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Corrosion Experiments. Analysis for Metals.

Sample Carbon Fiber Sheet Coupons

Electrochemical Measurements. Measurements of Particle Size Distribution. Solder and Lead Coupons.

General Purpose Coupons

LongTerm Exposures. Metal Release From Solder and Lead. Metal Release in ControlledFlow Experiments. Morphological Studies of Corroded Surfaces. Investigation of Coupons Exposed at Field Sites.

Flat (Strip) Coupons

Santa Clara Valley Water District. Discussion and Recommendations for Utilities. Attached to the bottom of the solid plug These tools are easy to operate and are The life of a production well is based on many factors.

Metal Samples - Monitoreo Interno de CorrosiĆ³n

With proper monitoring and maintenance, the integrity of the well, especially the downhole tubing is vital for safety, environmental, and economical reasons. Production wells typically contain water, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulphide.

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Cases Lap-joints examined Lighter, stronger, more robust composites A convenient world first. Related Issues Allowables of materials ASTM-AITM testing Bearing testing Bending testing C-scan inspection at coupon level Composite coupon testing Compression testing Coupon test result interpretation Coupon test results correlation Coupon testing Creep testing of coupons Cryogenic environment during coupon testing Damage tolerance testing Fatigue testing of composite materials Fracture toughness testing High speed video of coupon testing ILS-IPS testing Impact test at coupon level Instrumentation of coupons Material allowables Material evaluation Material qualification Material sample testing Materials testing Mechanical testing Non Destructive inspection of coupons Optical displacement measuring during coupon testing Optical strain measuring during coupon testing Prototype testing Static testing Technical photography at coupon level Tensile testing of coupons Test article manufacturing Thermal fatigue testing of coupons.

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