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Ultra-flat keys not overly friendly for touch typing. Ungodly costly.

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Haswell chip is to double the 3D graphics performance and better the battery life. But is it good enough to win over wary consumers? We're inclined to say no, at least at this price. For all the things Toshiba got right attractive design, improved keyboard, solid specs, generous warranty there are a few important details it overlooked. The Kirabook is the most beautiful Ultrabook to pass through our Test Centre, but its inability to drive a large external monitor at native resolution, a lid that flexes like a contortionist, a Wi-Fi adapter restricted to 2.

It has everything we want in an Ultrabook: a strong chassis and a light weight, great performance, full-sized ports, and an excellent, high-resolution screen. For the most part, it's an Ultrabook that's a pleasure to use, and we even made a lot of use of its touchscreen.

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We think the noise from the fan is a problem though. The Kirabook is lighter, thinner, and comes with the two-year service and support, but those aren't quite enough to unseat the MacBook Pro as the high end ultraportable EC. The color temperature is slightly higher than the ideal value 6, K at 6, K, but we cannot see a blue cast. It is even possible to see the display content under direct sunlight, but this will be tiring for the eyes after a while. There are, however, no restrictions in the shade or without direct light sources, so a big problem of the IPS touchscreen in the predecessor has been improved.

The viewing-angle stability is excellent, even for an IPS display. From an angle above or below you can only see minimal brightness and contrast losses, but the content is perfectly visible from all positions. Thanks to the matte surface there are no reflections from flat viewing angles, either. The two current models have similar hardware specifications and only differ in terms of the display.

The KIRA is therefore well-equipped for office tasks and multimedia applications, including light picture and video editing. The nominal clock of the frugal Watt CPU, which is manufactured in a 14 nm process, is 2. Hyper-Threading is supported as well, so the chip can execute up to four threads simultaneously. The processor can utilize the Turbo Boost pretty well in practice. Load for one core will result in the maximum Turbo clock of 3 GHz, and we can also see the full 2.

The TDP limitation will set in after around 30 seconds and the processor clock levels off at 2. This means short load peaks can be compensated for very well. The CPU is also on the expected level in the benchmarks and manages points single-core and points multi-core in Cinebench R The full performance is basically available on battery power as well, but the TDP limitation at 15 Watts will set in immediately and both processor cores run at 2.

The notebook is subjectively very fast. Thanks to the Solid State Drive, the notebook starts and shuts down within a few seconds and applications are launched immediately as well. This impression is also confirmed by the benchmarks of the PCMark-series. Similar to the predecessor you once again get an mSATA module.

Still, the differences between fast SSDs are hardly noticeably in practice. The tests with small files 4K did not show any problems, either. Besides DirectX The performance of the GPU is sufficient for multimedia tasks, and thanks to the powerful Quick Sync technology, video editing is no problem with the corresponding software. The results in the synthetic benchmarks do not show any surprises.

The integrated Intel HD Graphics actually manages smooth frame rates in less demanding or older titles, sometimes even with high settings, but you will have to reduce the settings and the resolution with more complex titles. Current blockbuster titles, however, are not playable even with these limitations. Even though the integrated GPUs got much quicker over the last couple of years, dedicated graphics cards still have a clear advantage. The fan is often deactivated while idling, thanks to the SSD you will have a silent notebook The fan occasionally spins up during light workloads like browsing the web or when you write an email, but it is still hardly audible The small fan does, however, get pretty loud under load with up to The fan is more active in the High-Performance mode, so we can recommend the power profile "Balanced" if you do not need the maximum performance.

The palm rest and a big part of the keyboard stay cool, but you can feel some warming up at the number's row. Still, this does not affect the usability. Thanks to the comparatively low temperatures at the bottom it is basically no problem to use the notebook on the lap, but you should be careful not to block the air intake. You should not place the notebook on a soft underground when you stress it, either, otherwise the temperatures can quickly rise.

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We use our stress test to check the notebook for problems with the stability or throttling in extreme situations. Simultaneous load for both components Prime95 and FurMark for at least one hour starts with a processor clock of 2. The processor consumes around 18 Watts in the scenario, before the TDP limitation once again sets in after around 30 seconds. We can see a sudden drop to 1.

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This means the GPU is favored by the system and the processor throttles. A 3DMark06 test run immediately after the stress test, however, did not show a performance limitation. The behavior of the notebook changes on battery power, where the processor will run at its nominal clock of 2. Plug right in and get access to the Web or other networks to work, communicate and enjoy yourself. Reach out and tap open brilliant HD movies shown with amazing color, contrast and clarity.

For your peace of mind, this laptop comes with a Three-Year Limited Warranty. This rechargeable 6-Cell battery is perfect for staying connected longer while on the go. This rechargeable 9-Cell battery allows you to stay connected even longer while on the go. Dedicated graphics enliven and enhance the way you view movies, photos and games, all without robbing the performance you need to get other things done.

Visit www. Built for Business systems feature a variety of upgrade options, remote manageability and docking select models , and business operating software. They are designed with the professional user in mind and offer longer durability, reliability and added protection for the road. No Dongle Needed. Save yourself time, trouble and mistakes by scanning business cards and keeping important contact information in an easily accessed file. The ten-finger multi-touch screen design on this tablet lets you navigate and control your visual experience with ease.

Get awesome, crisp images for quick-action sports and other fast-motion video. Cloud TV takes the connected experience to a new level and provides a better user experience by offering easier content discovery and acquisition, including news content and more. A processor that significantly produces a better picture.

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Plug in an LCD monitor and enjoy a higher resolution viewing experience. Experience full 5.

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  • Upgrades the audio capabilities of your laptop speakers and delivers a more natural sound experience. Eliminates inconsistent volume levels when changing channels, inputs or even during TV commercials. Enjoy the most immersive surround sound experience ever offered from music, videos and games. Chat, video conference and snap still pictures through a 2MP front webcam. Chat, video conference and snap still pictures through the front webcam.

    The two cores on this processor let you do more at once. They are also energy-smart, sipping battery power so you can go farther unplugged. Play your favorite music CDs. Watch the latest DVD movies. Load programs and do back-ups in a flash. Automatically adjusts the backlight intensity based on the image content.

    Dynamic Noise Reduction can distinguish areas of noise and apply noise reduction to only those areas. Quickly adjust the settings and power plan of your laptop and monitor your ongoing power usage with just a click. Experience faster data transfers when using an external hard drive. Fanless by design, it operates without noisy vent fans, so you get a sleek-looking sealed design that runs quiet and is easy to maintain.

    Gain time, fast resume enables faster boot up time from stand-by or hibernation modes. Get added security and convenience by replacing passwords with the simple swipe of a finger. The full-size SD card slot simplifies file transfers to and from this tablet and makes it easy to expand the storage capabilities.

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    Enjoy hair-trigger action on your Toshiba TV with a special setting that reduces game controller delay. Enjoy deeper, richer lows, crisper highs, and more lifelike conversations. High-resolution 8MP rear camera, plus 1.