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Met Stephen and Victor on bicycles, stopped to talk a little. Stephen was from Mexico, near Puebla, and Victor was from Germany. They had left Ushuaia over 2 months ago. We gave them big fresh plums that they devoured.

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Bicyclists headed north towards Prudhoe Bay. As we entered another province of Chile, we were stopped and the 4 plums we had left were to be confiscated, or we could consume them Traveling on this road was dreamy And then I start to think about perching on that cliff that rainy dark night The beams would sweep across below me, as vehicles wound along the mountain road below me gives me the heebie jeebies again! Lots of tent campers along the seashore, most of them bunched up Mariola took us to a resort beach area, Pan El Azucar sugar loaf We had pascada, rice, salada tomatoes and onions , and latte.

Good sleeping There are 3 of us in separate tents. Frank and I are ready to hit the road.

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My knee kept me awake for a while last night Well, the restaurant was open, great daysayuno. I had a great time with you and Frank. Thanks for sharing stories and your time with me. I hope your journey will take you to many wonderful places, without any unpleasant surprises. Most of these knives are trappers and stockman.

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The knife range also includes functional tactical knives. Found by Ken Griffey, this family-operated firm not only assembles the knives, but treats, grinds and hand finishes their blades to give you the sharpest American knives available. Committed to excellence, the brand is more than just a rich family tradition in knife-making craftsmanship by management, but also by the experienced workforce. It stands apart from its contemporary for the effective use of American steel when it comes to producing blades.

What started as a core production of traditional folding and fixed blade knives, gradually, started expanding its range to include contemporary designs.

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Besides the evolution of the mainstream products, the knife manufacturing company went ahead to create three notable benchmarks. The knives are specially manufactured for law enforcement and troops on deployment. They use the premium quality steel including hard high carbon stainless steel and easy-to-sharpen steel blades like carbon steel. These steel blades are known for corrosion resistance and hardness.

The Swedish steel blades have great retention and toughness. They are preferred for their corrosion resistance and sharp edges. The founder and president, Ken Griffey, handles the production of traditionally styled folding and fixed blade knives , based on the parts and tooling they acquired. The knife gradually started to offer contemporary designs featuring locking systems and on hand opening folders.

The company offers the knives with a wide range of large handle options and materials including camo wood handle, rosewood handles, Damascus slips, and silver stardust slot handles. The knives and accessories offered by the manufacturer are grouped according to the style and listed according to the pattern number.

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The manufacturer offers a plethora of knife series including:. Originated in Philippines, these are high quality knives. The knives are easy to open and close with one hand.

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Light in weight, the butterflies are perfect for cutting, fiddling, opening boxes, and sharpening pencils. The knives are crafted using high carbon stainless steel and are perfect for combat scenarios and hiking, camping, and survival tasks like digging, cutting, hammering, and splitting. The lock can be easily opened and closed with one hand. The knives are engineered using stainless steel. Easy-to-carry, the knives feature comfortable grip for secure handling.

The knives are built strong and durable and have stainless steel clip blade.