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You can purchase a larger tray to increase the size to 8. Even so, size is also one of the areas where the Curio shines. There's no doubt that this embosser is better for smaller projects, and it does those very well. The level of detail work the Curio can pull off is very intricate, which combines great with the variety of materials it can handle. Like other Silhouette products, the Curio works with Silhouette Studio. The program offers a lot of advanced design options.

You can select from already available patterns, pick up some designs from the Curio store, and even build custom designs yourself. The Studio is also responsible for a lot of the Curio's advanced functions. While it's great that this allows for the versatility, it also means that you can't use the stipple and embossing features without connecting a computer to embosser.

If you want to emboss on the go which would be easy considering the Curio's light size , the need for a connection is somewhat limiting.

On top of that, the Silhouette Studio takes a little bit of practice to make the most of it. There are a lot of features available especially if you download the most up to date digital version of the software instead of using the included CD , and learning them all prevents a steep learning curve. Even Silhouette veterans can have a hard time—though once you get the hang of it, all those options are yours to play with to your heart's content. When you look at the potential materials the Curio can handle, it's an impressive scope. Cardstock, paper, vinyl, fabric, vellum, stencil material, leather, soft metals—there's a lot of crafting possibilities ready to happen.

The 5mm clearance is what makes this possible, as many other embossers can fit only thinner materials. As for how it handles all these materials, the Curio takes on them all with excellent results. Some settings work better than others deep embossing is more effective on slightly thinner materials, embossing on watercolor paper doesn't come out as well , but, all in all, the Curio performs as expected.

It even outclasses some more expensive machines in how well it handles its materials. The dual carriage capacity keeps the work speedy, too. For only having grams of cutting force, the Curio still has a great variety of things it can accomplish across projects. If the cutting depth bothers you, it's possible to purchase a deep-cut blade to reach even deeper depths with your work.

When loading mats and materials into the Curio, you need to pull the tray through the back of the machine manually. When you press the load button, the Curio will do the work of detecting the mat and positioning it correctly, which is incredibly convenient. After you've let the Curio finish up your crafting work, you need to press the unload button and pull the tray back out. There are a lot of mats and platforms included with the Curio. To get the best results out of your projects, you need to build your platforms based on the thickness of the material you're using. This setup may take a little a little practice to adjust to, but it does help a lot to get your projects in the best possible shape.

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Silhouette does include a reference chart to help you find the best mat and blade combo for whatever product you're putting through the embosser. Though the Curio does have a lot of mats, the quality is moderate. Some of the mats are easily damaged, which doesn't do you much good when you're trying to put a lot of work through your Curio. It's best to be careful with the mats and maybe consider investing in some alternatives. Another significant factor in the Curio's favor is the quality of customer service.

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Both the representatives and website are helpful will all sorts of information to help you navigate the Curio. For things that the official Silhouette can't handle, the vast user community is bursting with extensive project tutorials that make it a little easier to manage some of the unruly aspects of the Curio's learning curve. We offer several options in terms of bundle options to help you get the right option for you. For example, our basic bundle offers just the machine and the minimum tools needed to get started such as a cutting mat, embossing mat, fine and wide embossing tools, cutting blade, and more.

When looking for an option with a bit more in the way of extras, we also offer our Silhouette Curio bundles with all the extras including transfer paper, vinyl sheets in several colors, exclusive designs and access to the Design Studio, and more. Best of all, you can choose the right bundle for you based on which are you want to focus on such as our etching and stippling bundle, sketch pen set, or metal etching bundle. These options give you a more focused approach to learning new aspects of this versatile machine with all the tools and supplies you need to get started.

The Silhouette Curio enables you to stipple and etch metal sheets! This is my favorite ability of the Curio.

What is the Silhouette Curio?

And the cost of the Curio is already so high, it makes sense to have this ability included. You can stipple with markers, but when you stipple metal sheets it actually creates indents in the paper, like so:. As you can see, the Curio can etch and stipple metal beautifully. Etching or engraving works well on soft metals like aluminum but may need multiple passes for hard metals like steel.

The Curio can sketch, draw, and felt-tip stipple with the Silhouette sketch pens, or any other pen or marker. Silhouette has 3 different-sized pen holders to let you use a range of pens and markers. With the dual carriage in the Curio, you can use two different colors at once, or draw on a card and then cut it out, without having to stop the machine and switch out tools.

The Silhouette Curio has the deepest clearance of any Silhouette.

Silhouette Curio Review: An Embossing & Cutting Wonder | Cut, Cut, Craft!

The machine can do surface projects, including drawing, scoring, etching, and embossing, on materials up to 5 mm thick. This means you can sketch on pieces of wood, draw on canvas, and handle materials that no other Silhouette machine can. The Silhouette Curio has the same internal machinery and the same basic cutting ability as the Silhouette Cameo 3.

Even though the Curio can fit 5 mm materials for some tools, it only cuts materials 2 mm thick.

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Still, this is as good as, or better than, most of the other personal cutting machines on the market. Before the most recent Silhouette models were released the Silhouette Cameo 3 and the Silhouette Portrait 2 , the Curio was actually the only Silhouette that could cut materials this thick. The previous Cameo and Portrait models were limited to media 0.

Not so much, now that all the other machines are getting better. Note: the standard blade that is included is only 1 mm long. The Curio shares the relatively weak cutting ability of other Silhouette machines, at grams of force. This is sufficient for thin materials, so the Curio will cut vinyl and paper with ease. However, the weak cutting force means the Curio has difficulties with some thick materials. Thick and tough materials like leather and balsa wood may not cut in a single pass.

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Usually, multiple passes will finish the job; however, trying to cut very dense materials like a hard metal may actually damage the blade. The Curio can cut everything that the Cameo 3 can cut, which means an impressive list of hundreds of materials. The Silhouette Curio has a boxy design, with nicely rounded corners. I think it looks rather distinguished and complements the sleek curves of a Cameo 3 pretty well.

The platform system used in the Curio will be familiar to anyone who has used an embossing machine before, but it may feel a little foreign to those who are used to electronic cutters.

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Because the Curio has such a high clearance, when you are working on thin materials you have to build up the base of the platform to bring it up within range of the tools. The Curio base comes with two types of platform: 1mm thick and 2 mm thick. Silhouette Studio will tell you exactly what combination to use, depending on what material you select.