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Time to change the freaking service from spectrum. Their goes another customer who pays a lot in every bill. You know the worst part is people knocking our door trying to convince to but more stuff to add. U can tell am pissed. Like what happened???? However, I have been a TWC customer for 5 years. Any time I was late on a bill, I was always able to make a payment arrangement to avoid service interruption.

It is absolutely ridiculous that there is not a single human being in your entire organization that can help me with a payment arrangement, a credit, a pushback on my service cut off date, ANYTHING to help a customer who was with the company you recently purchased for 5 years. Comcast sucks. TWC sucks. I hope you go bankrupt, you idiots. Hope things are better for you now. Spectrum hit N. I can say I feel your pain. We have been waiting since Saturday to have our service transferred and to this day we still have no service and just a lot of lies and lip service.

We will be switching providers and I would recommend that other due the same. There is no customer service to speak of. They are crazy if they think we are paying that much. I have had spectrum since January 27, and absolutely hate it! Hate it!!! I spent over a half an hour last night trying to get my bedroom TV to come on. And I have this problem all the time!!! And when your power go off for like one second it takes like minutes for it to come back on. It is a frustrating and a complete and utter pain in the neck.

I absolutely hate it! It is the worst cable that I have ever had in my entire life! And the DVR…is absolutely horrible! You can only record two shows at a time and you have to be watching one of them?! Remember the remote is as dumb as user. The remote does not know if a box is on or off. It just issues a power command. Use the individual power buttons to sync tv or bad power, then one button will work again. Spectrum stinks. Horrible service! TV has been out for days! Totally down hill since they bought out Brighthouse Networks!

Save your money! I would give 0 stars if that was an option. No Mr. Any company but yours actually honors the price you signed up with from day 1 until the end of that contract period. Oh and I have only had them for 3 months! There is no mention of these random price hikes anywhere on their website and of course none of the agents tell you this when you call to sign up. I am quite disgusted by the BS. Oh and yea make sure you check your bills and never auto-pay because this company has not once gotten my bill right. They seem to always want to charge me more and then I sit on the phone with their customer service reps for hours every month.

Sorry excuse of a company. Never again! Holy cow how can a company screw up everything so fast? Ours went to Spectrum a few months ago and we have had more outages than in the past two years, the prices have soared with no notice or explanation and the workers who keep having to come out HATE the new rules, which make it much more difficult for them to do their job. I thought it was just local but it seems to be the same everywhere!! Every single day the internet and cable tv drop on the hour or so and after a few min comes back. So here I am a bill increasing by the month outrageous prices for any service comparable to my current one.

Spectrum lacks honesty or customer care. We the consumer deserve the proper protection against such companies that perge the consumer. This company believes because no contracts means no rules are regulated. Now I am going to educate myself in such matters. Worst reception and equipment with terrible care towards the consumer. This company does not give fare trade of business for the almighty dollar. Salina was my service rep and she was the most hateful soul that made me want to cancel then and there and I did and of course she would not transfer to manager or supervisor so I could lodge a complaint against her inadequate service and hateful demeanor.

Today I was called at pm telling me that my cable wire was down acrossed my road and the fire department was at my house.

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I was just a few doors up, so I was home in a minute. The 1st responders told me that Spectrum had been called and was on their way. The 1st responders had got the cable wire above the road and tied to a tree. The cable wire was still across my driveway. After I seen everything was ok, and I could do nothing at the moment, I left at pm. I returned home at pm and no Spectrum truck had been here. I called Spectrum and was told a work order was in and when I technichan could be found they would come.

After calling back and talking to the technical supervisor and got the same thing. There was only 45 minutes in the work day and I have contractors showing up tomorrow with their work trailer. Remember the cable is down in drivewary and workers will be here in morning. I had a call back from another supervisor, stating what I had already heard. Whenever a tech was available they would be here. Their rates have went up, and service went down. I have lost power for over 3 hours, twice in a month. Then on a regular basis, late at night, the power will go out or off and on several times.

If I am working on my computer it will mess me up while working. In the first year, after I signed with Spectrum, prices were good. I am currently looking into finding another company. They want a extra almost 60 dollars. For the same exact same plan I have currently. Then they wonder why people are leaving cable companies. We had a family emergency and mailed out a check late.

I actually made 4 phone calls to CS to let them know and they said there was nothing ghey could do, our service would be cut off and indeed, they cut off our service phone, cable TV and internet this company could not get any worse foe providing decent customer service to paying people. We have tolerated horrible customer service because if lack of competition. We are now cancelling our service. Do not use Spectrum! This never happened and when I called them the second time 2 days is the best you can do? She has no service and cannot call out or receive calls. This is not acceptable.

What if there is an emergency? Spectrum is horrible they keep changing, replacing or taking away channels. Replacement with some kind of home made movies for example bounce to something called TBD and also got rid of grit. They will continue to lose customers. Spectrum cable is a disaster. I cut off of my cable and phone after I received a bill with 20 extra added.

My triple bundle went from dollars to dollars. I called a representative and they basically told me that my promotional price had ended and that was the new price. They also said that I was still receiving a 40 dollar discount, which would mean that without the discount it be about dollars. And they charge a variety pass fee if you want other basic channels, which should be included in the basic channels package. My internet service was suppose to be mbps and it was never close to be lightening fast. My netflix was always buffering. I was basically being charged lump sums of money for a service that is completely poor.

Spectrum has stated that they want to give out quality service to customer, but they are not. From what I heard they are losing customers and they will continue to lose them, based on their new terrible tactics. On June 26, , I call the number and set up an appointment for the hours of 8 to 10 to have my box and modem checked. They never showed. When I called the local number they stated there was no record of any call or appointment being made. So, now I have to suffer and wait for another appointment tomorrow, when it should be today.

As soon as I find a review page I will put on it that Spectrum customer service is not what they claim on TV. Because right now the pixels on my TV are messed up and the volume goes in and out and the internet is having thinking problems. Well it made one heck of a mistake today. So, now instead of one day of waiting on an incompetent company, I now have to wait two days.

Very bad company and customer service. But they hold a monopoly in this area, so I have to stick with this horrible company. Their answer to every technical question is to reset your cable modem and hope the problem goes away. Sometimes that works. Most of the time, I just give up and hope the problem goes away on its own.

Sometimes that works, too. Some day we will move and I look forward to finally cancelling Charter service. I worry that the alternatives are just as bad. Like the previous posters said: Charter system is in the dark ages. The boxes and system simply are trash, it is hopeless. Please, another cable company enter my market.

I am so so so sick of being called by their sales reps wanting me to add cable to my internet and phone service. I have told them I do not and will never want to add cable service. I have asked that they stop calling me to no avail. I am trying to work people. This is NOT customer service. I encourage anyone to find the recorded transcripts of my conversations with 3 of your employees, passing me off to the next department. Is this what Spectrum customer service looks like? One of the biggest reasons we switched is the last company we were with would raise prices without contacting the customer.

Spectrum is no different. I now know customer service is the thing of the past. This is what happens when our politicians allow monopolies. I rate Spectrum as liars and on a scale of 1 to 10 — 10 being best — Rated a My husband took back our two boxes, remotes, cables and modem. I was charged for not returning 2 modems! Keep in mind first, I had ONE modem and second, the equip was returned!

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I applied for service. They processed our payment and gave us an installation date. Today was that day. I was up at waiting. At my wife call the tech says no one answered. What house did he go to. I have 3 German Shepard. Honor your obligations. New name same horrible service. Then nobody can honor the price you were quoted. Appointment set for Directv on Thursday. I am extremely disappointed with spectrum. Paying for all the channels and then finding that perhaps, if I am lucky, I can get to see them 3 or 4 times a week.

What am I paying for. I am tired of seeing the message — this channel is temporarily unavailable. You are generous with your 2. I currently have dish, which I like but was looking for something a bit cheaper. Just wanted to add I joined Time Warner Cable and was ok with them. Merging with Charter to create Spectrum was not what I wanted.

Twc customers put on a legacy service. They will hopefully not be removed as we get everything we had before. Still if I was dumped to a Spectrum package then just keeping internet and moving to Directv Now because I want the same channels I have. There was confusion about Spectrum and services they offer and changes following merger. But I got to keep my packages. But this year it only went up less than thirty bucks from to Had it gone up further I would have switched. By next year may test Directv Now or look at UVerse if it is around. It is more about cost than customer service.

I thought getting on a bundle would lower rates. So far the cost is so-so. The taxes and fees are what kill me. Service has been great though. With Time Warner Cable we had outages a lot. With Spectrum the big issue was confusion about merger. My original bundle with phone was to be However they put me on the Internet plan. It was done to all customers.

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The merger came two years later. I maybe staying with tv depending on what is worked out. The competitor UVerse I had three years but the price jumped. There may not even be a UVerse service. It all comes down to what the cost will be next year or if I can live with a modifications.

Would love to be on a service where I can afford a dvr. Cable gets away with raises for what they provide. I have a choice of 1 provider in my area. You have to reboot it everyday for it to move past one episode and the reboot takes about minutes. This is a daily problem. I agree, a two is too generous for this company. I have internet service with Spectrum cable. I no longer need the landline and canceled it today. Tell me how that makes sense? I will be shopping around and changing services. Apparently they do not care either. There has been nothing but problems and added fees.

Makes sense right. I just purchased my first house and this has been a big mistake. I will be sure to recommend any other cable company but spectrum to my friends and family. Absolute bullshit. I pay every month for services I can barely use. I am not at all impressed with Spectrum.

I just cancelled the cable and phone service after only having it since April I switched from DirecTV and have just had it switched back to DTV because their service and the satellite has always worked the best. The best part of the service was the salesman who came to the door and sold me a bill of goods to switch. Run away from it! Choose another provider! As soon as possible, I will even be getting rid of the internet with Spectrum. I just needed it today so I could leave this review! Very disappointed. I honestly was a loyal Time Warner customer as I did not experience any issue and only minimal increases over several years as a subscriber.

Since the migration to Spectrum, I am very disappointed. I received a notice that my rates would change as soon as my existing offer ended. Well OK…with little options locally I waited for my expiration date to approach. This was the last straw so I have since cancelled most services and have retained Internet and basic TV. I choose to go with a streaming packing from a competitor for premium TV viewing. I thought great, sign me up. I was told the letter was sent in error and there was nothing they could do. Again very disappointed that I received this response and there was no effort put forth to acknowledge and honor the offer sent.

We have been in Time Warner for a long time and when transferred to Spectrum, they are the worst. They do not consider IF you are long time customer or not. They do not care about you! Worse company ive ever seen, internet goes down every hrs and stays down for 30mins — 1hr, like wth am i paying for here???? Thank you very much for being a worthless company that steals money from people and is horrible with the customer service…………… thanks a bunch………NOT!!!!!

Spectrum Cable is horrendous. I recommend everyone to switch providers immediately. Spectrum raise my bill twice in 6months. Spectrum is the worst internet company to use. They are rude on the phone and their accounting department cant do their jobs. I cancelled my service six months back and they are now giving me a bill for the difference when they told me six months ago that i paid it. And instead of doing their job and trying to contact me in the last six months they instead put me directly into collections ruining my credit on their mistake and incompetence.

Want to let all know about Spectrum. I was on the phone for over 2 hours with Spectrum and was finally told the truth. Surprise at the 1 year my fees increased.

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What a disappointment. I called to ask about it and the rep. She offered to cancel my service. That was it. At least the other companies are upfront about fee increases. Spectrum app on Roku absolutely sucks! Suffice it to say it is not a viable alternative. Why the Spectrum people would not hire the proper people to make this work is beyond me. Sling TV has some issues as well but nothing compared to this.

I hate this company. The only thing I wish upon them is good competition. I will be the first to leave. Their bundle package is a joke. Been there, done that, not again. Poor, unreliable, and expensive service. Thank goodness ATT is now in the area so I plan on checking with them…. Think its time to do some shopping for a new service!

Then we would actually be receiving a signal closer to what was advertised. My area recently switched from Time Warner to Spectrum. So they will put be back to time warner pricing as long as I give up most of my TV channels. Another night with poor cable performance while watching Monday night football.

Time Warner was poor and Spectrum has picked up where they left off — poor. It is the absolute worst. We pay good money for charter, and it works probably less than half the time, we use our internet every single day. You are better off paying more for internet and having it work most or all the time, than having charter and having it work probably less than half the time. It is truly horrible. It is all automated with some s! And then they keep playing passing the pillow with your call.

They do not understand when you say you need address change, instead you will have two bills at your doorstep at each month. Before spectrum happened TWC was good but it is nothing but pathetic now. Charter Spectrum is more than horrible. We would get such a good deal with a bundle, that was a load of crap too! They had no intention of paying out any contract that I had currently. I was lied to all the way around with this company. Do not go with Charter Spectrum, they are dishonest as the day is long! The customer service reps lie so bad and they take money from your account and lie to you about getting it back..

Do not be fooled by them, they are no good! Hi we live in the NYC area and just switched to spectrum from Fios and I have to say so far very pleased w the service. It was very easy to get done — service has been great — actually better than Fios! Just to make sure we are at the same page, lets have a quick recap before ending the chat. You will get:. Katherine P. I asked my service be terminated. They screwed us in N. We may all have to go back to antenas attached soon. We gave up all but their internet service for this same reason They hook you in with the TV channels you watch and then start removing channels to get more money out of you every month.

I have never tested it at more than 15 Mbps — no matter what service I test it with. There are thousands of complaints nationwide about this too and Attorney Generals in a number of states are suing them for falsely advertising internet speeds. Here in NC, they own the state legislature outright, so they are protected from having to satisfy consumer complaints. I give them a I too despise them and hate paying their bill every month. Talk about false advertising!!! We had been with Dishnetwork for more than 10years and decided to change to Spectrum based on their advertisement.

The advertisement basically states they have inexpensive prices, no contracts should you bundle your services. He worked on one tv for more than two hours, not knowing what to do. He later called in for help. Overall, it took him more more than eight hours to install the service. The tv in question I promised had no prior problems and was basically new two years old.

It was only used when our daughter would come home from college. This is the room she sleeps in when she is home,so we have no real need to use that tv being we have a tv in our bedroom and in the family room This LG smart tv was the only tv he had a problem installing and that is the one that will not work and they are saying it is not their fault and will repair or replaced the tv. When the installer left the following things were left wrong or undone. The installer could not get the tv to work initially. He later went outside and worked on something and it came on. The tv was turned off it was off until our daughter came home.

When she turned it on it was snowy and blotchy. She turned it off and went shopping. The cables they laid are not buried underground as they promised someone would return the next week to bury the cable. We called several times requesting they be buried. They are still not buried. The incompetent installer broke our LG smart tv. I feel soooo cheated and taken advantage of.

DO NOT! The staff is rude and incorrect ,they will NOT work with you nor provide extensions. Your bill is due on a certain day ,the bastards disconnect early in the morning ,not even giving you until 5 pm. They are horrible and need to be investigated ASAP! I went into the Spectrum store and I see just about every customer returning their equipment!

Whoever came up with this shady ass service needs to be prosecuted for stealing, Ridiculous! And so are the people who slave for them. Horrendous all the way around. Worst customer service. Less than 24 hours after making my payment I was not able to do watch anything. This would be a horrible horrible company to have for a small business.


My friend warned me about how horrible this network is before getting it, so I already had a bad taste in my mouth about it. There are times where I have to wait days for a new episode to actually show up on the listing. I will choose something to watch and then it will play the first 15 seconds and pause. When I click out and back again it either does the same thing or it says it is unavailable at this time. Channel and HD programming availability based on level of service. Account credentials may be required to stream some TV content online.

Available Internet speeds may vary by address.

Services subject to all applicable service terms and conditions, subject to change. Services not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. Enter your address to determine availability. Bright House internet service typically includes: Speeds starting at Mbps Free Security Suite for secure browsing Free internet modem and service installation No data caps or contracts Access to Spectrum Wi-Fi hotspot Shop internet. Shop TV. Find Bright House bundles near you Bundling internet, TV and home phone service services will give you the convenience of having one bill for multiple home services, and may qualify you for additional savings on equipment and plan pricing.

Shop bundles. Learn more about Bright House services. Who owns Bright House Networks? How do I install Bright House services in my home?

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