they bought out Time Warner in our area and service went from good to very bad and Dish Network.

With both services, we lost our signal every time the wind blew or a drop of rain fell from the sky. To me, that speaks volumes. It has always been good. I had nothing but problems with Comcast. From reading different comments I think it boils down to the area your in and how well it is layed out and age of equipment. I am in Spring TX in I believe the Comcast equipment was old although getting updated as even tole me by Comcast workers and the New techniology of the Uverse System blew them out of the water here.